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Social media marketing 

Social media marketing is the form of internet marketing and it is the best way to building a brand or promote your brand on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin. In social media you can create awareness about your business through images, text and videos.

social media optimisation

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral traffic.


social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around:



Rs. 20,000/month

30 Graphical Posts

Social media page handling


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This Package is for those who wants to  attract a target audience at very less cost and mostly suitable for small business.


Rs. 50,000/month

30 Graphical Posts

4 videos (10-second 2d video)

Social media page handling

Social ads worth 20 k

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This Package is for those who wants to     attract a large audience and is mostly suitable for big companies.  




As a business owner social media is a biggest platform to aware pepole about your brand. 


To gain trust with your brand you have to stay engaged with your audience with the help of social mediia .


Mixing the content like adding videos, photos & articles in your post, will make your post creative.


Being consistent in social media is most important to aware your audience about your brand.


A call to action should be crystal clear and tell your audience  what you want them to do.


Analytics will help you to understand your audience to make the right decision and understand your content mix.


Social media marketing helps you to promote your business  fast if it is done right. It is cost effective and at the same time you can target your audience on the behalf of Age, gender, location so it is easy to sell on social media to targeted audience.


Want to grow your business? Want to make money online or if you are student do you want to make your future in this digital world which is full of opportunities?

So here we are  with our advanced digital marketing course to make more and more difgital marketing scientist.

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OUR SMM Services

Lapaas can work with your business to develop a social media marketing plan designed especially for your target audience with the help of our Digital Marketing Expert Mr.Sahil Khanna. If we survey current digital marketing industry research says: –


• 70% of people love to recommend a brand who has excellent social media presence.


• You can Target your specific audience. You can even decide age, gender, location in target audience.


• 80% of people influenced by social media post at the time of making decision.


• There are now 100000 active chatbots on facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of social media platform I can use for marketing?

For advertising you can use facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter.

How often should I post ?

You can post anytime? But ideally you should post at least one thing daily to keep your brand active in front of audience.

Whats a difference between an ad and post?

Post means you post something on you brand page it could be an image, text, video and you just share it with people without paying anything. But ad means you paid something to get traffic on your post on or your brand page to get more and more shares and likes.

Can I delete bad reviews or comments?

Yes you can, but its better to reply them and try to find out what they have found negative.

How much should I be spending on social media marketing?

At first you don’t have to spend a large amount of money, ideally you should try to run different types Of advertisement then analyse which one is giving good results.

Which social media platform is best?

It depends on your requirement that what kind of product your selling.

Learn From Sahil Khanna

Sahil Khanna is proficient as a Digital Marketer, Business Analyst and social media influencer. Help you to build up innovative marketing strategies which will boost up the brand and increase customer satisfaction. He has a strong business intellect which eventually becomes the “ladder” to take the company to next level .


Mr Sahil khanna founder of “Lapaas-Digital Marketing Institute and Company”. Here at “Lapaas Digital Marketing company and institute” we only share knowledge that can be implemented and Will help you to be a Pioneer Expert in digital marketing.


Digital marketing Manager, freelancer, process Automation, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence , Sales Forecasting, Google Adwords, Team Management, Web Designing, SMM (SOCIAL MEDIA marketing)

They have delivered a wonderful job and my lead rates suddenly boost up. This SEO company provided value for money which is not easily found these days

Randeep Singh (CEO-BSK hydraulics)

One of my friends suggest me to use the Seo Services in Delhi. After using their services, I won’t hesitate in recommending them to my anyone.

Arpit Gupta (Founder- Primis Learning Institute)

Lapaas as a digital marketing Agency In Rohini,Delhi creates value and revenue growth by their marketing techniques and online reputation management. Their team is professional and completed my project within a deadline.

Sandeep Nain (Founder-JSnain ayurveda)

Our Other Services


Social media marketing is a high performance platform where you can build a brand and it also helps you to expand your business.


Website design and development is a digital look of your product. We Understand your vision to take your website on next level.


Seo is a process of getting traffic on your content and helps you to grow your business.


Video is a big part of the modern internet user experience and expectations, Making a solid video marketing an absolute must-have.


2d and 3d animation is sequence that are moved at varying speeds to create the illusion of motion.


The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or a design to create a perfect value image in the mind of your customers


A thorough survey was conducted by our team about ultimate business ideas and we will discuss these ideas
with you.


Google Ads operates on a PPC model,which works on keyword bidding system and user can pay for this bidding sysytem.


Our company gives you the best digital marketing consultation for your business so that your business grow daily.

“Instead of becoming an addicted consumer of Digital Era, you have once in a lifetime chance to be the creator of  digitalisation”

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