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If you’re ready to take the next step toward success then it’s time to get Business consulting services! Whether it be launching a new product or simply getting more leads and sales, Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna have the expertise necessary to make it happen.

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Why Business Consultation is great investment?

Investing in a business consultation is a smart investment. Business consultant can help you to overcome certain hurdles and adopt new strategies which will give your company the competitive edge on the market. Start-ups are more likely to succeed when they get guidance from Entrepreneur. A good consultant will provide comprehensive business expertise, result oriented solutions, creativity and innovation for new ideas on sustainability.

Business consulting services

Advantages of Business consulting services

Save Time and Money

The biggest advantage of business consultation is that they will save you time and money. Not only can they help get your work done quickly, but since their skills are so advanced, the quality of the work will be significantly better than what you could do on your own.

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Knowledge and Proficiency

Sahil Khanna has a large knowledge base and access to the most up-to-date technology. He can use both of these assets to guide you as well as give you insight on how you can complete the work so that your business can complete it in a similar way in order to save time.  

Advanced business strategies

Sahil Khanna will give your business access to advanced business strategies and tools. This can help you make more money, increase productivity or become more sustainable by using technology that is not available in most businesses.  

Unique growth strategies

In business consultation you will get access to a lot of unique growth hack strategies  which are tailor made for your business and will take your business to its full potential without spending a lot of money.  

Our Business consulting services

Business Growth Consultation

Do you want to grow your business? If so, we’ve got some unique growth hacks that will help you take it to new heights. We’re not just going to tell you what works and what doesn’t – we’ll show you how it can be done! You won't find these strategies anywhere else

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Startup Consultation

Are you a startup founder? You're probably wondering how to validate your idea, build a business model and get funding. Our consultation will help you validate your idea, build your business model and find the right team. We'll also give you advice on how to raise money if needed.

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Marketing Consultation

Do you want more customers? In our marketing consultation we will tell you the exact strategies which you can implement in your business in order to get more customers. We’ll also show you how to use these strategies so that they are effective and efficient.

Why Lapaas Business consulting services?

Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna is an experienced entrepreneur who can help turn your idea into a profitable reality! He has helped many other entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground with his expertise in marketing, sales, and startups. He has all the experience necessary to help guide your new business from its conception, through launch, and beyond.

Strategic Business Plan

In business consultation, you will get a great strategic plan to help your business grow.

In Depth Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is very important. In business consultation you will get a detailed marketing plan.

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Unbiased Feedback

In business consultation, you will an honest opinion about your business and on how you can improve it.

Unique Growth Strategies

We will help you build your business and create new strategies for growth.

Business consulting services

Take your business to new heights

Do you want to launch your business, land new customers, or blow up your personal brand? Sahil Khanna will work with you one-on-one to identify what’s holding back your success and how he can help move past those obstacles together. You’ll be able to create a plan that works specifically for the goals you want to achieve so that in no time at all, they become reality! It doesn’t matter if this is something completely new or an existing business – Sahil Khanna have the expertise  needed to make it happen!

How we do?


We will understand your business and will conduct a reasarch on your pain points.


Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna will discuss everything with you regarding your business problems.


Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna will make a stretgic business plan to resolve your business probelms.


Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna will tell you everything about how you can execute than plan.



Sahil Khanna is a renowned entrepreneur who offers business strategy solutions to businesses of all sizes. They have been a valuable resource for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy advisor.
Kamal Saini
Business Owner
Sahil Khanna is very honest marketer I have ever meet. My business was struggling with getting new customer and After taking consultation from Sahil Khanna I'm getting new customers consistently.
raju kumar
business owner
I had the startup idea but I don't know that how I can validate my startup idea and then I contacted Lapaas for consultation and Sahil really helped me to my validate my startup idea
Neeraj singh
startup founder
I want to transfer my business digitally and for that I took consultation from Sahil, he is very knowledgeable person who added a lot of values in my business.
Amar jeet
business owner


In Business consulting services, Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna will guide you step by step and will give a course of action which you can implement in your business in order to grow your business.

To book consultation you can call our team at or click on book a call to fill the form. 

The charges for business consultation is ₹20,000 and the duration of consultation will be 1 hour.

Entrepreneur Sahil Khanna, who is also a successful youtuber and digital marketer will give you consultation, you can click here to to learn more about them.

Generally we provide business consultation related to marketing, startup idea validation, funding, business model, business expansion and growth.

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