Crawford’s Slip Writing Method – Generating Ideas From Many Contributors

Before coming to Crawford’s Slip Writing Method. It is very important to know that this method was developed by Crawford in the USA in the 1920s, for gathering ideas from large groups (even up to 5000 people, though much easier to handle with, say, 50–200), and has been subsequently adopted by Clark. It is in […]

Managing your Boss – Developing an Effective Work Relationship

We spend most of the day in our working field & nobody wants one single thing in their work is to have a bad relationship with their bosses. Hence, maintaining a good work relationship with your boss becomes one of the efficient ways of doing it. And the majority of the people do their work […]

Professional Networking- Building Relationship for Mutual Benefits

To get success for a certain level you can achieve it by your sheer hard work, but if you want to take your success rate to the next level, then you need to have an understanding of the benefits of networking in business.  Networking can bring you in touch with highly influential people, which could […]

Increase Profits with Activity-Based Costing (ABC Costing)

Activity-based costing or ABC costing is a method to calculate the product or any service. We are calculate based on overhead and indirect cost. In ABC costing, we are calculating all types of expenses. Activity = Cost In this paragraph, Activity-based costing is a way to calculate what is our product rate and how we […]

Everything About Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Leadership

Out of many leadership ways, blue ocean strategy and blue ocean leadership are some of the ways that can boost the productivity of team members.  According to Gallup 2013 American workplace report, only 30% of team members are committed to doing their job. It’s kind of a sad thing.  Also, according to the same report, […]

Bridging the Generation Gap between Young and Old

You must have observed that the generation gap is increasing more and more nowadays. Because the new generation is rapidly accepting the new technologies but the elders are not. There are many opportunities available to learn new things by bridging the gap between young and old. What’s in it What Generation Gap is Actually? The […]

How to use Emojis in Marketing? Complete Guide

Do you know that emotions play an important role in marketing?  Companies use emotions to market and promote their products & services. Emojis play a crucial role in representing emotions, facial expressions and gestures. In Digital Media, you are not doing marketing or sales face to face you do it through text. So in the […]

Job Analysis- Zeroing on What Your Job is About

Many times we face situations when we have a lot of work to do but we don’t have sufficient time to complete that work. Instead of looking for the reasons behind such a situation, we focus on completing the work as soon as possible without job analysis. This becomes the reason that most of the […]

Team Decision Making- Step-By-Step Organizing Guide

Decision-making in a team is either a disturbing or helpful thing because everyone shares their views that makes the decision-making process complex. A good team can organize the views of the team members and decide on a solution to that problem. However, it is not easy for the leader to decide on a solution with […]

Tips to design business advertisements

Introduction Have you ever thought about how advertisements are important for our business While creating advertisements you should focus on what customers problems you are going to solve through advertising?  What solution does your product or service provides to customers? Which types of customers do you want to attract? All these things you should include […]