BJP Marketing Strategy | Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi Strategy

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BJP Marketing Strategy | Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi Strategy

BJP Marketing Strategy | Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi Marketing Strategy 101

Question of the year, Who will win the Election? Why did Rahul Gandhi lose? What Strategies Congress Didn’t use? Why Rahul Gandhi Demarketing Strategies didn’t work?

2 Minute Summary

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) as we all know the ruling party of India is growing tremendously in the presence of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the question is How. In this, there is BJP’s Marketing Strategies 101 that they grew so much Big. They used the Face value of Narendra Modi. They also run Various Campaigns Like Main Bhi Chowkidar, Swatch Bharata Abhiyan, and many more. Also, they did Negative Marketing of Rahul Gandhi as Pappu. Basically three types were used to market Narendra Modi which were Statewise, Digitally and Offline. As there are 30% active users in India on the Internet. It is considered that behind winning of BJP there are four Reasons like Weak Opposition, Effective use of digital Channels in Marketing, Gained the trust of the Public, and BalaKot Air Strike. Also in this detail Knowledge of statewise Election and much more.

How Narendra Modi Positioned himself as a better Opponent than Rahul Gandhi?

BJP Or Congress? As a marketer whose Marketing Strategy is better?

How Amit Shah played a vital role in winning the election for BJP?

After Reading this full detailed Analysis, these Questions will be clear.

What’s in it for me?

BJP Marketing Strategy 101:


On May 23rd, 2019, National Democratic Alliance(NDA) recorded a massive win in the Lok Sabha 2019 Election, capturing over 350 Seats.

Out of these 350, Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) captured over 300 Seats which is beyond expectation

Before diving deep into BJP Marketing Strategy, let’s discuss the reason why people don’t see any other Person as our Prime Minister.

Brand Equity:

Brand equity, a Marketing term that is created by companies for their products by making them memorable, recognizable and superior in the eyes of the public.

Same is used by BJP: Narendra Modi

He has a trustworthy, reliable positioning that the Public of India Prefers him over any other Leader.

Although the Public doesn’t know Narendra Modi Personally.

Everything is portrayed by Media, We can say Media has a major role in this positioning.

PM Narendra Modi won India first on TikTok. These viral videos will show you why?


Mai Bhi chowkidar campaign

Let’s compare(Brand Equity): Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

I don’t know Narendra Modi Personally, this is just based on the way he’s portrayed himself.

Down to Earth Thinking:






Never Losing Cool:




While Congress President Rahul Gandhi is often Mocked as “Pappu” – Negative Positioning


Whether we call it Weak Opponent or Weak Opposition Efforts. The reason is very much clear to everyone.

Pappu became so famous for Rahul Gandhi in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. BJP team made sure that when someone searches for Pappu on Google, it shows Profile of Rahul Gandhi for “Pappu”.


Watch this video on Political Marketing in Hindi and find out more:

How Narendra Modi won??

Narendra Modi has been portrayed as Hindu Prime Minister, I do not believe in Caste system but People who believe in such a system, Positioning was this: Hindu Prime Minister – Narendra Modi

According to this Graph, There are 80% Hindu in India.


Some percentage out of the 121 crore people believe in Caste System and Narendra Modi was positioned as Hindu Prime Minister for this specific audience.

How to use Psychology in Marketing( BJP Marketing Strategy):


Second Reason:

Remaining 15% of people belong to the Muslim category.

To create a positive impact on this audience, Triple Talaq was passed.

Triple Talaq Passed in Lok Sabha:

Some were against this bill and some were not but Narendra Modi gained a lot of trust by this Law.

Views of Narendra Modi on passing triple Talaq:

“We are committed so that Muslim women can get rid of a big life threat. No just that. For Muslim women to go to Haj (pilgrimage), we have removed the clause that men need to accompany them”, he said.

“After exploring various options in the last six to seven decades, the people of the country — our sisters and daughters — reposed faith in the BJP. Previous governments did not do anything to provide even basic facilities to women and just made promises,” Modi said.

“The country knows what their intentions and thoughts were. The political party that remained in power for decades only waited for time to come to bring about social changes and thinking regarding women. They were busy making promises, he said, targeting the Congress.

This Law instilled trust in Muslim Women.

Narendra Modi received a lot of praise from Twitter and from all over India over this Bill.

But Narendra Modi never tries to position himself as a Hindu Prime Minister or with Muslim Community.

While he is talking about rich and poor. Narendra Modi could have received more votes if they would have focused on Employment, development, etc.

Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana: Saubhagya

This Yojna was launched to provide energy access to all remaining un-electrified households in rural as well as urban areas to achieve universal household electrification in the country.

Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Yojana(DDUGJY)  

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna:

More information about Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna:

Scheme / programme Starting date      Purpose
 1. Jan Dhan Yojana 28 August 2014 To connect more and more people from the banking services
 2. SKILL India Mission 28 August 2014 Skill Development in Youth
 3. Make in India 28 September 2014 Promoting manufacturing Sector in the country
 4. Swatch Bharat Mission 2 October 2014 Making India a clean country till October 2, 1919
 5. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana 11 October 2014 Development in the villages which includes social development, cultural development.
 6. Shramew Jayate Yojana 16 October 2014 Plan dedicated to labour development
 7. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao 22 January 2015 The goal of this scheme is to make girls socially and financially self-reliant through education.
 8. Hridaya Plan 21 January 2015 To take care of world heritage sites and to make these sites economically viable.
 9. PM Mudra Yojna 8 April 2015 Loan to small businessmen from 50 thousand to 10 lakh
 10. Ujala Yojna1 May 2015 Distribution of LED bulbs at a low price to reduce electricity consumption
 11. Atal Pension Yojna 9 May 2015 Monthly pension for people from the unorganized sector b/w age of 18 to 40 years
 12. Prime Minister Jyoti Jyoti Bima Yojna 9 May 2015 Life Insurance of Rs. 2 lakh for people b/w 18 to 50 years (@Premium of Rs. 330 per annum)
 13. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana 9 May 2015 General insurance/accident insurance for people between 18 and 70 years of 2 lakh (at a premium of 12 Rs. / year)
 14. Smart city scheme 25 June 2015 Developing 100 selected cities of the country as smart cities from 2015 to 2020
 15. AMRUT Plan 25 June 2015 Developing all the basic amenities in more than 500 cities which have more than one lakh population
 16. Digital India Mission 2 July 2015 Making all government services electronically available to the public
 17. Gold Monetization Scheme 5 November 2015 Putting inoperative gold (lying at home and lockers) in productive works.
 18. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 5 November 2015 To check the real demand of Gold; the government introduced the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme.
 19. UDAY 20th November 2015 Financial turnaround of Power Distribution Companies of Public Sector
 20. Start-up India 16 January 2016 To Promote new enterprises
 21. Setu Bhartam Yojna 4 March 2016 Construction of Over and Under Bridge to make National Highways Railway Crossing free
 22. Stand Up India 5 April 2016 Loans up to 10 lacs to 1 crore for establishment of new companies to Scheduled Castes / Tribes and Women Entrepreneurs
 23. Gameday Se Bharat Uday 14-24 April 2016 Emphasizing the development of villages for proper development of the country
 24. Prime Minister Ujjwala Plan 1 May 2016 Providing the LPG connection to BPL families at subsidized rates
 25. Namami Gange Yojna 7 July 2016 Cleanliness of river Ganga

Congress criticized BJP’s actions on Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana: Saubhagya

5 years of strategy- trust was created here for farmers.

A Very Powerful BJP Marketing Strategy, compare yourself with your personality not by with your rivals.

Just for the sake of criticism, they may research more on your competitors and find out something against you.

Marketing Strategies used by BJP:

  • Statewide
  • Digital
  • Offline

Internet Penetration of India is close to 50%, By 50%, it means this much population has access to the internet but it doesn’t include the data whether they use it or not.

So around 30% of the population are active internet users.

Means 30% Target Audience. To create an impact on the public, we can not just rely on Online Marketing.

Taking an example of Sambit Patra Ji, He lost the election with Pinaki Mishra although He portrayed himself better as an opponent his focus was only on Online Campaigns.

In this industry, Ground reality matters more than Presence on Online.

Online Presence can bring recall value and also can even be converted into loyal customers.

Because people have this misconception that they can generate leads easily via online campaigns but if their product is weak, then Online marketing won’t help you grow.

If your product is not good, then no use of online marketing.

State Wise Analysis?

Let’s discuss some of the Power states of BJP:

Why only Power states? Because In exams, we pay more attention to more scoring topics.

Uttar Pradesh Election:

2019: 62 Seats

2014: 72 Seats

Two parties were united to defeat BJP where Mayavati or Lalu would have become Prime Minister. The pre-poll survey claimed that the BSP-SP alliance may become a threat to BJP.

Their strategy behind this union was to crush BJP.

Later, Mayawati made it clear to her party leaders that BSP can’t depend on other parties to secure votes.

The strategy of BJP and Amit Shah was on 3-4 issues.

  • Gundaraj
  • Jawad(caste system)
  • Corruption

After the Yogi Government of UP, various initiatives were taken by the Administration.

Hindu-Muslim conflicts are often created to corrupt our minds.

Whereas Hindu-Hindu Fights are never highlighted. Why? I don’t get the reason.

Whereas Narendra Modi never tried to position himself as Minister of Dalit. His positioning was always towards unity.

While Congress made many statements over this issue.

But nobody said what they will do for Dalit?

Also, BJP attacks Congress that institutions the biggest casualty of dynastic politics.

A small advantage was given to BJP here, their party was ruling at the time of application of teen talk.

BJP raised a lot of trust from the application of Teen Talak.

More than 800 rural villages in Uttar Pradesh were lit up with 76,000 solar street lights by the Uttar Pradesh Government provided by Philips Lighting.

Local votes were given to BJP. The Trust score was transferred to BJP.

Narendra Modi has focused more on development mainly, less on Hindutva, Article 370, Cow slaughter and Uniform Civil Code.

Maharashtra Election:

From 43 to 40 seats, seems low but they were in profit

Because They worked on weak subjects.

According to an article published by the Hindu business line, Veteran Political Analyst Nagesh Kesari, BJP Shiv Sena did one thing right after overcoming all their political difference.

Just before the announcement was to fight in every constituency as a single integrated unit.

Congress, NCP could not achieve this.

Here, Digital Marketing comes, if you live in a specific part of Maharashtra, Audience oriented campaign was run for a different type of audience.

Targeting at its best. Next level strategy.

Some videos went viral, few members left the party and shifted to some other parties. Their old speech videos went viral, we

Some videos were viral, few members left the party and into some other parties. Their old videos went viral along with criticism videos.

I believe in this strategy.

Input- Feedback- output- Suggestions —- Finally Conversion

No one can deny the exemplary courage or dedication to duty shown by the IAF pilots who carried out the strike

Courage and dedication shown by the IAF Pilots who carried out the strike can not be denied.

Balakot Strike 2019

Mai Bhi chowkidar- Viral Campaign

In 2014, Modi Ji said chowkidar ki Tarah rakhwali

The anti-campaign, poori Dunia CHor?

Everyone changed their name to chowkidar.

After the election, Chowkidar was removed.

What a Marketing strategy sir Ji?

Congress highlighted the issues of demonetization and unemployment. they focussed on the plight of farmers and tried to lure the public by the NYAY scheme. NYAY scheme promised Rs. 72000 to each poor person if they come to power.

But BJP countered Congress’s NYAY scheme. they asked how will they arrange such a huge amount but gained mass support from the public.

BJP’s ‘ Modi Lao, Desh Bachao’ slogan also worked in their favour. They encashed the brand value of Modi Ji and also worked at the ground level.

West Bengal Election:

In West Bengal (BJP Marketing Strategy) received an impressive 18 seats against Mamta Banerjee. there has been a big fluctuation from 2 seats in 2014 to 18 seats in 2019.

Reason: They have been working hard in the state for a very long time. it has not happened overnight.

I have heard from many people that ‘2-3 dance karaye aur kaam ho gaya’

Last time, when they got 2 seats in 2014, they saw potential. They felt that they can encash seats there.

Between March 26 and May 1, Modi held total rallies of 80 or roadshows while Amit Shah organized 66 rallies in a short period.

One issue which was highlighted was the viral video that was shot in West Bengal. This was a kind of digital marketing.

In that viral video, the kid was seen chanting Jay Shri ram. CM Mamta Banerjee got furious. Reason? She was scared of the fact that BJP has entered her territory and they might take seats.

Many incidents occurred when she was seen getting angry by seeing people chanting Jai Shree Ram.

When this incident went viral in India, the public decided to not vote for Mamta Banerjee as she is against Hindus.

Modi Ji said in his rally that she is Speed breaker didi.

Because of her, no development has happened in Bengal.


Hindu vote bank and people who are open-minded and do not care about communities shifted towards BJP.

There has been an amazing change in the number of seats.

In December BJP organized save democracy campaign-rath yatraNarendra Modi focussed on corruption and rackets working in Bengal

He highlighted the Narada, Saradha, rose valley scams. He also mentioned extortion rackets operating in the garb of syndicated supplying building materials.

Bihar Election Results: BJP- JD(U) alliance sweeps Bihar, gets 39 of the 40 seats.

Bihar Election:

In Bihar, BJP became a part of an alliance with JDU. I believe it was weak because Modi Ji himself said that alliance cannot work in Bihar. On the contrary, his party became a part of an alliance.

this did not affect them much because opposition failed to highlight it.

BJP and JDU won 17 seats each. the share of bp was lower than the 2014 elections in which they gained 22 seats alone.

In 2015, They formed  A separate organization for OBC. their main work was to highlight what Modi Ji has done for OBC. they created awareness among them. They saw how concerned Modi Ji was for them that he made a separate unit for them which will work only for them.

One of the biggest reasons for BJP’s win was its organizational structure.

Their issues related to Hindutva, Gas, Electricity, and later worked here as well.

Tamil Nadu Election:

In Tamil Nadu, BJP received only 1 seat.

Earlier Jayalalitha was CM but after her death, the public did not support her party AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam).

What did not work for BJP?

In Tamil Nadu, the Anti campaign was working against BJP. People did not believe in BJP’s agendas.

This negative campaign against BJP was capitalized by the opposition. they worked on highlighting the bad aspects of the party.

Kamal Hasan was a major factor for BJP’S loss.

He started an Anti-Modi Campaign. Like Jaya Lalitha, Kamal Hassan is widely appreciated in Tamil Nadu as an actor. So when he started speaking against BJP, people listened to him and supported his views.

In the next elections, BJP will start work from the beginning to encash the votes as there is potential just like Bengal and can affect the total tally.

Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh

In the recent Vidhan Sabha elections, Congress won in all the above-mentioned states. Yet they failed to make an impact in the Lok Sabha Elections.

in Madhya Pradesh, BJP received 29 seats.

in Chhattisgarh, bjp got 11 seats and in Rajasthan, they win all the 25 seats.

The majority of people in North India which is Hindi speaking audience voted for Modi Ji.

Jyotiraditya Scindia about whom it was said that he never loses, lost this time.

What did BJP do?

They revolved their campaign of “Abki Bar Firse Modi Sarkar” in these states. they tried to encash votes on the name of  Modi Ji and his Brand Equity and it worked for them.

Delhi Election: 

In Delhi, NDA won all the 7 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections.

What worked for NDA here?

They put good candidates on good constituencies.

They put Gautam Gambhir which in my opinion can become a really good politician. He performed exceptionally good in these elections. now he needs to show his work in his constituency.

Television’s role in NDA win

Media played a big role in the win of BJP. News channels highlighted bjp’s achievements. People who watch these channels regularly believed that Modi Ji is working great because all the channels are supporting him.

Rallies and interviews

Rallies and interviews were strategically planned. they were organized on specific periods. the questions that were asked were also planned.

The hidden motive was to create certain perceptions in people’s minds. There was psychological targeting on a deeper level.

Role of Digital Marketing:

Digital Campaigns:

Mai Bhi Chowkidaar campaign

Mai Bhi Chowkidaar campaign which was started to ridicule BJP backfired for Congress and worked marvellously in the BJP win.

Local marketing Ads

Local politicians of BJP targeted the local audience in the local language. they showed ads related to their issues and worked on local interests. the official expenditure that was given was 10cr.

Awareness was created about their issues, development, achievements.

people were told about the accomplishments of BJP on a  global as well as local level.

Marketing Strategy of BJP-:

Suppose you have 100 social media pages. you share the same message from 100 pages. if people see that same message from a few websites, they start to believe in it.

Whatsapp marketing.

WhatsApp marketing became an effective method to promote, for effective WhatsApp marketing, a good database is needed, messages are sent and links for videos are sent directly. People are added to WhatsApp groups where messages are sent to them.

My first vote for Modi Ji

Another campaign was launched by BJP where the people who were going to vote for the first time were targeted. the focus was put on the youth.

CONCLUSION- Summary why NDA win

A) Weak Opposition

B) Effective use of Digital Channels in Marketing

C) Gained trust of the public

D) Balakot Air Strike

Movies Coverage:

  • The Accidental Prime Minister
  • Narendra Modi Biopic
  • The Tashkent Files
  • Uri- The Surgical Strike



Better execution of strategies

The same message was spread through different channels: TV, SMS, and Offline modes. They efficiently used the Marketing mix.

How BJP Could perform better:

If focussed more on:

a) Employment ( new jobs for qualified teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians, instructors and administrators through a massive expansion of the education and health sectors 

Employment and Unemployment Estimates2004-052011-122015-162017-18*
Total employment456.5471.8475.2476.9
Labour force467.2482.2491.7496.6
NEET (Age group 15-29 years)70.383.9103.3115.6

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I hope you got everything you need to know about BJP Marketing Strategy in our BJP Marketing Strategy blog.

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