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Be A Digital Marketing Scientist!

“Digital marketing has the potential to create massive opportunity in the 21st century what Television created a century ago”.

LAPAAS is one of the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India providing Exclusive Digital Marketing Education in a unique and practical environment by Expert Digital Marketer Sahil Khanna Who is Helping more than 5,00,000+ entrepreneurs excel Digital Marketing with his YouTube channel Intellectual Indies. 

Sahil Khanna, Founder of LAPAAS provides more than 30 Modules including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Sales Training etc, every module that is necessary to lead in this Digital World. After completing the Advanced Digital marketing course in India from LAPAAS, we guarantee that our students become capable enough to monetize their skills right after the course & skyrocket their earning potential.

As Sachin Tendulkar wasn’t made in a day. It takes smart work + Hard work to reach your goal. Under the consistent guidance of Sahil Khanna, expect your digital marketing journey to be very smooth. LAPAAS is always standing beside it’s every past and upcoming student to help, guide and mentor them better. Also, we kept our Digital marketing course fees very affordable as compared to other Institutes.

Don’t miss out digital marketing boom that is about to come and this industry is going to grow at the fastest exponential pace. Be the first mover and grab this opportunity to learn the most in-demand skill of 21st century i.e. Digital Marketing.


Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course main focus is on giving practical exposure. Sahil Khanna, Being a practitioner will teach you in and out of Digital Marketing.


Get Business Know-how from a Businessman Sahil Khanna itself who owns many Businesses of his own.  Learn in-depth knowledge about the marketing strategies used by Big Brands.


LAPAAS Students gets regular assignments on social media Marketing, Business Plan, Case studies, Marketing Strategies, Google Adwords Analysis, Social Media Calendar.

Course Overview

1. Insight into Marketing & Business Fundas

One can’t be a digital Marketer unless he/she learns how to market product and services.

2. Student’s Business Model Presentation, Discussion & Improvement Session

Everyone has a dream in eyes and We will here discuss each dream in full detail and along with that we will make rectification to your idea that you want to implement and make you unstoppable.

3. A to Z on Digital Marketing

You cant swim until you know to what is water actually

4. Website Creation & Making Digital Identity

Website is like an Aadhaar Card in Digital world without it you are NIL

5. Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

If you want to hide a dead body, do it at the page 2 of Google.

6. Keyword research and manipulation

Keyword is the currency used in the word of SEO

7. Becoming a Boss-Blogger

Blogging is on rise in past decade and this industry is one of the biggest industry in digital marketing ,blogging helps in SEO as well, So why not to put hands on keyword and become a blogger.

8. Content marketing

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital species” Here we teach you how to create content to gain traffic on your website.

9. Link Building like a Master

“Building links is like networking ,more people you know more your trust is “

10. Local SEO with Hacks

With Local SEO the world has got smaller and now any one can freely target local traffic and increase their sale and revenue in minutes.

11. HTML with CSS from Scratch

With HTML anyone can make smooth web-pages that loads in seconds and are bug-less.

12. Page Speed and Page Redirection

1.) Bounce Rate.

2.) Dwell time.

3.) How to increase dwell time.

4.) How to decrease bounce rate.

5.) AMP integration.

6.) Page redirection and uses.

13. Web Schematics

How to co-relate all the marketing terms and application to make a logical decision. We believe just by learning tools no one can become a good professional digital marketer hence we provide you the mindset to implement each concept in a right manner to gain desired output in you business or work.

14. Google Adwords/ P.P.C

Here we teach everything about PPC (Pay Per Click) ads as google greatly determines what people purchase and we here show you ways to be at the top at a very less bidding price.

15. Google Adsense tutorial

1.) What is Adsense.

2.) How to get Adsense account approved by Google.

3.) Using Adsense.

4.) Monetizing Blog and Youtube using Adsense.

16. Attractive graphics with Photoshop

Creating attractive graphics is must if one wants to attract people to social media account, website or a blog. We teach you Photoshop latest and updated tools to create best-edited photos and make a mark everywhere.

17. Affiliate Marketing & Money making

Using affiliate marketing in the boom of E-commerce is like a blessing, more the clicks more the commission and more heavy pocket you have.

18. Social Media Marketing/ SMM

Social media marketing is most impact creating marketing method to get more audience,

19. Video Production & Editing like a Pro

We here teach you what it takes to shoot various kinds of video along with live demo for one day and moreover a class on Camera technicalities.

20. E-Mail Marketing

Emails are free but cost you a lot if landed inside spam box,we teach you how to built great e-mail list and create great e-mail so that no one can afford to ignore the e-mail.

21.Web- Analytics (Google + Facebook)

Here you get to know how to play with data and analyse them to get the information and feedback for your work in online world. We teach you how to read graphs ,how to analyse numbers and use them for your own benefits

22. Freelancing for ‘laptop lifestyle’

Want to be your own boss and hate 9-5,  Freelancing is for you ,Here we teach you all about that

23. Get hired at your will and Create a SEO optimized Resume

Getting a job in digital Marketing or any where else as well will now be an easy task after our training on job interview and then building a SEO friendly resume so that you resume comes first on every job portal in the world.

24. Communication & Leadership Session

1.) How to speak so that others listen

2.) How be a inspiring leader

3.) Communication tips to become best in the league

25. Sales training and Interview Mocks

1.) How to sell anything.

2.) Communicating with the client.

3.) Interview training.

4.) Interview mocks and demos.

26. Final Presentation & Doubt Clearance session

You present what you got in the journey with LAPAAS, the idea you choose, the website you made,the methods you used to market your idea and the result you got all that in a presentation and then you grab eligibility for life time doubt clearance and free consultancy.

Our Free Digital Marketing Course

Want to learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for FREE? I have curated 80 + Digital Marketing Videos on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Google Adwords etc. Enrol now & don’t miss out my FREE learning sources of Digital Marketing.

Why Should You Consider Lapaas


Lapaas believes in empowering students to monetize their skills right after Digital Marketing course completion.” 

LAPAAS is the most trusted Digital Marketing Institute in India that provides not only a digital marketing course but also Video Production, Graphics designing and Web-development, Sales Training Modules at half the price of its competitors.

Perks & Benefits

Whenever people search for Best Digital Marketing Institute in India, they look for perks & benefits while choosing the right Digital Marketing Institute for themselves. Here’s Lapaas Perks & Benefits:

Life Time Support

Life Time Support We assure you 24*7 lifetime assistance with the service request.


Get a chance to work as an intern in Lapaas Digital Marketing Agency, practice what you learn in the course. Note: InternShip will be performance-based.

Paid WordPress Theme

Institute will provide you with a whole bunch of paid WordPress themes which value more than 70,000Rs completely free.


Get a chance to work as an intern in Lapaas Digital Marketing Agency, practice what you learn in the course. Note: InternShip will be performance-based.

Paid WordPress Plugins

Institute will provide you with all the required plugins for the smooth performance of your website project.


All sorts of people are eligible to start this Digital Marketing Journey; it depends on what your interests are.

Students/Job Seeker/Freelancer:

If you are a student/Job seeker/Freelancer:

  • Get more career opportunities
  • Earn while you are studying
  • Monetise your Social Media Obsession
  • New Side Hustle


  • Better Job Prospects
  • Make your resume more valuable
  • Higher pay
  • Study while you work


  • Take your offline business to Online
  • Get more sales using social media marketing, affiliate marketing etc
  • Build a Brand: Take your Business to new heights

Digital Marketing Certification Provided By Lapaas

Founder of Lapaas believes in Practical Knowledge more than in Digital Marketing Course. But we do provide certificates like Google Adwords Fundamentals, Shopping ads, SEO Certificated by Hubspot, certificate of completion from Lapaas etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What pre knowledge do I required for the course ?

Generally you need to know about basic technology and computer related knowledge and a basic common sense.

Can I opt for the single module ?

No, single module is not available right now.

I am not from delhi, Can i do this course?

Yes absolutely, We have hostel facilities too. 

I Don't have any technical knowledge, Can I do?

All we need is Dedicated and a focused mind, Rest all knowledge required for Digital Marketing expert will be provided by Us.

what about the faculty, who'll be teaching ?

Mr Sahil Khanna (Intellectual Indies fame) is the faculty available right now, he personally takes up all the classes and monitors each and every student.

what is the fees and duration of the course ?

Our courses are very reasonable and yet the most effective one & it’ll cost you around 40,000 + GST . The duration of the course will be 3-months.

is the course on regular days or on weekends ?

Weekend batch is available i.e classes will be conducted on Saturday & Sunday from 11 am and each class will go on for about 5 hours.

What's your batch size?

We  have 32 students in our batch so that each and every individual can focus.

how can i book my seat ?

Registration of Rs. 5,000 is mandatory for seat booking. This amount is non-refundable & will be deducted from your total course fee.

Learn From Sahil Khanna

Sahil Khanna, who is Ranked amongst one of the top Digital Marketers in India. His creative + Analytical Skills will help you excel Digital marketing & will make you capable enough to monetize your skills right after Digital Marketing Course completion.

He has a strong business intellect which eventually becomes the “ladder” to take the company to the next level. Are you ready to take yours?

Top 5 Reasons why Sahil Khanna founder of Lapaas-Digital Marketing Institute and Company is the right mentor for your Digital Marketing Journey.

1- He owns more than 5 Businesses: Intellectual Indies, Lapaas, Yugen Chemicals Pvt Ltd, letsblogging, Styling Guides which makes him qualified to help you grow your brand to the next level.

2- He is a Social Media God, as he owns a YouTube Channel named “Intellectual Indies” Where he is empowering a family of 5,00,000 people into Digital entrepreneurs.  

3- He has the World’s Best & Biggest Digital marketing Playlist with more than 80 Dedicated videos.

4- He is an MBA in International Marketing which makes him eligible to teach every aspect of Business from basics to advanced.

5- He not only teaches Digital Marketing but also helps his students becoming their better version in life too.

They have delivered a wonderful job and my lead rates suddenly boost up. This SEO company provided value for money which is not easily found these days

Randeep Singh (CEO-BSK hydraulics)

One of my friends suggest me to use the Seo Services in Delhi. After using their services, I won’t hesitate in recommending them to my anyone.

Arpit Gupta (Founder- Primis Learning Institute)

Lapaas as a digital marketing Agency In Rohini,Delhi creates value and revenue growth by their marketing techniques and online reputation management. Their team is professional and completed my project within a deadline.

Sandeep Nain (Founder-JSnain ayurveda)

Lapaas Services


Whether you own a Startup or already running an offline Business, Website is significant to stand out in this Digital world. Our Creative Team is excited to build you a Fast, Mobile Responsive Beautifully designed Website at an affordable price.


Get Desired traffic on your website through Exclusive Seo Services- from lapaas and Improve your Brand’s Visibility,  through proper search engine optimisation(SEO) strategies. People believe what they see, so Achieve Best results with our digital marketing services. 


Want to win over Social Media in your category? Get our Social Media Marketing Services at an affordable cost & Boost your brand’s presence & Drive leads on Social Media.


Leading PPC Marketing Company to help you grow online. Get desired leads from Google Adwords, Increase sales, Improve Brand Visibility, Engage Potential Customer.


Want to rule over Social Media in your Category? Take our Video Marketing Services & let us help you promote your Business over Social Platforms to generate Traffic & desired Leads. 


Our Business Branding services can help you design the right logo, build your website, Promote your Business on social media platforms and get a chance to stand out in this Digital World.


Get Business Consulting Services from a Businessman itself Sahil Khanna who took his Startup from scratch to New Heights. Hand-Curated Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Startup etc. 


With Lapaas, get incredible professional video animation services to entertain, engage, and affect your desired consumers in a positive way and get a chance to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace.


A thorough survey was conducted by our team about ultimate business ideas and we will discuss these ideas
with you.

“Instead of becoming an addicted consumer of Digital Era, you have once in a lifetime chance to be the creator of  digitalisation”

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