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In this blog, we are talking about the to-do list if you follow these steps and implement them in

your life,and so it will be life-changing for you.

Also, in the end, I am giving you a 21-day challenge as a result if you practice it then this is my

guarantee that it will change your life.

It all starts with planning the whole day. If you are waking up at 5am in the morning, most importantly you

should plan your upcoming day before sleeping.


What is the best Planning strategy?

To-Do Lists

Whenever we are planning something we should have two types of planning. Those two types

of planning are:- weekly planning and daily planning.

Now I will guide you on how to make weekly and daily plans.

Daily planning

First, we should understand how to do daily planning. First of all, start waking up early around 5 In the

morning whenever you wake up also, do give yourself extra 20 minutes to plan the day.

Do this planning in four parts, you should have an extra dairy for your to-do list. Now, write the day in

the to-do list our mind functions as it will get things easily that are written in the paper.

Also, mind giving maximum results when it has clarity. So we make a to-do list to give our mind

more clarity about what to do in a day.

How to create a to-do list.

Divide your to-do list into 4 parts.

Where the first part is an idea, the second part is critical, the third part is not so critical ad the

last part is to avoid. you will make your to-do list in these 4 columns.

Idea column

Now let’s see the significance of all these 4 parts. The first thing is the idea, for example, I have

so many ideas and I don’t know when I am implementing these and because of this after 10

days, I will forget the idea.

If I will not implement it, these things happen with a lot of peoples. Ideas are continuously

generating in mind but not completed because we didn’t give then execution, deadline, and schedule.

For example, I get the idea that I will do yoga but I don’t know when to execute it. So I failed to

do yoga.

Therefore for stoping these all you have to do is you should write your daily ideas in the idea

section of your to-do list.

similarly, for all those ideas coming to your mind which doesn’t have a time or schedule, you

should write them in the ideas section.

Critical column

In the critical column, all things that are very important to do falls on. You should have to do all

these things no matter what happens, for example, learning HTML CSS doing your study or if

you are the job person then your work.

To find all the criticals things all you have to do is ask yourself that what will be the

consequences id you do not do this work if the consequences are bad you should immediately

do all these things.

So write all the important things in the critical column along with the time.

Not so critical column.

These are the work that you have to do but these are the less important work but you planned to

do it. for example, you have planned to read a novel, or watching a movie or planned to meet a


These all things which are not important but these are part extracurricular activities you should

mention all these things here.

To avoid column.

This is the most important thing in this to-do list this will give you an added advantage in this to-

do list. the things you should never do in any condition or cost.

Most of the time we have a habit to do certain things for example if you have your phone in your

the hand you start using social media and do scrolling on it.

Or most of the people have the habit to play a game like pubg so when you have free time you

start playing the game and waste your time on it. So make sure you should write things you

have to avoid. so whenever you see this todo list this will give you signal to no do these things.

If you make your to-do list according to this so it will make it easier to make your life systematic.

Example of my to-do list.

Sample Annotations - CAT 124 - LibGuides at University of California San  Diego

1. My to-do list is started from 4:30 am I woke up.

2. I have done scheduling my whole day till 5:00 am.

3. Then I have done my yoga and meditation till 6:00 am.

4. After that, I complete my graphic design class until 8:00 am.

5. Then I have my breakfast till 9.45 am.

6. After that I have taken my next class of web development til 12:00 am.

7. I completed a client project till 2:00 pm.

8. Then I done my lunch and take a little rest till 3 pm.

9. Then I practice my c & c++ language till 5:00 pm.

10. After that, I take evening snacks till 6:00 pm.

11. Then I go to the gym and chill with my friends a little bit till 7:30 pm.

12. After that I have done my dinner and go for sleep till 8:00 pm.

If you make a todo list and follow it for 21 days then it will be your habit. If you want to improve

yourself then this is will be the 21 days challenge for you.

You should do it for 21 days. If you do these things with consistency then it will definitely change

your life.

Best to-do list apps and software.

1. ToDoIist: This is productivity gamified. Get karma for completing your own tasks that you

can spend on…nothing. But it’s still fun!

2. Microsoft To-Do: It’s cloud-based and integrates with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. We

use it daily in the office.

3. Google Tasks: Super basic, but it’s great for simple tasks and so easy your grandma can

use it (after she asks for your help).

4. Momentum – momentum is the chrome extension which I am using and it will make your

chrome looks a lot cooler and shows you to do list.


The conclusion of the blog To-Do Lists -The Key to Efficiency comes out to be that how you can make a to-do list and can be more efficient by reading this full blog. Some of the information you may get from the blog like

  • What is the best Planning strategy?
  • How to create a to-do list.
  • Example of my to-do list.
  • Best to-do list apps and software.

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