15 Proven Low cost branding Ideas For Your Business

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15 Proven Low cost branding Ideas For Your Business

Do you know? 94 per cent of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because of irrelevant promotions or messages.

Branding means promoting and marketing your brand. Branding is all about relating your products and services to your consumers. Low-cost branding is promoting your company with a low budget. 


Low-cost branding ideas

Have you just started a startup? What to spend some money to create brand awareness. But don’t have that much money, we have listed some Low-cost branding ideas. These ideas will help you to create the branding of your own company. 

Brand name 

Low cost branding

The brand name is the first impression to your consumers so take time but choose a right and appropriate name of your brand. After that create a banner or board and hang in front of your office. 

Do you know? It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but it takes 5–7 impressions for consumers to recognize the logo.

Also, A creative logo that represents your company or shows what you do will help you in your long term as well. 

Hence, The logo is not just a picture if a person sees the logo he or she can instantly say that this logo is of X company. So do research and make a good professional logo. 

Social media presence

Firstly, creating a social media presence is the base of your journey. Engaging with the audience can be a good practice to create awareness. 

Also, Social media is growing day by day people love to see the brand which they use in their timeline. 

Providing gift vouchers, gift cards, and discounts will give you more engagement. Use your logo everywhere, and use the hashtags properly. 


Low cost branding

Facebook can be a good option. Over 2.5 billion are active daily on Facebook, no doubt it is one of the top social media platforms. 

If you publish content regularly then you will have a filtered audience. 

If you have some money then you can try the Facebook ads which give some awesome features. Which helps in core targeting. 

YouTube and podcasts

Do share some videos and podcasts to your youtube channel it helps in branding of your company. Don’t share only promotional videos give some valuable content to the consumers. Please remember, consistency is the key to all online and social media marketing efforts.

Online Contests  

Online contests will give you new potential leads which will be the future buyers. Only you have to invest some money on the prizes and it will give you better results. 

Business Cards

Business Cards represent you and your business, so make sure you have a professional Business card. 

Whenever you meet anyone in a meeting or any business make sure the handshake should start with your business card. 

Guerilla Marketing

How to Utilize Guerrilla Marketing To Promote Your Brand? - The Next Scoop

Guerrilla marketing’s main focus is to take the customer’s attention by giving them surprises to make big brand impressions about the product or service. It mainly triggers customer attraction by connecting them emotionally to the product.

Guerrilla marketing has many types like Ambient Marketing, Ambush Marketing, Experiential marketing, Viral Marketing

Also You can Read our Blog on What is Guerrilla Marketing? Risks & Rewards in Guerrilla Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a part of marketing, you can collect emails by newsletters. You can give a free e-book or anything for free which will attract the visitors and they will share the email. 

After that, you can re-market them, send promotional emails. You can send them emails for new updates or contests and discounts. And the email list will help you to make sales, send emails until they buy the service of the product. 

Promotional Car

Firstly, Transport companies need trucks and cars to deliver the products, they can paint the vehicles with their company logo and products. It will create brand awareness in the market and people will get to know about the brand. 

You can also paint the walls of the people without any cost, it will help you with long term. 

Word of mouth

Word of mouth means communication between the two peoples. The person who suggests anything or gives information to another person is the sender and another person(s) is the receiver who takes information. Keep in mind Word of mouth is powerful stuff. People will find your brand because they heard good from others. If you are getting sales by referrals then your product or service is liked by the peoples. Do remember to give what people are looking for from you.

Free e-books 

You can give free e-books to your audience. Free e-books can be a good option to give value as well as take as many backlinks you can to your website it will help in your branding. 


Low cost branding

You can organize webinars which are helpful to the people, it will help you to create your brand image. People will get familiar with your brand, and whenever they will need the product your brand will be their first choice. 

The content topic of your event webinars may include teasers, a brief discussion about your upcoming event, sponsors, and any guest speakers/influencers attending.


In short, This is a good way of marketing and advertising. Also, Merchandise can contain your logo, your company slogan, etc. Many people like the merchandise of their favourite brands. 

You can also create contests and give you merchandise for free to your audience. Selling your merchandise will create another source of income. 


Particularly, Infographics are magnets for websites, infographics can bring a lot of traffic. People love to share infographics with social media, infographics can also bring you a lot of backlinks and traffic. Thus, Creating infographics by just hiring can be costly, you have to take some challenges and create some beautiful infographics, there are many sites you can see and take inspiration from them. 


At last, here are some tactics of Low-cost branding ideas. So, If you are just starting your company you can try these tactics. These are the proven tactics of Low-cost branding ideas. 


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