Action Plan for Small Scale Planning Detailed Guide

Do you know what Action Plan is? Yes, you know what the Action Plan is. It is the process of completing any task or object on time. Do you know how Action Plans works for small scale business? Action Plan is a process of listing down all the task and objective of a business to […]

Equity Theory of Motivation

Equity theory exists in the real world, and with the help of social media, this is rising. In organizations, we can feel that people are suffering from this theory, and that’s why they are lacking motivation. Now without further delay, let us understand this theory in detail. And let us first start with a real-life […]

15 Practical Steps to Minimize the Cost of Customer Acquisition

Every company aims to acquire as many consumers as possible for growth to provide a lifetime loyal consumer base to the investors and gain the company’s advantage. The expense of gaining new consumers is called the cost of customer acquisition. Acquiring consumers is a long process that includes advertising, marketing, marketers team, sales team, technology, […]

BSE listing – Route to business expansion

Did you ever think? Why is BSE listing important for a company? Why companies list themselves in the Bombay Stock Exchange? In this blog, we will know three things that you should know about the Bombay Stock Exchange listing before listing your company to Bombay stock exchange. What’s in it for me? Bombay Stock Exchange […]

Accelerator vs Incubator- Step By Step Complete Guide

Are you about to start a Business? So, Or are you looking to mentor your startup? If yes, then you are in the right article. Hence, In this blog, we will tell you about the business accelerator and Incubator and what you should choose for your startup. What’s in it for me Are you planning […]

The Ultimate Guide to Raise Funds by BSE

Money is the most significant element that is required to run any business. Do you know how we can raise funds by BSE? Yes, I know by listing our business on BSE. But do you know how it is done? So, in this blog, we are going to explore how to raise funds by BSE. […]

Investor Relation (IR) – Meaning and its Importance

Meanwhile, The best way to describe the investor relation is to think of the CEO of a publicly-traded corporation. The CEO is the topmost person of the corporate pyramid and is entirely responsible for running the entire company to make it even more recognizable than before. Let’s take an example of a company that everyone […]

Fundraising Strategies – Best 6 Ways and their Steps

When business is small, then the proprietor makes all the expenses of his business. At some points, you need more funds and fundraising strategies to grow and expand your business. By the end of this article, you will learn: What is Fundraising Strategy? A document which gives specific fundraising tasks and strategies, including who will […]

NPS (Net Promoter Score) – Implementation and Calculation

Do you know what is NPS? When you use/ consume any product or service from any company, if you feel good and fulfill your needs, you may recommend it to your friends and family. The product maker or the company uses a measurement system to evaluate the customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction.  This […]

CRM – Meaning, Importance, Types Strategy, and Examples

In today’s era, Businesses changed from being transactional to relational.  Meanwhile, Organizations make sure that customers are satisfied with their products and services for increasing customer loyalty and retention.  One satisfied customer can bring 6 new customers with him while on the contrary, one dissatisfied customer carries off 6 customers. That’s why they start using […]