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Get PPC Proposal which includes all the vital information about Campaigns, Our offerings for the client, Expected Results information from Google Adwords Campaigns.

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Best PPC Services in India

Lapaas, a top-notch SEM Agency in India helps Small businesses, Startups, Medium Businesses get Maximum returns/sales/leads with low investments & Reach their targeted audience. Dynamic strategies to boost your sales, Increase website traffic.With our PPC Services, your business can be on the top on desired keywords within a day. Best thing about PPC/Google Adwords is, you get only charged when user clicks on your ad & if they don’t click on your ad then your target audience gets to know about your business. Means Win-Win Situation. 


Cost per action is an advertising method in which an advertiser has to pay an amount for a specified action by a customer.


Click through rate is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by number of times your ad is shown.


Cost per click is the amount you pay when someone clicks your Google AdWords ad.


Conversion rate is the number of customers take the action as an advertiser desires.



Rs. 30,000/month

Rs. 24,000 worth of ads

Rs.6,000 commission

Weekly Reporting

No creatives

More Details

This Package is for those who wants to attract a small target audience at very less cost and best suited for small businesses.


Rs. 50,000/month

Rs. 40,000 worth of ads

Rs. 10,000 commission

Weekly Reporting

Creatives included

More Details

This Package is for those whose budget is high and wants to target a large audience. This section is largely focused on specific keywords. 


Rs. 50,000+/month

80% worth of ads on your total budget

20% commission

Weekly Reporting

Creatives + Landing Page

More Details

This Package is for large firms whose budget is more than 50,000. This package is largely focused on Specific keywords. 

LAPAAS Tips For PPC/Google adwords


Choose the balanced keyword in terms of competition and performance.

Landing Page

The content of the landing page should be relevant to the ad you are showing to customers.


Show ads by knowing your target customers.


Adjust your bids based on factors like location and time people use for conducting searches.


Write your ads by showing what your customer wants.


Choose the right keyword relevant to your content.

Top 10 Reasons Why your Business Needs PPC Services/SEM Services?


  • Fastest way to get Leads
  • Brand Recognition
  • Measurable Results
  • Target the desired audience
  • Budget Friendly
  • Encourage Local customers to visit the physical store
  • SEO Score improves
  • Drive Traffic to website
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

Want to talk to someone about our PPC services? Feel free to email our PPC Expert team.

Want to talk to someone about our PPC services? Feel free to email our PPC Expert team.

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So here we are  with our advanced digital marketing course to make more and more difgital marketing scientist.

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our sem services

Lapaas can work with your business to develop a search engine marketing plan designed especially for your target audience with the help of our Digital Marketing Expert Mr.Sahil Khanna. If we survey current digital marketing industry research says: –


customer who clicks on PPC advertisement calls the advertiser


clicks on page are going to the top 3 paid ad spots


Paid ads began when google introduced AdWords in 2000


brands say that their lead was generated via SEM

Top 10 Reasons Why your Business Needs PPC Services/SEM Services?


  • Fastest way to get Leads
  • Brand Recognition
  • Measurable Results
  • Target the desired audience
  • Budget Friendly
  • Encourage Local customers to visit the physical store
  • SEO Score improves
  • Drive Traffic to website
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better SEM or SEO?

Seo takes time and gives organic traffic but SEM gives immediate results and highly targeted customers

When to use SEM?

When promoting a time effective product, when immediate results are required, when someone wants highly targeted traffic, when you want to dominate the search results for your keyword

Where to learn SEM?

You can learn SEM from lapaas digital marketing institute

Who should use SEM?

Every business who wants to increase their sales and develop brand awareness among their target audience should use SEM

How to improve SEM Quality Score?

SEM’s quality score is based on three things: keyword, ad text, landing page. To maintain the quality score use relevant keywords and ad text, make your landing page content more relevant

What is (CTR) click through rate?

CTR is the ratio that shows how many people are clicking on your ad after seeing it. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions

About the owner of Lapaas

Sahil Khanna, who is Ranked amongst one of the top Digital Marketers in India. With his 9 Years of Experience, Best PPC Services will be provided for better customer engagement, Higher conversion rate, Brand’s visibility & credibility, website traffic & stay ahead of your competitors.

He has a strong business intellect which eventually becomes the “ladder” to take the company to the next level. Are you ready to take yours?

Our PPC Services is result driven, affordable, customised according to client’s business category. 

Interested in learning about Fundamentals of PPC/Google Adwords first? Follow our on PPC/Google Adwords Series on Youtube.

They have delivered a wonderful job and my lead rates suddenly boost up. This SEO company provided value for money which is not easily found these days

Randeep Singh (CEO-BSK hydraulics)

One of my friends suggest me to use the Seo Services in Delhi. After using their services, I won’t hesitate in recommending them to my anyone.

Arpit Gupta (Founder- Primis Learning Institute)

Lapaas as a digital marketing Agency In Rohini,Delhi creates value and revenue growth by their marketing techniques and online reputation management. Their team is professional and completed my project within a deadline.

Sandeep Nain (Founder-JSnain ayurveda)

LAPAAS Services


Whether you own a Startup or already running an offline Business, Website is significant to stand out in this Digital world. Our Creative Team is excited to build you a Fast, Mobile Responsive Beautifully designed Website at an affordable price.


Get Desired traffic on your website through Exclusive Seo Services- from lapaas and Improve your Brand’s Visibility,  through proper search engine optimisation(SEO) strategies. People believe what they see, so Achieve Best results with our digital marketing services. 


Want to win over Social Media in your category? Get our Social Media Marketing Services at an affordable cost & Boost your brand’s presence & Drive leads on Social Media.


Leading PPC Marketing Company to help you grow online. Get desired leads from Google Adwords, Increase sales, Improve Brand Visibility, Engage Potential Customer.


Want to rule over Social Media in your Category? Take our Video Marketing Services & let us help you promote your Business over Social Platforms to generate Traffic & desired Leads. 


Our Business Branding services can help you design the right logo, build your website, Promote your Business on social media platforms and get a chance to stand out in this Digital World.


Get Business Consulting Services from a Businessman itself Sahil Khanna who took his Startup from scratch to New Heights. Hand-Curated Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Startup etc. 


With Lapaas, get incredible professional video animation services to entertain, engage, and affect your desired consumers in a positive way and get a chance to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace.


A thorough survey was conducted by our team about ultimate business ideas and we will discuss these ideas
with you.

“Instead of becoming an addicted consumer of Digital Era, you have once in a lifetime chance to be the creator of  digitalisation”

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