We are listening to Digital marketing in YouTube videos, ads, from our friends.

So Do you know what is Digital Marketing?
if no, you’re at the right place in this blog we have discussed in detail what is a digital marketing and how your business takes advantage from Digital marketing.

According to an article published in Economics times, “Digital Marketing’s market size is Rs 8,202 crore, which is expected to expand at 32% CAGR to reach Rs 18,986 crore by 2020.”

So, you will listen to this even more. As it’s going to touch the sky of popularity in the upcoming days. In this blog, we will learn what is Digital Marketing in details. So let’s get started 

Two Minute Summary

“Digital Marketing is the branch of marketing where we are using digital channels to communicate about our brand.” Also, Digital Marketing includes many think under it like SEO, SMM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Online PR, Etc. There are some advantages of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing like Time and Effort saving, Impactful, Flexible, Cost-Effective, Instant feedback, Keep the customer in control, Economical, Provide Convenience, Drive Brand Loyalty. There are many Digital Marketing strategies which we can apply in our business to grow it.

What’s in it For Me

1. What is Marketing?

2. What is Offline Marketing?

3. What is Online Marketing?

1. What is Marketing?

To understand what is digital marketing firstly we need to understand, What is Marketing? as Digital Marketing is a part of marketing. Marketing refers to the action of promoting and selling products or services.


2. What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing can simply consider as “TRADITIONAL MARKETING”.

It’s clear from the word itself “Offline”, means there is no involvement of online marketing(website, social media, email marketing, Pay-per-click, Blogging, press releases.).

Guerrilla marketing is the most effective way of offline marketing for your business, Provided you are creative enough to think out of the box.

Like the image below, a simple text thought but look at the context they brought through the banner?

offline marketing
                                                                                                                    source: Zomato

This is an example of Guerrilla Marketing( Part of Offline Marketing) Watch this video to know Guerrilla Marketing.

Television Advertisement

  • This includes all the Television ads we daily watch.
  • It costs you very high.
  • Yes, you can reach masses, but you neither can track the conversion nor target a specific audience.
  • Suppose our product is only for women above 35yrs age living in Delhi than how can we target only them? This is the biggest limitation of TV Advertisement.
  • This includes all the Television ads we daily watch.
  • It costs you very high.
  • Suppose our product is only for women above 35yrs age living in Delhi than how can we target only them? This is the biggest limitation of TV Advertisement. 

Radio Marketing

  • Radio Stations make most of their revenue by selling airtime to be used for running radio advertisements
  • On Average, Travelers in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru spend 1.5 Hours more on their daily commutes than their counterparts in other Asian cities during peak traffic times.
  • This is an operation failure of government but a very big opportunity of marketers.
  • It’s similar to Television Advertising but in only audio format.
  • You can reach to the masses but can’t track or target them
radio marketing

SMS Marketing

  • SMS Marketing is sending promotional or transactional messages using text messages (SMS).
  • It was introduced in the early 21stJust to communicate customers about upcoming offers.
  • But Marketers exploited this medium and buy a bulk database of unknowns, and started spamming about their brand and other promotional offers
  • After the evolution of DND (Do Not Disturb) and smartphones. People very less convert via SMS Marketing.
  • After all, the main motive of marketing is conversion.
  • Now, People usually check SMS for transactional messages, i.e. OTP verification, Bank Statements, etc. 


Billboard Marketing

  • billboard or hoarding is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads.
  • Here you can target a specific location, but can’t track the conversion
  • One more problem, you have to buy the space for a specific period, i.e. At least 3 Months
  • Suppose, you have purchased the billboard space for 3 months. After 1 month you realize, this location is not that good. But you can’t take actions as you have booked the space for 3 months.

Source: Business Insider India

You can follow our complete marketing playlist on YouTube If you want to learn more.

3. What is Digital Marketing?

Online marketing is considered “DIGITAL MARKETING”

Marketing Strategy Connting Digital Devices Concept

Definition of Digital Marketing “Digital Marketing is the branch of marketing where we are using digital channels to communicate about our brand.”
At the time of my childhood, I used to listen about brands only on T.V. Ads, Newspapers or Hoardings at highways.

That time, the company can only reach their target audience via these channels. You can call them traditional channels.
But, in today’s era of modernization, we can hear all the brand names on the internet via various websites, YouTube channels, blogs etc.

This is all because of Digital Marketing.

Whenever we search something on google, we see ads on the top and bottom of the page. That ad was sent to you from marketers from the tool known as Google AdWords.
Similarly, every platform that was getting visitors, have made their tools for marketers to promote.

Similar to Offline marketing, If you want your ad on the first page of the Newspaper you have to pay more. Because many people can see your ad.But, the problem is that you can’t target a specific audience. Suppose you are selling X product for urban women from 25-35 Age group. If you publish an ad in the newspaper, everyone could see your ad.
You have to pay for those unwanted people seeing your ad

Now comes the digital marketing

We can use Facebook to target that specific audience. But, how ads on Facebook could be visible to the specific audience. We enter our details on Facebook like our age, likes, etc. Now marketers can exploit that data for their use. Let me give you an example.

You want to buy a Shoe of a specific brand. You will search that on google. After researching from the various site, you choose a specific product. But, because of unknown reasons you don’t buy that product and close the page Now, whenever we visit any page ad of that shoe will follow you.

But, how they can target you now? When you visit a specific site they pushed a code (Cookie) in your browser. That code has a specific expiry date and it will follow you till that code expire or you delete that specific code. In this way, digital marketing works.

Advantage  of Digital Marketing

So far you know what is digital marketing so now we will learn what is the advantage of digital marketing


Now everything is in your hand. You can target a specific audience. Experiment on a specific niche. Can even stop showing ads for some time. Now you don’t have to wait for any approval or find guys to do distribute your marketing material. Trust me, this saves your time and effort.


If you ever visited my Digital Marketing Institute or my website, I can target you with some specific message. Or follow you everywhere you go. Don’t worry I will not. But this strategy will make you understand everything about my product and services. Whenever you need anything related, I will be the first.


You can reach a guy in less than 0.30p or 0.01$. Yes, it’s cheaper than traditional pamphlets. Also, you don’t have to put initial capital expenditure.  You can run ads on a very little budget


Suppose, you have distributed pamphlets and in that, you have placed your phone number. Its 8 PM and your customer is calling your office number but it’s not your working hours. Now you lost a potential client but paid the cost for it. Digital marketing provides you with the flexibility to schedule your ads for a specific period.


Now you can directly interact with your target audience. In traditional marketing, you can’t know how a specific group of people react to your marketing efforts. But in Digital Marketing people will show their emotions straightaway.


The instant feedback mechanism can make the consumer in the driving seat. This also helps you to avoid marketing Myopia. When a company views marketing strictly for selling a specific product rather than fulfilling customer needs is known as marketing Myopia


In Digital marketing you can start advertising with less than 100Rs (or $1). You can reach your target audience organically i.e. without any cost. For that, you need a great content strategy.


You can do Digital Marketing at any time, any location even in any condition. Every great offline marketer should wear a suit and even have to meet various teams for approval. But Digital marketer can run ad campaigns while laying at his bed with cheese pizza in hand. JOKE: You don’t need to even take a bath while performing digital marketing activities. No one will judge you on your appearance or your communication skills.


Suppose a customer has a bad experience with your competitor’s product and he tweeted the matter. Now, If you directly contact him and offer him some discounts. He is a customer for life. Unlike traditional, you can’t even track a bad experience.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Reach the right audience

One of the most important parts of any marketing is understanding your target audience. Now, what is Target Audience? In simple terms, Target audience includes the people who are going to buy our product or services. Suppose I am running a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, It’s an offline institute. Now tell me, who is my target audience? Someone who wants to learn about digital marketing wants to grow his business, learn digital marketing skill. RIGHT! So, I can say they are the part of Target Audience.

Engage with your audience

If Content is the King, Then Engagement is the queen. The best part of digital marketing is that you can interact with your audience. You can create a feedback mechanism, where you can know everything wrong about your product. Then start executing those changes to make a 100% customer-centric product.

Let me give you one more example. I have a YouTube channel and I have made the largest collection of free digital marketing tutorials over there. My YouTube family ask to start a digital marketing course. Then I have started digital marketing course. Before that, I was only concentrated on Digital marketing services as part of my business.

This feedback mechanism helps me to make a million-dollar company.

Motivate your audience to take your action

People buy the vision and products that satisfy their needs, and you have to motivate them so that they can understand the value of your product.

The problem with traditional marketing is that it takes a lot of initial investment. An SME can’t promote their products on every occasion and offer. But, Digital marketing will help them do that at a nominal cost.

 Maximum return of investment(ROI)

Efficient spending on your campaign.

Advertising isn’t rocket science, but there is a logic to it. Knowing what your customers watch and buy, will help you improve your marketing mix(via feedback mechanism), prioritize spending and create efficient, effective,  and memorable ad campaign.

50% of marketing spend is wasted in understanding the customer, in the initial stages of digital marketing efforts. But, when the ad is optimized you can earn up to 50X.


Now, a question raises in our mind what does a channel actual mean?

Channels are the medium by which we are performing our marketing activities. In traditional marketing they could be TV, Newspaper, PR activities, Gorilla Marketing, Hoarding, Bill Boards, etc. and In Digital marketing, these channels are SEO, SMM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Online PR, Etc.

The First Requirement If you want to do Digital Marketing is your digital presence. So that your audience can find you over the internet. We recommend you must have a website.

You can hire a web developer or a web development company for that. If you have time you can make your website on your own. If you want to learn how to make a website. Watch the video below.

Let’s discuss all types of digital marketing in detail:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Video marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your website Higher on Search Engine Result Page(SERP)

Whenever a user searches anything on search engines like Google or Bing. Search engine shows result according to its algorithm (Rules). Most of the users tend to click on the top result. So, being a marketer, you need to be on the top 3 results. SEO is free and organic. This means you don’t need to pay anything to show your products. Also, they are your high potential customer. They are actively searching for or researching a product you are offering. Read the full SEO Guide.

Benefits of SEO

  • Increase the ranking of the website through keywords (KW).
  • Increase traffic (Number of visitors or audience on your website).
  • Increase leads (Potential Audience).
  • Long-term standings
  • Global Reach
  • Increase visibility
  • All the results can be measured.

There are further types of SEO

  • On-page SEO: On-page SEO is a procedure of optimizing individual web pages with the motive to rank higher and earn higher.

On-page SEO aims to increase your indexability, i.e. how well Google can understand your website. For this, you need to understand two things content and Context. If Google thinks your website is best i.e. offering the best result for the query, you will rank higher. You can use our FREE Audit Tool to Check SEO of your Website.

This also includes user experience.

Dwell Time: The time the user spends on your website. Higher the dwell time, higher Google will think your website is best. You can make in-depth blogs like this so that the user can spend greater time.

Website Speed: If your website loads slow, there are higher chances people will close your website. This means lower dwell time.

I suggest you purchase good hosting and optimize the size of your website

Index: You should use heading to define the structure of your website. Eg. The most important heading should come in H1. You can use h2 and h3 for sub-headings

  • Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO means link building. Suppose, you have great on-page SEO. But how Google will know about your website?

The idea of link building is to increase your crawlability. This means Google will know about you.
I love Chicken Korma. If I hear about chicken korma of specific restaurant from 10-20 of my friends. I will make a perception that the restaurant makes great chicken korma.

The same concept goes with SEO backlinking. If Google thinks your website is best when you are the best. How can he think you are the best? Right! If many websites give your reference.


Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the procedure of gaining traffic through various social networking sites. We can use various networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  SMM includes both organic & paid digital marketing efforts on social media. You must have observed that whenever we use Facebook for we see some ad of various products. This is because marketers are targeting us in their marketing campaign. We can also create Facebook pages to promote our products

Watch the video to know more about Social Media Marketing


Benefits of SMM

  • Increase Brand Awareness: People are using social media to know, what is happening in their friends and family’s life. After the success of Big Boss, you can understand how much people are into it. This provides an opportunity for marketers to place their message/Ad while they are using social media.
  • More Traffic: With more brand awareness, it comes more traffic on your website
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking: With more traffic and more branding, you have higher chances your content will be shared.
  • Higher Conversations Rates: Social buying have higher conversions. 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process. This means a lot for a marketer. If you are not active on social media, there are very high chances. You can’t be your industry leader.
  • Better customer satisfaction: One of the best parts of social media is instant feedback. Your customer will provide you with instant feedback and you can also provide the after-sales service via social media. You can easily convert a bad experience into a lifetime customer.
  • Improve brand loyalty: In Digital marketing you can update daily about your products, services, and offers. This increases your brand recall value. Higher brand recall value leads to higher customer lifetime value.
  • More brand authority: Your social like & share, shows your following. Greater the followers, greater the brand equity.

PPC – Pay per click

PPC is a model of where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. You might have observed that whenever we search something on Google, it shows some ads also. If we click on these ads knowingly or unknowingly, it would be counted, the advertiser has to pay for that click.

I have made a detailed google AdWords series. Links are given below.

Benefits of PPC

  • Fast measurable results: We can calculate how much we have to spend on average to convert our product.
  • Traffic is targeted: Our ad will only show to the interesting ones. We can easily define our target audience. Its age,location,gender,likes,etc
  • You only pay for clicks: We only pay when someone clicks on our ad.
  • Get on the top spot of Google’s page 1 search result instantly
  • Easy implementation: Yes, Adwords looks easy. But you should be good at marketing to take full use of it.
  • Flexible: It’s very flexible, You can define a specific budget, a specific schedule for your ad.


The four C’s of PPC:

1.     CTR – Click Through Rate

Under this Google calculates the percentage of click with the help of its algorithm. “Total clicks, divided by Total views, multiply by 100”. For example, if there are 100 clicks and, 1000 views the rate would be 10%.

There is one term broad match make sure you are not using it. Let’s assume the keyword for your ad is red denim jeans, now if someone searches red jeans, it would display your ad. If someone search denim jeans, again it would display your ad. Why it is so? It is because of broad match. To avoid this, we can add a negative keyword in our ad. Remember one thing, “higher the CTR, lesser the CPC”.

2.     CPC – Cost Per Click

It means how much we have to pay for a click to our ad. Lesser the CPC leads to less cost. So basically, we have to improve our CTR to save the cost.

3.    CPA – Cost Per Accusation

CPA simply means how much we paid for a conversion (Sale). For example, if I made the expense of Rs.100000 for 1000 quantities the CPA would be 10000. If our profit margin is less than 10,000 then we should not use those specific keywords. We should be careful regarding that.

4.     CR (Conversion Rate)

The conversion rate is the ratio of how many products you sold for how many clicks. For example, if 100 people clicked on your ad, out of the 5 are purchasing your product, so your conversion rate is 5%

How can we improve our conversion rate?

  • UI UX of your website should be simple and effective.
  • The loading time of our website should be less.
  • Ads should be relevant.

Affiliate marketing

Have you ever observed while watching YouTube videos they said: “the link for this item is given in the description box”. Why they provide you with that link? OR what would be their benefit?

This is because whenever you would purchase any item from that link, this would cost the same for you. But they would get a certain % for that product. Which becomes their side income this is known as AFFILIATE MARKETING.

The best way for affiliate marketing is to make your audience. If you have a specific audience you can monetize anytime.

As a business, you can also offer Affiliate services. You can reach out to YouTubers and blogger. This is the win-win situation for everyone.

Does digital marketing work for all type of business?

Yes, it works for all business types. You can see that now a day all products are available online, either they are needed or demanded by a child or an adult.

In our traditional course of business might be we are unable to interact with people at large but because of ‘world-wide-range’, we can interact with ‘n’ number of people in our daily life.

As digital marketing is done through social sites as well. Millions of people use social sites and might show their interest in your product, in this way many persons are earning.

For example, Chocolate uncle a very famous Facebook page for delicious cakes and chocolates. Thus, digital marketing is suitable for all types of business.

Do I need a big investment in digital marketing?

No, you don’t need a huge investment in it. You can choose your strategy for marketing as per your budget. It is not necessary to pay to promote your product.

You can choose an organic one which is free of cost which I discuss above

  • High return on investment (ROI) through online marketing.
  • Target only the most interesting audience, pay only
  • You can start with a small amount.
  • Advertising your products on specific hours, time or day basis.
  • Fully controlled as per your location, budget and time. I hope you get all the knowledge in the details regarding what is digital marketing and what are the advantages of digital marketing.

I am ready to try digital marketing now what?

You can contact an agent or digital marketing company for that or you can also contact us.

Also You can check out about digital marketing in hindi.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Summary: This is the ultimate guide to understand basics of Digital Marketing. This is the last blog you need to read to learn everything about digital marketing.

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