How to manage time and how Good Is Your Time Management?

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How to manage time or how good is your time management lets clear all the doubts regarding

time management and increase your productivity to another level.

Do you want to achieve something in your life? Your work is the only thing that lets you enable

what you want to be in life and work is the only thing that helps you to grow in your life.

It enables you to do what you wanted to do in your life. Maybe you wanted to become a

millionaire or a billionaire or a YouTuber like Sahil Khanna. Your daily work decides your path to



Points to make your time management good.

How to manage time

1. Use social media for only 15-30 minutes not more than that.

2. Don’t use the phone after 8 pm read books instead of using your phones.

3. Wake up at 5 in the morning so your mind and health always stays fresh.

4. Work for yourself before 9 Am work on your flaws.

5. Don’t waste your time watching dumb youtube videos.

6. Do workout for at least 20 every day so you do not feel laziness and lethargy.

7. Set up reminders on your phone to get your next time to remember.

8. Spend your time reading a book or developing a new skill.

9. Make a list of tasks to do in your day to day schedule.

10. Create a daily journal at the end of the day of the task you have to do the next day and what

you have achieved today.

11. Try to stop all your bad habits.

12. Complete your daily tasks.

13. Identify all your distractions.

14. raise your standards to keep improving yourself.

15. Remember you are the only responsible for your failure or success.

Goal Setting

How to manage time

Goal setting is creating a direction in life. We all know if there is no goal in life then there is no

direction in life and where there is no direction in life or there are many directions where you end


For example, if you want to send a courier and you don’t have the address you courier will go


So there are a lot of people doing hard work and there is a survey done by how many people

have goals in their life. you will be surprised to know that only 2% of people have clear goals in


You need to define your goals in your life to become successful. your parents, teachers, and

seniors always say you have a goal to achieve something in your life.

I still know some people who set their goals and many of them fail because there are some

fundamental flaws in the traditional goal-setting method.

That’s the reason why people are not getting their goal so I am giving you 4 major factors on

goal setting.

There are two types of goal one is result-oriented goal and second is processed based goal

understand this concept carefully this increase chances of achieving goal up tp 40 – 60 percent.

Result based goals

Result based goals are so simple. For example, if you want to buy a car, increase your income

or increase your post all of us goals are the same, I also do the same when I am 15 or 16 to get

this MBA college.

What you do if you write this goal in a paper and hang it on the wall but the next step so this is

where 90% of people fail is to achieve this goal you have to work, process, and execute the tasks so whenever you set result-based goals you should set.

Process-based goals

Processed based goals are executed daily so you will have to set 3 tasks daily to get this and

complete all the tasks by the end of the day.clarity of everyday action is crucial to achieving the


if you want to earn then what you have to do today? You need this level of clarity. Then you will

achieve the goal that is primary daily activities and focus on the process.

Good results will automatically come.

Breakthrough goals

When you are going to achieve a big goal then what you achieve is not important. What is really

important is what you have become in achieving that goal.

A breakthrough goal is a big goal that demands a change in yourself.


Priority means sorting tasks by their importance. For example, there is a student doing any

course like CA so they have to set important things to manage time.

They have the important thing which is study so they decided to study for 5 hours so this is their priority no 1 then they will go to walk for 1 hour for chilling than the come and study so they have their first priority is study first but the problem with more students is they will not do the work like they have a phone call of friend lets go to the mall or they waste their time on social media or playing a game which is not important so they give priority to other things.

So how will they find that they are doing wrong and the consequences are they will fail in the

exam. Prioritization helps you to get your goals to achieve faster.set priority and do important

tasks and set more important tasks to do first.

And learn to say no this will saves you a lot of times and you know what is important for you

Make a list in the morning what to do in the day and prioritize them according to their


Overthinking and Procrastination

How to manage time

Procrastination means doing the work tomorrow procrastination happens due to excess

laziness. you have a problem with not getting your work start so what you do is you think that

you do this work tomorrow.

or you are over thinking like where to start you can over thing all day. There is a concept like

prioritizing and executing this thing thought to the army.

For example, you have a mission to execute and things don’t work according to your plan, and

the plan goes out of the windows you have is a kairos then how to get into execution this thing is

called prioritize and execute.

Then think about what are the things at hand , what are your priorities to do now and start and

what you can do now and do the most important thing with the most important thing in the top

and second, third , fourth what are the things that you can do today.

and the second goal and third goal and start executing right now your work looks like a hill you

have to break down all the things so you can start executing them.

if you breakdown your goals so you can achieve the goal fast and remove the things that

making stress whenever you are on stress and do prioritize ad execute.

Lack of focus

Are you working daily on your plan because it’s your life, your dreams, your happiness today

you have comfort, happiness and choice don’t wait for the day when you don’t have a choice to

waste and utilize time? do it for yourself . do fun but also do your work.

Work is the only thing that gives you a new opportunity and earns you money. Focus comes

from goal. When you have a clear goal you will have a focus.

Your failure is not that you are not achieving the goal, your failure is that you are not setting a

goal in your life.

Write down your goal and identification of your distraction whether it is social media or anything

else, find your distraction and write down it makes no social media rituals use limited social

media Instagram or youtube.

Any goal is not bigger than humans all are achieved by some humans for every goal there is a

man who can achieve it.


The Conclusion of this blog How to manage time and how Good Is Your Time Management? comes out to be that we should manage our time properly with formulas and techniques like making to-do lists and all that stuff which we have discussed in our blog How Productive Are You? How to increase productivity

In this, we have discussed what are the issues we face while managing our time. To know more you can read our full blog.


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