What Is Program Management? 7 Types And 4 Core Values Of Program Management.

Imagine you have two projects that are related to each other. For example, you need to build a business website for a coffee shop and also you have to run a marketing campaign.  In conclusion, both the projects are related to each other under Program Management, now you have to structure the plan as a […]

To-Do Lists -The Key to Efficiency

In this blog, we are talking about the to-do list if you follow these steps and implement them in your life,and so it will be life-changing for you. Also, in the end, I am giving you a 21-day challenge as a result if you practice it then this is my guarantee that it will change […]

How to manage time and how Good Is Your Time Management?

How to manage time or how good is your time management lets clear all the doubts regarding time management and increase your productivity to another level. Do you want to achieve something in your life? Your work is the only thing that lets you enable what you want to be in life and work is […]

How Productive Are You? How to increase productivity

WHAT’S IN IT Why Does Productivity Matter? Productivity matters as it will help you to achieve your goal. Also, this makes you a better person if you can be productive, you can work on your skills and this can help you to earn money. This will make you a knowledgeable person in life and brings […]

Allen’s Input Processing Technique!

David Allen’s input processing technique is a framework which help you keep track of tasks, ideas, and projects. The Getting Things Done system is made of 5 simple steps – input, process, organize, review, and engage. WHAT’S IN IT Imagine that you are walking back from work. Excited that another successful day has passed. But […]

10 Common Time Management Mistakes.

We all know that time is very important to us but we are prone to waste the maximum time of ours on social media, watching Netflix, and playing games.  Thus, We are not utilizing our time to make a good career. If you use your time to develop new skills then you can achieve anything […]

Learn Top 10 Benefits of Project Management

Do you want to learn about the benefits of project management and why it is essential? Thus, Learn the top 10 benefits of project management. So in this blog, you will get knowledge about the benefits of project management. WHAT’S IN IT Basics Overview Benefits of Project Management.  Hence The benefits of project management is […]

Learn to be productive by Improving the time management skills

Are you missing feeling of joy? Are you unable to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones? If your answer is“Yes” then you are not good at managing your time! Don’t worry! in this blog, you will learn everything about Time Management in detail. WHAT’S IN IT What is Time Management? So, As […]

Guide to improve critical thinking skills

Have you ever regretted the wrong decisions you made? It happens, A wrong decision may not affect an Individual’s life to a larger extent . But Consider the same thing in the case of a crime scene. The wrong decision or judgment of the court may release the actual criminals and punish the innocent. Hence, […]

Everything about Project Portfolio management and rationalization

Projects are small components of Portfolio management. Hence, a group of projects is called programs, and by contrast, it is a zoomed out picture. PPM is a strategic system of estimating multiple projects so that project and program managers can make informed decisions when accepting, prioritizing, and trying projects. WHAT’S IN IT What is Project […]