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Make yourself more marketable and put your career or business in a high gem at your own pace, flexible and personalized in digital marketing from LAPAAS. Gain a competitive advantage and learn essential industrial ready digital marketing skills and strategies in our 3 months marketing program.

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Why Should You Consider Lapaas

Our course will guide you everything to become a professional marketer and beyond. We assure, you will feel the difference in working and learning with our experienced team.

We at Lapaas believe in face to face interaction, learning from heart, apply our information and try to create new opportunities. Also you even get certified in all kinds of digital marketing tropics from Lapaas.

We have partnered with many marketing and advertising companies to assist and give you a whole lot of practical knowledge so that you can know, how things work.

Small Batch Size

Every batch will have 10-12 Students for better Focus and Positive Environment.

Practical Knowlege

we will only teach what that could be applied later.

Experianced Trainers

With an experience of years, Our experts assistance will always Avilable.

Our Digital Marketing Course.

We have researched a whole lot and designed vary impressive digital marketing course which is current market booming and demanded program. We will guide you everything from scratch to advance and beyond so that you stand out of the crowd and not a lame race.

Here’s a Berief Introduction about Our Course. 

Course Overview

This course overview enables the student to check and acknowledge our course program and make a decision based on that.We recommend you the check and read all our program thoroughly.

Introduction To Digital Marketing And Other Marketing Concepts

In this module we will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.

Digital Identity Creation

This module means creating our brand and presence in digital platform.Like website creation, social media pages, google page etc. More and more international and local brands pushing their digital presence ever before. We make sure you place your digital presence in a right way with a right straregy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever wondered how google or yahoo rank your websites in the search page? Well here comes the term SEO, which plays a major role in website ranking. In this section we will learn algorithm behind the search engine also how we rank a page to get instant result in the search engine?

Keyword Research

This module explains you how you could find the most searched keywords in the search engine so that you can apply these to rank your website on the google first page. We will explain you all the tools and tricks used for seo and keyword research.


This module is designed to teach you e-learning best practices that will help make a successful blog. A blog is a sourse of information that attract visitors to your website and make a trust of the brand with your customer.


Link building is an important part of seo. High quality link building implies more traffic toward your website, more chances of getting indexed in search result and alot more.

Local SEO

Whenever you search a near by business, you get some top result by google this is all about local seo. Likewise this module will teach you how to land our business locally helping effectively know more people of your brand.

HTML and Website Arcitecture

In this module you will learn the basic html coding, website planning and designing. Also the technical, functional and visual concepts of a websites.

Page Speed And Redirections

Page speed is loading time of a specific website.Good page speed results in better ranking in search result.In this module you learn what causing your site to load slowly and how to effectively solve the problem.

Web Scematics

We will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.

Google Adwords

It is one of the most useful way to bring traffic on your website.For that one need to be a active participant on google adword to earn profit.We will teach you all, also help you to get certified in adword by google.

Design Basics – Photoshop

In this module will teach you basics of photoshop so that you can design your vary own websites or digital graphic at your own pace. Also we teach you how to make your website and cv more appealing using photoshop

Affiliate Marketing

If you are trying to generate online income but unable to grab it than affiliate marketing is best for you. It is one of the fasted and efficient way to earn money online. In this course we do the same thing which business man and startup create and build their business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing improves brand awareness,brand royalty at a cost effective way.By regularly updating your brand marketing will lead your business to a new direction at a better customer satisfaction and fast rate.

Video Production

Video production is the most important element for your brand.It will exceptionally improve the perspective of your b rand and your business.We will teach you how to put clips in a right way using simple tools and technic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one-two-one approach toward customer to advance your brand. This module is designed to teach you target particular market based on location, age,teast etc.It is cost effective and most powerful component for digital marketing.

Inbound Marketing & ORM

We will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.


Web-Analytics means analysis of your website using prescrib tools.Whatever may be your goal,by analysing your customer behaviour on real time website you can manage and degine your future goals.

Freelancing Workshop

Working as a freelancer is a great way to earn money. We will teach you the importance of freelancers, from starting out as a freelancer and personal branding to make a professional career.

Integrated Digital Marketing

We will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.

The Perfect Resume & SEO

We will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.

Introduction To Digital Marketing And Other Marketing Concepts

We will guide you the basics and fundamentals of the digital marketing. Also, how to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision.

Final Presentation

The final Presentation is the survey of your previous effort,existing result and the importance of your effort.You have to collab all the learning you have learnt in the classroom then come to a idea and make a presentation.

Most Affordable Digital Marketing Course

Believe it or not, but our courses are the most affordable course in the country.Indeed for now we are providing 50% off on courses fee,so that the students must their needs and develope a digital skill required for construcing a businerss.

Certificates Provided By Lapaas


Although we don’t believe in certificates and all that, we believe in practical knowledge as it teaches tools and techniques necessary to put our business in a real world. But we still provide certificates in all major tropics in digital marketing.

Our Free Digital Marketing Course

This course is designed for those who are new to this or just cannot afford to come to us. This course is as same as we provide in our classroom program. The only difference is that we won’t be able to interact one to one at a time. We have covered all the marketing concepts required to run a digital marketing campaign.

Welcome to the official Intellectual Indies youtube channel.Learn each and every marketing related tropics in a great entertaining and a fun way.I have covered all the areas of digital marketing tropics which is free of cost.

Perks & Benefits

Whever we search for a company or a institute first of all we see all kinds of perks and benefits provided by them.Check out are all perks provided by Lapaas beside.

Life Time Support

We assure you 24*7 life time assistance with service request. With certification on third party application.

Paid WordPress Theme

Institute will provide you a hole bunch of paid wordpress themes which value more than 70,000Rs completly free.

Paid Worpress Plugins

Institute will provide you all the required plugins for the smooth performance of your website.

10 Student Batch

Institute will only accept only 10 student at a time, so that we can have one to one interaction at a time.

Case Study

Institute will provide and will try to understand current case study of each and every tropic, so that you get deep understanding of each and every tropic.

Live Projects

We will take few brands in our market campaign and try to rank their brand based on our knowledge and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the all short of generally asked question related to digital marketing which we have answered.Still if you have doubt the contact us below…

What pre knowledge do I required for the course ?

Generally you need to know about basic technology and computer related knowledge and a basic common sense.

Can I opt for the single course?

Yah, afcourse you can opt for single course as per your convenience.

Do I have to take the course in a specific order?

Generally it would be better and more convient to have all the courses in a order wise so that you will understand better.

I am interested in our course, where do I post my questions?

Just visit our contact page and you will find all short of course related help as per your convanient.

How Long does SEO takes?

It depends on many factors but generally it takes two to twelve months or may be more.

What is Google Ad words Remarketing?

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.

Where you can use keywords to optimize the site ranking?

In Website URL
In Website title
In Meta tag
In page content
In body text
In headlines.

What all things do I get when I signup for the course?

As said above in perks and benefits we would provide you lifetime support plus free wordpress themes and plugins.

What is the price of the certificate?

We provide you free certification on all mentioned certificates with this course.

Is financial aid is available?

We provide paid internships to marketing enthusiastic at a regular basis.

What is Keyword in Digital Marketing and Why Key Word is Important?

Keyword is nothing but the search words on the search bar by searchers. If a website is well optimized by most searched keyword then it will connect your potential visitor to your site. Which at last help your website to rank at the top of the result page.

What is On-Page SEO?

In on page we deal with website architecture and all that.Generally it deals with keyword research,pages and contents in your website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

In off-page we relay on link building.Generally we do promotion by blogging, social media, and other off page SEO techniques to build awareness.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content using social media, webinars or e-letters and digital content in e-book to increase the number of clicks on links.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience by calls, e-mails, placing ads to reach out to customers through digital media..

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