Tips to design business advertisements

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Tips to design business advertisements


Have you ever thought about how advertisements are important for our business While creating advertisements you should focus on what customers problems you are going to solve through advertising? 

What solution does your product or service provides to customers?

Which types of customers do you want to attract?

All these things you should include in your advertisements.


Ideas to design business advertisement

Tips to design business advertisements

There are some tips which are very useful for creating business advertisements.

They are,


A consumer knowing the product will purchase a product.

So a simple advertisement gives knowledge to a consumer about a product.

If a consumer is not able to understand our product then he is not going to buy our product.

Call to action

Firstly, It means to call a consumer to your store by giving them some offer. Call to action is useful in business, cleverly and thoughtfully.

For example, Raymond company makes an offer that these last 5 suits are going to be sold at a 50%discount.

Visual metaphors

The visual metaphor represents one concept by comparing it with another concept.

For example, Unwashed fruits and vegetables can become a deadly weapon.

Through this metaphor, consumers can relate to a company.

Iconic figures and ideas

There are certain icons in the world which have been familiar to the majority of people. Use such types of icons in your business advertisements.

For example, Samsung a mobile, tv and watches manufacturing company has an icon of vincent van Gogh.

Through this icon, the consumer can more relate to a company.

Don’t be afraid to exaggerate

If you are confident in your product then don’t be afraid to exaggerate and market in your way.

Don’t tell me about your product but show it in your work

Many times a businessman wastes his time by telling everyone about their product.

So instead of word of mouth just show them with your quality of work.

For example, If you are known for your quality then just not only tell them by word of mouth but also show them through your work.

You should be known for your quality of work.

Use recognizable symbols

Symbols are a quick way to make meaning.

So consumers understand more about the company.

Use symbols in your business advertisements.

For example, we can easily recognise a brand Starbucks through its symbol or, We can recognise a company Apple through its symbol.

Be intentional about your colour

Firstly, Colour is a strong tool in design. Secondly, You can set a particular colour with a certain set of emotions.

Sometimes choosing the wrong colour intentionally works.

For example, Apple co. has it’s colour black and not red. 

This will come under the eyesight of a customer.

Use leading lines

Firstly, using leading lines in advertising is a great way to attract your consumer’s attention.

Secondly, If you want to be 100% sure that your audience sees all the important pieces of your design, consider using some leading lines and shapes that direct the eye from point 1 to point 2.

Generate an emotional response

Tips to design business advertisements

Firstly, Create such an advertisement that can make people laugh, make people sad or put a smile on their face. Try to add some emotional aspect in your advertising.

For example, An advertisement by an Airtel company of a song Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh tera. 

It has included an emotional response of friendship to an advertisement.

Tips to design small business advertisements

Please add a logo and a business name in your business.

Please provide proper information about your business.

Create a hierarchy of information:-

Firstly, The most important information should be included first in your advertisement.

Information is to be included based on their weights.

Non-relevant information is not included.

Don’t give too much information to the customers because they will annoy you with too much information. 

So provide them with less and important information.

Use san-serif fonts in your advertisement to highlight the importance of your product.

However, do not use too many font types or colour because customers will confuse with such a combination.

Firstly, take confirmation from another person who is not working with you on your advertisement and make sure that there isn’t any misleading information, incorrect information or false information.

These are some of the points which a small businessman needs to keep in the mind while making business advertisements.

Tips to design business advertisement Digitally

Finally, make your image dimensions slightly larger than usually shown in the feed. If it seems interesting enough, then the quick reaction is to click on the image to expand it and increase the media view engagement.

Your logo should be a brand of your business.

Also, through logos, you can attract more customers.

Tools to be used for digital business advertisement

The most famous tools which are used in the advertisements are,

Firstly, All videos and images on Pixabay are released free of copyrights for anyone who wants to use it. You may download, modify, distribute, or use all the images and videos. 

Pixabay helps you to quickly find images which are to be used.

The iStock website offers an incredible amount of photos that one can purchase. The quality of images on iStock is very good. So many people use iStock just for the quality of images.


Tips to design business advertisements

MC; Donald’s company

Firstly, they use Bold contrasting colours, high-quality photography make his advertisement stand out.

The copy is minimum but still manages to describe what they are offering (Burgers, Pizza and so many other things).

Absolut Vodka company case study

Absolut vodka bottles are not excellent shape bottles. So it’s begun a campaign, which features print adverts showing bottles” in the crazy,” was indeed powerful that they didn’t stop running it to get 25 years ago It’s the most uninterrupted advertising effort ever. Thus Absolut manufactured its bottle that the very recognizable bottle on the planet throughout advertisements.

Finally, from this story, we have learned that no matter how boring your product looks, It does not mean you can not interestingly tell your story.

Let me tell you something additionally that Absolut has created 1500 advertisements of one bottle. 

Be determined and differentiate for your product in the same way in your business.

Nike “Just do it”

Once upon an occasion, Nike’s product or service catered only to marathon runners. Afterward the exercise craze surfaced as well as the folks generally at Nike’s marketing and advertising office knew they had to have the advantage of these principal rival Reebok. (In that time Reebok had been attempting to sell additional shoes compared to Nike). So Nike made the”Just Get It Done ” Campaign.

This had been a hit effort All Around the USA of the United States. Back in 1988, earnings of Nike have been 800 million who have been raised by £ 9.2 billion in the calendar year 1998. “Just Get It Done ” Has been a sweet and short effort made by Nike. 

Do not want to run five miles? Just Do It. 

Do not want to walk up to five flights of stairs? Just Do It. 

Do you want to exercise? Just do it.

It is a slogan we all can relate to that the drive to push ourselves beyond our limits and increase our capacity.


Well, these are the tips which you have to keep in your mind while creating your business advertisements.

Through better business advertisements you will get a better reach to your customers.

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