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Sales Most Detailed guide

The Most Comprehensive Sales Guide you’ll need that will change the way you think about sales and will help you close the deal.

We are back with another detailed guide (After most detailed guide on SEO)

As a sales professional, you need to stay on top of your sales and be aware of new tips and strategies that can do miracle to your sales pitch.

Why you should read this Sales Guide?

You are into Digital Marketing, this Sales Guide can help you bring new clients and appease current ones.

So, you have your own business/startup, this Sales Guide can help you improve employee/customer satisfaction.

Also, If you are about to start your own startup, this Sales Guide would provide you the knowledge that is required to build the best team. Whether you are a salesman or into Digital Marketing Industry, this Sales Guide would assist you to close Bigger Deals.

I have curated some of the best sales series which you need to follow – to learn from some of the best in the business.

My curated chapters of sales series are below:-


Art of selling

Most frequently asked questions in this time buyers is how do we sell things?

First, you know “what is selling” or “how can you sell”? selling does not mean that it’s selling him anything, which means that he should be able to identify the goods,  make them available and selling the goods. There is a small thing inside that name is “barrier” by which he does not buy the products.

Watch this video on Art of Selling: with subtitles


Now I am trying to help you to reduce the barriers. Now, what is barrier means which I am going to tell you it means “fear” that I will buy or buy not this product?

 If I buy this product then I’ll be harmed. The most common reason for this is:-

  1. Lack of awareness:- that means don’t know about the product.
  2. Even lack of knowledge:- whether I need this thing or not?
  3. Also, Lack of trust:- there is no trust on the front that I saw real stuff or counterfeit goods.

Selling is an art which gives the product to give the hope of selling a product and remove the barriers”

Selling concept

The product doesn’t necessarily sell themselves. Customer must be convinced to buy products. And to convert Customer You can apply Following Steps in the blog. There are 2 types by which You can sell your products and services.

  • Maximize sell revenue
  • Aggressive promotion to create demand

Straight line persuasion

According to Jordan Belfort said you had to process our straight line persuasion that means you have to be inside the straight line. Means staring from zero and the last sold the product.

Straight line persuasion is about the art and science of influence, persuasion, and sales.

Relationship marketing

 You have to promise a customer to take to wonderland. Now I have to try to make it that you take this product, your life will change. Jordan Belfort said relationship marketing is useless& fraud. Now Let’s discuss what is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is we make a relationship with a customer and understand the customer needs then offer the product to make increase the conversion rate that’s what wrong to make large selling cycle. You can create two cases below:-

  • First I am waving my time with people, I’m roaming around & spoiling my 30 days. How many people I targeted in 30 days 10 or 12. And the last not confirmed they will going to buy my product or not if he will buy and he’s not satisfied with my product. The loss is mine my brand name is going bad, my 30 days will be wasted & very important my relationship got worse.
  • In the second case I’ll do aggressive selling with my daily target base I go up to sell not for the relationship. I sell the product to identify the need of customer if the customer is happy and his need is fulfilled then it will automatically become a partner with my relationship.


Art of Selling is for those who want to earn a lot of money in life, want to reach on the top. Now you know about the opportunity. An opportunity that knocks you at the gate and catches those opportunities. We learn how to influence to sell the product of customers. make sure Don’t put pressure on anyone to buy any product or services. If you are putting pressure on anyone to buy your product it means you are evil or evil for sell.


Our topic is Random conversions VS goal oriented conversions.

Random conversion:- Random conversion means selling by randomly activities like in ancient time people practice this technique most but in this technique, it will take too much time. In this technique, you will make a relationship with a customer but the conversion rate will be low. Basically, we said it’s a time-consuming method or technique. Don’t waste your time making a presentation to someone who doesn’t want, shouldn’t buying & can’t afford your product.

Goal oriented conversion:- In this method, people will be goal oriented or focused that means he or she knows which people actually wants this product. They are creating, delivering & communicating to selected targeted customers. In their shops, you got crowds and profitable trading also.


You have to make trust on a customer without wasting time. Trusting is also a crucial part of selling. Now we are going to learn three steps of selling a product according to  Jordan Belfort are:-

  • Trustworthy:- to rely on an honest or truthful person for the product
  • Gathering information:- to understand the product
  • Don’t be wondering:- don’t be wondering to the customer about the product.
  • Empathetic:- an ability to understand the product

Now we are going to learn about the learning process or learning curves. The learning process is divided into four parts are below:-

  1. Unconscious or incompetence
  2. Conscious
  3. Conscious competence
  4. Unconscious competence

Now it is up to that salesman at which level he identifies himself. After watching two or three videos you will know which level you have been reached. So, If you are doing practices then you can take your level very high in these 3 months & can become that much Professional that You can sell any products. Hence, If you want to be successful in life then these rules must be followed as:-

  • If I do work, I’ll do with 100% commitment.
  • Don’t give excuses
  • Staying honest with yourself


Art of prospecting

Today we will learn about the art of prospecting. Many people come to me, even the calls come from people, but you are not convinced that they will take my product at least he doesn’t take which makes our time very wasted. Now, you have to understand that this person is your prospects or not?

First, consider a logic that the person who doesn’t want our product, we must not sell that person the same product. If you understand this thing, then everything will start to understand itself. If it doesn’t need my product then I don’t want to waste my time to talk to him.

Watch this video on Art of Prospecting: with subtitles

Levels of straight line persuasion

Basically, there are four levels divided into straight line persuasion prospects:-

Level one is which person is converted in one second or quickly convert which knows about at all that comes and goes with our luggage. Oil is over in your home and you are using Ramdev dantkanti toothpaste. You have Ramdev baba’s shop in front of your home, you will go straight & pick up your bills and get the product and take the baggage this is level one.

In level two, you will know that the toothpaste is over and you don’t know which toothpaste we should buy. You go to the store then you collect the toothpaste by searching and inquiries.

Now what happens in level three is toothpaste in your house or it is going to happen when you go out to do research. It’s not going to happen right now and you are coming to know to the store to know what the toothpaste is, what are the advantages or disadvantages in it. At last, he didn’t go to buy or maybe he’ll buy in the future or it will end then buy.

At fourth level, I was going on the road suddenly I saw a banner oh Ramdev was out new toothpaste. Now I am curious about to know about all thing about this toothpaste. Waste such time and such people come in level four.


Now we have to first identify at the start of who is coming in level one, two, three or four how to know us seeing his body language. If level one happens, he’ll get converted immediately. In level two, he will ask and ask and the last he’ll buy the product. Which people inquire about lots of things, do not waste your time with them. Every industry has different rules. If there is more to talk than a limited time then you don’t waste your time these type of people come in level four or five.

If you want to utilize your time correctly especially for salesperson you are spoken to these people who are coming in level 4 or 5 then you are wasting your time. Level one people do not have a barrier but people in level 2 have a barrier. Maybe he has a barrier of knowledge, financial or he has no trust.

Remove the barrier

As soon as you get to remove the barrier, you’ll come from level two will be level one automatically. Let’s talk about a basic calculation my currently digital marketing institute has 32 seats, as soon as the inquiry comes then I convert 15 seats to 50 seats. How many people from level one I assumes 10 people. 20 seats are from level two which they want to know about all details of course like fee structure, duration, placement etc. and the rest of 20 people are from level three or four. For the 20 seats, I’ll target the untapped market which I have not targeted yet.

Now we can use marketing to fill their 20 seats or here we can use digital marketing also. For this, I can distribute the templates or I can run the campaign on facebook. Also, I can make a banner on WhatsApp or circulate it in so that those who are my students share it further or I can discover student referral program. For example, if an old student brings a new admission through student referral program then I’ll give him a discount of 10% we can say it internal marketing.

Now what I am going to do next is I can organize a free seminar about digital marketing as I will campaign freely. There will be some people who will not know about me and they will come in free and know about digital marketing comes from local residents. I can hold 50 seats in favor of which 500 people will come in the seminar & he will listen to me, he can convert into directly level 1 or 2. Or you can say there will be people who will understand my point, they will know that yes, this person has a digital marketing knowledge and it can teach me very well, people will be converted to level 1 from level 2 easily. Every place has a different conversion rate. 

Mainly my target is 32 seats which I reached at least 1000 peoples. I’ll run my marketing strategies like I’ll run a campaign or doing 10 seminars in one day to reach my target that is my marketing strategy.

Rules of sale

Now I am going to discuss three rules of sales with you if you adopt these three rules your conversion process will be very fast.

  • The first thing must be a person will be enthusiastic.
  • The second thing he should be straightforward.
  • The third thing is to show the authority means he has to trust that you are a knowledgeable person.


Tonality and body language

Hey friends, today we are going to talking about tonalities, which is chapter 3rd in the sales training. In this chapter, we will learn what is tonalities?

Watch this video on Tonality and body language: with english subtitles


Whatever I am speaking, in a few words I speak very slowly, I speak very loud in some words. Now I speak very fast, I speak very comfortably in some words all of these are come in tonalities. All of these have some subconscious meaning. so, you try to understand that thing in deeply. If you want to understand that thing, it will take time. I do that thing very subconsciously because I have been practicing on that thing.

Tonality is probably a lot more complex than you’ve ever realized. Now, what happens in tonality, if I am speaking a word loudly it means I am pulling the attention of this person in front of me. The teachers and leaders they are said loudly because they want to seek the public attention so this is loud tonality.

Types of Tonality

There are some words like it is very urgent, do it now, etc. using these words I am showing whisper that means I am creating urgency it shows slow tonality. And where I do speak fast or where I am saying those things comfortably or slowly it means explaining those things to you. Where we have to tell us the specification of the product or an important thing. If I want to hide something, so I will speak very fast. As you might have seen, the advertisement of mutual fund which speaks very quickly because subconsciously they will not trigger your mind this is called fast tonality.

Body language

Now I go to meet someone where I know my body language is going to put a big impact in this 90% of sales conversion are according to body language. Means, the product is essential but if two persons stand to each other whose body language will be good his product will be sell. If someone has a product’s needs and your body language is good, then that means your product will be sold very easily. 90% communicative part of body language.

If I am in front of him then I can show lots of things like I’ll show Richie look, I can impress him by my look or presenting myself, Which we cannot do on the phone. For this, we are using through tonality.

Important rules

Whenever we make a call for selling or sales call we will finish all our things or we want to explain our products within  4 seconds because in front of 4 seconds he/she know the full image of yours.

 There are three rules are important for this which are:-

  1. Showing the attention
  2. Show knowledge
  3. Gaining trust

Pitch of sales training

I made a short pitch of sales training let us discuss it:-

Good morning, my name is Sahil Khanna. I am the founder of laapas. sir, can I take your 5 minutes? If you have spoken this line then 90% chances he will listen to you because here you got your curtsey. Now my next line is sir, do you know our largest collection on YouTube channel is on digital marketing which is free if you want, you can learn free digital marketing visit our channel and it is absolutely free that you can grow your business applying it. Now either he will buy my course or he’ll not buy if he doesn’t have money, then he will go to my channel. Maybe he can go to YouTube then search and go to my channel and see if he can do this course for free.

My pitch is not over yet my next line is sir, this is a notification call to inform you our next batch registration for digital marketing course is open now. If you wish, you can register I would like to tell you that our most wanted digital marketing course those basic principles are marketing which we understand apply for digital marketing. Sir, I would like to clarify a small point that marketing is a part of digital marketing. For this, you have to understand marketing, people explain to you tool. We will also explain the tool to you but together we also generate marketing principles.

Sir, what we do we develop leadership we have groups in which you are selected as a group leader also in which you participate understand the concept and apply it. You don’t run for the paid tools or technologies you understand logic any further tools are coming in the market as future you can easily use it. We try to make you the best in the entire market.

You will see my whole pitch go by reverse and you will know that I have spoken a lot of words very slow spoken very fast said very comfortably.

Now, what will I say in my last pitch that our fees is only Rs.35,000 but our seat is limited to this I want to clear you already? If you are interested then join now or register also. If you want to take a demo class please go ahead because the seats are going to be full soon.

Sir, at last, I would like to tell you one thing, that the duration of our class is 7 to 8 hours which is going to be on Saturday & Sunday. If you cannot give the 7 to 8 hrs on Saturday and Sunday then please do not join this course because our Rahul sir gives homework too much. If you want to work harder and to move forward in your life then join the class otherwise no need to join. Thank you.


Become visionary and body language

Today we will talk in the fourth lesson how vision can be made and how to improve our body language? Which our sales conversion rate will increase very quickly. This is the fourth part of the straight line persuasion.

Watch this video on becoming Visionary and Body Language: with subtitles

Improve body language

I would like to tell you one thing that no person is going to buy their goal they buy their vision. Now, I try to explain to you how to?


What is your age now 24, 25 or 30 is as much as your dream is to be rich. And I will tell you that 10% of the people become rich. Why does this happen to think about this, everybody wants to be rich at the age of 26 or 28 but at 50 or 60 years of age, he couldn’t become rich. Why? Because they have lacking vision.

If the logic is to be seen, then 10% of the people also have a vision only. What 90% of people do, they follow the vision of those people. If anyone buys your products, he will buy it for his needs, as well as purchase for his vision. It’s meaning ultimately how much profit it is going to buy from my product. If he buys your fair handsome cream then its color will turn white or bright or if he takes your beard oil then his beard will be smooth.

Vision our goal

His vision is very distant and we have to trigger his thinking. Now, if the matter of the vision has come, then I would like to share one thing with you. One thing is the goal & one thing is vision our goal is already decided which will make us rich & 10% peoples are becoming because they lack vision.

Now, what the vision is, it means long horse racing. Meaning I have already thought of this when I will broad this thing then I’ll do this. And some words are such that if we go to do something then we think we should do it or not? If all of these thoughts are coming in your mind then so you are not versionable, remove these thoughts from your brain that you will become visionary or rich.


I always have to do this work, I want to achieve these things, I will do this & I’ll show you. There should probably not be coming with you if those things come with it, it means you are getting oriented. I will complete my 1000 target or I can do there is a difference between these two sentences. If you have come to understand that you are in the vision or not. There is nothing to fear in it. Just change your thought process and now visionary will become yourself. There is the problem of all the whole of thoughts. we think inside the brain that tomorrow I go and get burn fat In the gym.

Greed is bad

Visionary people think about long-term. I will do a little bit of work on a normal diet there is no time in my life but I will do this for 1 or 2 years. Now come back to the topic that understands the greed. What is greed? Greed is bad. Greed is bad inside the sales or not? Yes, it’s bad in sales. I have told you that if a person is good if he needs our things then we will give him own product.

Greed is destructive what’s good? My ambition is I have to sell so many goods doing so much but I do not have greed. I know that the person who needs this thing, I ‘ll sell my product but who don’t need my product I’ll not forcefully sell him. Mostly I’ll be experimenting with all the people. I created net marketing videos. the vision is sold inside what is sent inside it? The product is sold in addition to the product inside it.

If you see the ad, you have to spend more money on it, then you are spending a long horse race on it to defeat it. Today you added rs.10 after 10 or 20 year will be. After 50 years you can fill your children’s fees and you can comfortably take a tour of Europe. you must have heard of all this, the way to sell these plans is by calling us a way to sell vision. Visionary technique comes with conversion rate. If I will show you that use this long term of my product, then you will have long-term benefits so the chances are going to be converted.

Three things about the product

I told you three things, one of the sharpness attack. what this means is that we have to talk to the contrite topic, talk to the right point. I have to look at the confident and the front should like I know all about this product and the front of the trust is also to be gained. If you think carefully then what happens if I show it a result. I also gain trust as well as show my knowledge. If I apply these 3 rules I have been reading from the starting. If we do not allow him to walk around on the straight line, my product will be sold automatically.

You have one point for the vision thing and you think yourself. Suppose that my fight has happened and I’m getting angry maybe when the front person meets my fights against him too. Maybe I have a thought process in my mind, put it in the head of the front. When I want to sell, I will be in the phase, I will bring the same phase whose front of me. And what should be the phase that comes with the conversion?

Body language

Now come to the point of body language. What does your look first? The look should be confident, look at my face you will see the glow in my eyes. What will happen with this you will see I look more confident. Ideally, have a clean shave . to keep grooming is to keep those people who are the best. Hair is also to be kept that suits you.

Let me ask a question from you that you see me as a younger brother like a big brother or do you see a teacher in me what do you see tell me?

Most of you would have seen those who are top-level salesman come to wear in shirts. Those who are of the above level come to wear in a coat. Whenever you buy a car, there will also be all the salesman in the coat because they want to gain the trust of the front of him. Professionalism is inside in it because he is a professional person. Clothes also matter to it, mostly try to wear light clothes such as the blue color wear outside and white color wear inside from these conversion rates comes very quickly. Be black then you will show dynamic. If you want to show dynamic then wear black. Basically, try to wear black or dark blue coats whether it is a boy or a girl for conversion.

Eye contact

Next thing is eye contact, what should be the eye contact it will be 80 to 20%. 80% means you need to talk 80% look at the eyes of the front of him. Researcher says that if we look at somebody below 70% so we do not have a confidant. If there is no confident then the trust will not be gained or if the trust will not be gained then it will not be sold.


Now talking to about handshake, what is a handshake? A handshake should be a confident handshake. What is the definition of a handshake? The definition of the handshake is we have to use the whole area to do shake our hands. How much area will cover as good? Do not keep your hand too loose or tightly. Have to shake your hand normally people do as professional. If we copy-paste someone’s movement then we begin to copy her mind or try in subconscious or trigger in mind and he will also like us this technique is known as matching and mirroring.


Mindset for selling

Past is not a mistake it’s an opportunity.

‘’The past is where you learned the lesson

The future is where you apply the lesson”

Most people are unsuccessful because they always live in the past and can’t see the opportunity in present.

This is the main reason for failure in business and all other profusions. Because of poor mindset

Your thinking decides your success or failure so it is most important that your thinking is always positive it will give you long term results.

We need to do that thing which will going to give the result at the end.

Most of the people want to do something in life but only because of negative mindset they don’t even start doing. People who have this type of thinking is never successful in life.

If you want to start something start now this is the right time because no one is doing that. One more thing is, struggle is important for life, people switch their work as it has a lot of struggle.

Watch this video on Mindset for selling: with subtitles

Difference between rich and poor

Think logically whose life is good, rich guy or a poor guy, who has more problem most of the people think rich people have no problems or poor people have more problems in their life.

But it is a myth, as with the advent of money there are a lot of problems arises, as they need to do this and that all things.

What Newton has said that a body will remain in motion unless an external force is applied to stop it means something in motion then it will continue to move.

If we are on the negative path then it will tend to move in unless we won’t put an external force.

Think to do change our life, think will going to change automatically because I applied an external force in the right direction.

Researches say that people with negative thoughts concentrate more on negative things and I feel pity for them. For example, I upload a blog on pizza on my other channel  99% of them commented to me a negative all of them just give me a fault.

Negative thoughts

If you see the like or dislike ratio then you will find that like ratio is far batter then the dislike ratio. Dislike ratio is less than 10% and a negative comment is 90% so how that. Those who midst is positive they don’t comment and the one with negative comments all over.

A positive mindset will say it’s a nice video, but person with the poor mindset will look for mistakes.

Positive mindset

So, we need to find the solution and not the problem, how I will move to the right path. We don’t need to regret our past. So what’s the need for all these things, all these things are mindset game, if we have a positive mindset then we could be a good salesman.

Salesman life

In a salesman life, there is ups and downs as you can achieve your target in a day or it may take week or months so in this we need not have to destroy our lifestyle. If selling is not up the mark and a guy calls me and I put all the negative to them abuse them or anything.

This is due to negativity in our minds, so we can train our brains by talking about positive things and avoiding negative thoughts.

How our brain works:

there are three things which our mind do, 1st thing it does is delete, means if the thing is not important then it deletes it, 2nd it generalize it if I am wearing a good cloth, you can see the Rolex watch, so I am rich.

 So that our mind is working in that direction that’s way salesman advised wearing coat pants, as people generalize easily. We generalize based on hair, glasses, perfume, body and all that you have to work on body, cloth, looks, because of this because people generalize.

If a seller goes to a customer then he has a fear in his mind that he may not buy my product.

 why he may not buy the product? Because he has fear in there mind. So this fear in the customer mind we need to delete it.

The next thing is distorted, means we need to mislead his vision and need to put protein that our product is your solution. So distorting is important too, well these are the 3 important techniques in sales.

How to overcome negative attitude:

The next thing is fear, how to overcome this? Something we did not achieve our target and started to get fear of it we need a lot of things like fees of children and many different problems so how to eliminate the fear?

  1st is to ignore the fear, but to the fact that it is not a good solution these come under unsuccessful guys because they are moving away from it.

 2nd is they are getting feared but they are acting on it and 3rd is by jorden Welford, you need to accept the fear and then take the action.

How to achieve your goal:

If you need to achieve your goal and you need to have a 10 skills, and currently how much skills do you have, you have 7 skills or vise verso, so this skill is known as level check.

 before doing your work you need to check your level of skills and act based on that if you have 8-9 skills out of 10 then you will get confidence to sell a product and ultimately you will get the conversion.

Goal setting:

One more thing is to set your goal higher as possible, doing this you may come up to expectation means above to your possibility. If you set your goal above to your expectation then it is easy to reach your goal.

 If you did not set a point higher then you will end up like an average, and no one known you as an average people remain only the top and not the average.


Controlling sales

Watch this video on Controlling sales: with subtitles

Three rules of sales

First of all, let me understand you three rules. When I start the sale and come to the end, there should be three things in it. What is the first thing about those three things that they should love your product?

The second thing is to be loved by you means that he will start to trust you. And the third thing is he should love your company means he starts trusting your company. If we have validated these three things here when he comes on the end so our sales will close.


First of all, what will happen first when I will meet him my body language, my look will be my complete personality matters. The three things that were told at the beginning are executed. He should feel I’m a confidant. He should feel like I have a knowledge of these things inside me. Also, He should feel that he can trust me. All this will take place so I can start a further conversation. If all these things will not be there, then it may not be interested in me. It may happen after 20 or 10 seconds he says that now I want to leave I have an important work.

If he has something in this people or if there is any video of it like sales training video, he should think that yes, after watching this video, I can learn something new.  Selling means what selling means sell anything or you can manipulate anything.


Now, what will be the next step, the next step will be that we have to ask for the question from them and make it validate. What is validation?

 Suppose I send a product and its value is Rs.60000. first of all, I have to validate this kind of question by asking the question whether he can take Rs.60000 items or not. Let’s assume that the three products within my portfolio of Rs.20000, Rs.40000 or Rs.60000. I have to ask him the question of which level it can come in. the first process is validation must be important let’s assume there are one people who run a rickshaw. Let’s assume that he earn Rs.300 or Rs.10000 per day & he earns Rs.30000 per month and from which he runs his entire house full of his income and 50% of his income spend in alcohol. Rest 15000 survives in the month of which all the expenditure of thinking comes out of the house.

More questions

 After this, we have to ask more questions that we need to know about identifying the need. He has to take this product but what difficulties come in his life, we have to ask these questions.

Suppose which camera is going to be recording from that is canon g camera and I want to sell this product. So what do I do assume that I have to sell this product to any YouTube so what will I do? What are you using now? I am using phone oh! So how much is the phone you don’t have trouble on the phone? If you take video quality to a next level, people may share your video more. If you make a video in low light then you don’t have to face any problem. yes, I face it.


Basically, what I am doing I keep data in his mind. later on, I solved the entire problem by pitching. When you make a video from the phone while you are walking maybe your video will be shaking that’s why you have seen down professional. I will bring a product and say that sir, I have a product in which solutions of all your problems also comes with at a low price. Now, I will give all specification about this product. All company has every specific product specification, if your product specification is not there, then make one specification video from it.

I have the identify the barrier also why he didn’t buy the camera yet while he is using the phone. I have to try to understand that too. Sir how much you earn from YouTube, if you are invested in a camera then your revenue increase automatically. Some business theory is that if you invest some money in business then your business will be expanded.

In today’s generation, there have been so many you tuber. Maybe you write a content any other also write content you like it but the difference you make will be your camera quality. Telling the way of sales pitch according to your product you will be modified it.

money can be more important or emotions?

 I ask a question from you assume that tell me in business money can be more important or emotions? Let’s get you a good opportunity to get a good job in which you get lots of money but in it against your ethics. The world is doing such things but it is against your ethics, do you have to do that thing? Or no, I will not do which is against to my ethics. When a client has come to me, which is the way to speak or his personality I don’t like it, then I will not work with him. Whenever we deal with a client, we do emotionally or do logically or we mix the two 50-50%.

Transfer of emotions

We always have to stay inside the straight line persuasion method, be always talk related to the product. If that person is not running in the straight line persuasion method then he will not able to do build a trust. Now how to get back his in the straight-line method by various strategy.

What is a problem? Assume that there are a people that are very potential to get your product. Is a solid lead that came from somewhere. What happened now you called him and his backing story was something else he has come fighting with his wife and he is trapped in traffic. and that time you are calling him, good morning sir, I am Sahil khanna from xyz company my product is …….  So how will that time be? I tell you that transfer of emotion.

 You tried to give him a positive emotion that time he was in negative emotion what happen at that he will get angry at that time. Are you crazy? What time do you call me? I don’t want any service from you. It also happens that whenever I am working, then I get a call from a telecaller, then what should you do that time, you should ask on the phone first, sir this is the right time to talk to you? So, If it’s not the right time then sir, please tell me what time I call you?

 And if we talk of practical life then it does not always mean life is running on straight line persuasion method. What will happen if he said no? real sales start where it does no. here’s what you need to do to make a chart. It has to think about what can come In that chart that we have to prepare and keep. If he tells yes, then what I have to say? If no so what do you want to say?  We have to think before that if he speaks it then we should say this. Some people are blessed they already have in their mind what they have to say. You tell me what you want you to get such a people whom you can pitch easily or a man who says anything.

Transactional sales

If you do transactional sales, then you will get less money like McDonald’s, you went to McDonald’s and asked for a burger. They gave you burger sales it has done. This type of sales is called transactional sale. In this, the mind keeps more there strategy is used even more. This is the way to tell strategy that you can already define a chart or make a chart. Suppose he said no, how to define ‘no’ in your sheet.

Believe in a simple matter, the scales in a human’s mind it is going on his mind that I should take this product or not on the scale which in his mind. what will happen in the negative, what will he do in their past, what will happen in the positive you will put in his mind. what do you have to do is to increase the positive and to remove the negative? As soon as this happens the scale will reduce and your product will sell out.  


Art of qualifying

There are so many times in sales that we waste our time with someone, they tell a lot. We tell them about product and services. In last, I find that he does not have to buy our products.

Art of communication

I give an example when I started my first batch of digital marketing course so I made a free demo class announcement. Now, what happened that a lot of people who came to meet me and he came. Afterward, he started coming and said yes I’ll do registration. Then I was happy that yes now it is registered but in the last when I talked about enrollment & I asked for money then all of them had started making excuses and started making excuses for we don’t have money. From here I have a licensee we should not give us anything for free. From here I taught the art of communication which I am going to teach you.

Watch this video on Art of Qualifying: with subtitles

Suppose I have to keep the qualification fees as on today’s time, if you just have to register within the institute you will have to pay Rs. 500 why I am not giving the demo classes because I have all the playlist in YouTube channel. If someone has to see a demo then he will see my entire playlist, then he will understand how I teach?

Ideation stage

I will cover the topic of which I have already made a video on YouTube. Why I keep demo? I put the qualification fees. Now if someone wants to consult me or wants to meet me. Some people come to me sir, please tell me everything about digital marketing, it was my loss that people used to come to meet me and I used to give them two to three hours as a consultation. At last, they know that they do not have money they ate at the ideation stage. They are just coming to take an idea of what we should do in our business module.

So here again I put criteria that if you want to meet Sahil Khanna then you have to give a specific amount. If you want to know about plan then you know from my team, if you need consultation from me then you will get a charge of Rs.5000. and, now Rs.5000 if you take any service from us so this Rs. 500 will be deducted from it. Then, after qualifying, if any person is interested, then only he will come to me otherwise it will not come.

Qualification criteria

So, in whatever category you are selling or working. there you will have to make qualification criteria. Now, this is not just a parameter of money. I’ll tell you lots of things …. You are selling a service or plan that a person needs to graduate for first you have to ask his qualification how much he has read when the person will say, graduate, then you can sell him your plan. Otherwise, not selling the plan, do not waste your time with him. It is not that it has asked his qualification and do not speak to us now, do not sell it to him.

subconsciously mirroring

The front should always show your courtesy. Maybe now he is doing 12th when they graduate will be done then he spoiling our name. 10 people will tell that do not do this course here, it is useless.

What should we do if you qualify? The only one told you earlier if want to gain the trust of the front of him then you have to do subconsciously mirroring. You sit in front of me and you will start using some of my words. If you start using the word like me, then I will automatically start connecting with you so that it is like me. If you say anything to me then the chances will increase that yes it can buy my product.

 I told you that there are two types of wires for taking any product. One is logical and another one is emotional. Logic is logical your sales pitch this is my specialty on my product but in emotional what kind of clothing clothes are wearing, how they look , if the person is confident then this product will be good, if not then no or if the person is using the product then it would be good to about product these are factors come in this. Right now I have told you about the same criteria.

 Let’s assume if you are going to sales you have a big portfolio. Many service we are doing let’s assume digital marketing service’s company calls me a person that I have to be digital he don’t know anything about what’s going on with digital to create a website is to have social media or to want to do seo to do anything he has not even got any knowledge of digital marketing. And I know that I can sell all the plans for it if I want.


But first of all, I have to identify his request, I have to analyze it. I will do it by asking them. What do you do business currently? You want to do this business right, what do you want your product to sell something or want to brand. From here I will know that if he has own product on his own site, he wants to sell it his own site it means it needs an e-commerce website. Ok sir, tell me how old your brand is? If it is old then branding is done. I can revive his brand and if he says branding is not done. Sir its just started.

 Need branding means that social media marketing is needed. He will say, sir, my work is to keep it, let’s assume that the search is too much. I have an XYZ category work. I said that if I run Ad, then I did the search, if I run an ad on it then I have to pay a click of Rs.20 and the price of their product is less than Rs.20 so I suggest you that you should do SEO, it will take 7 to 8 months but you will not have to pay it by clicking. You will get an organic result, and if you need an instant result by today’s sales. I’ll transfer money to you tonight and start seeing my product tomorrow morning.


Where to start from if you have given me the attention I asked a simple question, what is your product and where you want to sell it? Lowly as soon as I do narrow. I will be entering that your budget is what I’ll know its full profitability. How many profits have margin, how much is its product, how much is the product of its competitors. About what the positioning in his market is and I’ll know everything about it. But slowly I will start asking all the questions, in the beginning, sir how much money does earn? So he will end everything that time and if I slowly unfold everything. What is your business?

We can ask need basis question also sir, you need it? Sir, what problem you are facing now? If my product is a camera, then we can ask to need basic questions. I didn’t sell my own product directly, I just need to know what he needs? What problem he is facing now my product is related by this. Now I can pitch him my product is this. Now he will not convert immediately after pitching.

You will get 10% of no in starting so you have to understand that after this your sales will start to identifying that why he said no, identify that what are the barriers of him?


Try to understand that story of that you have to go Inside a bank to steal you’re going to be a very big thief. You go and you get a huge locker there so how do you open it? First, put the combination, then put another, then put the third keep doing the same as last that lock is open. Put the combination is part of sales. You have to crack the front, opening the lock is to take my product. To open that lock you have to find the keys to which is his key.

Now let’s have 15 keys to sell a person. If you speak your sales pitch in front of 15 to 16 peoples, then you will know that you have 15 or 16 keys for my sales. I have to check my 15, 16 keys on that person. If he didn’t buy my product then he’ll not take it I’m clear you this thing from starting. If he qualifies and he needs my product then he should buy my product. You can also do future pitching if you do my course then you can earn lots of money after 1 year. Let me explain to my children in my batch how you can earn Rs.100000 within 1 month. What will happen to this people? Rs.100000 will come to think that Rs. 30000 by giving I can earn Rs.100000. but do not lie, I am telling you earlier.


Art of boxing

Techniques of the art of boxing (Trapping audience)

Very often it happens we get a salesman who keep us trapped that we have to take a product in the last. So what techniques are salesman used for trapped us. Today we are going to understand about boxing technique, this is a special technique that we implicate from all sides, Who has only one option to take our product. Explain everything in detail, first of all, last class we have talked about emotions.

 Now, emotions really mean a lot when you talk to someone. How are mimic your emotions last time I gave you an example, suppose someone is unhappy and I dialed his, he picked up the phone and said that my mother has expired, so that time you will say your sales pitch or emotion? I told you sales time you will always be in positive emotions but at that time can I transfer the emotions of happiness to him no, because he is sad so I have to transfer negative emotions.

 Negative emotions transfer is how will it be? If you follow Ranveer Singh what does he do? He gets any role in movie close himself in the room and tries to understand himself as the same person that’s me, whatever the scenes done by him thinks he is me. When you start speaking from inside so your tonality automatically seems to change.

Watch this video on Art of Boxing: with subtitles

Three emotions of sales

There are three emotions inside the sales which we have to work one is scarcity or secret what does it mean to assume that I have 5 seats in my institute for admission what will I say for it? What would say that I have 5 seats left, take admission to take fast admission? This is my tonality because my upbringing is different I am from Punjab that’s why parakh in my tonality where do you belong from your tonality come from there, I didn’t tell you to change it. But that time which emotion you have it should be out. The front should not feel that you re doing fake that’s it.


Second is disarming, what does it mean? assume that let’s assume you went to someone for sale your product or selling purpose and he kept a gun on your head. He said tell me, brother, now you want to sell your product to me? Removing gun from his head is known as sales disarming. If you go to sell the product and the person gets angry at you then what are you doing to him? What will happen if you do start fighting then your product not be sold? Turn the situation and said ok…  this is my disarming tone, you also have to find your disarming tone.


And the third or last is a certainty, certainty means confirmed. If you join my course your entire life will change in 3 months. Seeing that what I am speaking now it easily identifies from my body language. So if you learn all this emotions techniques then you will easy to sell anything.

Three skills of Scarcity, Disarming & Certainty

These are three skills, inside these skills how can you make these skills, the first method is to find your peak first. If there is a fight between your two friends then how will you solve it, from this you will find your disarming. Certainty, you are sure of what you do in life, let’s assume if you love a girl and she also loves you. you are offering her to a marriage proposal. I am convinced that she said yes, this is the certainty. Everyone has some girlfriend, wife or any girl if you want to watch a movie with her she will get empathetic in emotional scenes so if you want to become good salesman then you have to bring am empathetic inside you. For this, you have to do practice more, how to trigger emotions?

There are many ways to trigger it. Let’s assume I am a believer, take an example you close your eyes and think about what you like anything. You have thought of a food item that you love very much now its come slowly and coming closer, smell to it and eat it mouthwatering has started coming. Water is coming in my mouth, also coming water is coming to your mouth but the people who are doing it will water coming in their mouth, then they are not doing maybe water not coming in his mouth. What did you go through the emotions of your mouth water trigger, so you can also trigger all your emotions through thinking?

Second thing many people move their hands or head triggered his mind by doing some movement of your body. There are some people who are hitting their heads and they are thinking forcefully. There is no relation to think and hit but they are giving assurance that they are thinking. Sometimes we see that if you take an emotional decision, then inside the body language it changes first then your emotions. changed.  Next thing is music, what is music? Assume that in the morning you have a fight with your wife, the mood is not good and if you go to for sales in that mode then so what will sales convert?

If I take my own example that I am going to play cricket and I am listening to some motivational songs like Kar har maiden Fateh so automatically I play well and hit many fours or sixes. So you can do same if you are doing something like this. Let’s take another example, visual is not good but by listening to the song I can think visual is good. You have to see your trigger. I tell you three emotions which are scarcity, disarming and certainty. Find out the way how to trigger these three things, how can you trigger? This is not only coming sales if you are going to give an interview there also get this thing.

What is Scripting?

Now let’s talk about scripting, which means that we talk to the front I said that write what you have to say. So what are the rules in the script? The first rule of the script is we do not write a huge script. We do not have to take five minutes to explain our product, our script should be at least one page. If we can explore our product within one to two lines, then okay if we can’t, then our sales pitch is bad.

What’s next if the front should feel like this if he takes our product, something will change come in his life. Future-facing is to be shown as I told you that if you join my course then your future will change after 3 months. There are so many digital marketers in the world who are not teaching well. We will teach good and learn tools together. now, what is the benefit to you with laapas I am with lapaas, many people know to me people trust me I am associated with my brand. I don’t have to force them to bring. If you are selling a product then it is necessary to have a trustworthy something.

What is the last thing in the last is that you have to create an urgency that brother you take my product quickly? Do not lie. This will make our branding worse. If you have to do sales well then think and find how to create an urgency. By chance, if your luck got worse and we got a man who does take all our information regarding our products but in the last, he didn’t buy the product we have to do our best in ending the call. You have to do ending like this, whenever you need you can call e sir to have a good day.

How to trap someone in a square box?

Now we will talk about how to trap? You will also have to read before let’s assume one square which has 4 sides. One side you put a logical barrier to it you told me why to logically take my product what are factors what are advantage everything. At one place you put an emotional barrier to it you explained to him that if you take my product then your life will change.

The third side as much as he thought about the product, we eliminated it. We bring trust to us, bring trust to our company and bring trust to our product. So its belief system became that for this thing this product will be good. so we trapped him in three ways when I would go to him with own product he would not have any option to say no. so the conversion rate will go up too much. I am not saying that if you do this then your product will sell it.

Let’s assume the person does not need your product and you forced him trapped into the box, then I told you a qualifying technique. If you do not qualify that person then you make a mistake. The first steps are to be ready, then boxing is to be done, boxing is always to be done at the closing time. If that person said no then we should not say ok that time we have to try to loop him because the art of looping has told you earlier. Jordan Belfort says pace lead pace means first understand the thing yes ok, whatever he will say we have to fill yes, as soon as he says something wrong we have to catch her. If there is any point at which you can make a trigger, make lead directly at that time.


Power of language

Today we will talk about trigger word or language pattern in sales training, this is our ninth chapter of sales training series. So let’s begin the chapter.

Case Study

Now talk about the experiments where you will understand some things about sales. How words impact in sales above the front of the decision-making process. A long line was started experimenter experiment going forward in that line and speak to a person that I have to go ahead in line. So 25% of the changes come that it is allowed to go further. What happened in the next case goes ahead and says, please let me go ahead I have to hurry. And here comes 75% conversion. Now what goes ahead in the last case, he goes ahead and says, please let me know I’m quick. I’ll take just 1 minute.

If we use these three words which are very powerful words and if we just use in our sales. So the chances of our conversion will increase. It was also being sales obviously that person trying to sell himself. He was saying, please let me go ahead, “let me go ahead” means to sell it to himself. When it happens, these three sales patterns comes & it is used by big salesman. If you do not use, you should use it.

 Now when is the only word use, you have seen the price inside it. Whenever you go to buy a product, in the market, there is a product written on it just only Rs.90. only is also atonality. Meaning we are doing some position inside his mind “only Rs.90”. what is the price of iPhone only 1.5 lakh? An image gets inside the mind that only just Rs.1.5 lakh.

Now what was happened is human involved, people do not get deceive in this thing. But always trigger this thing over the subconscious level. What does because mean when I have to sell a product to the front of me, I have to tell because you should take this product, because if you explain it then your conversion will increase very much.

Watch this video: with English subtitles

Action Equal To Reaction

Now talk about the next experiment which is also said Newton action equal to the reaction. Now what happened with the waiter, one waiter was taken and different experiments were done on it. Inside this seen in researchers, tip ratio has increased by 10%. It means that there are 10% people who give a tip over there. He said, when you go for the bill, keep smiling on your face. So when the bill was given by smile, 15% increased conversion.

Then he saw a new experiment and said, put together a gift also. Bill and also took chocolates taken together or you have seen took fennel seeds or rock sugar in our India. When the chocolates were taken, then what happened there came to a 50% tip ratio. What did most tip ratio come when they gave two chocolates on top of the table then went further and then came again then put two chocolates on a table again. Here’s the 100% conversion rate come.

100% conversion is very much meant to be analyzed from here if you feel the front. That I am like you I’m like that when he takes good action. So right here, I have been telling you from the past that the front should feel that I’m like him. We have to do the same thing if the front persons think that yes it is like me, he will take our product if he has to buy.

Now what I am doing is my website, some constructions are going on some work. Our course fees which we write it will cost you …… we removed that thing now we are writing my product will cost you nothing, it’s an investment of Rs.30,000. The thing is that you give me Rs.30,000 but I create a tonal pattern in his mind it is not an expense, it is an investment.

Offset Language Pattern

Now I’m going to give you an example of a different category. First comes, offset language pattern it means that we will support you all along. Hold your hand inside the entire course with full support you will hear it very often it is also the way to sales. Every institute can get hold of a hand holding course but if you put this word in front of the head, then he thinks that yes it is going to give me a full support.

Now you join my course, I will tell you about the all ins and outs of digital marketing course whatever thing. If I write this thing in the tonal pattern then the so the front will feel that brother will tell all this detail, all the secrets will open, the conversion rate will increase.

You can join our course and your life become change but this can be a small problem in that within these three months your social life will get worse. Because our class runs very long and gives a lot of homework. Now what I did here portrait negative things but would be positive for a lot of people. For those who are positive that they will convert quickly and what did we do? Positive things said that your life becomes to change.

Now we have talked about training so you must have seen from a lot of courses that we will teach full or everything in-depth training program. If you look carefully at my tonality which I told you from the start if you are following me then now what I said everything in-depth training program I’m focusing on the each and every word.

It’s a long-term relationship if you join our course then you have done a course with us. It is not that we will help you for 3 months only. If you have any further problems then we will help you. Now I am giving you lots of examples and note it yourself and whatever your business is applied it on sales. 

Power Language Pattern

Next is the power language pattern, now what is the meaning of power language pattern? I have been showing you a lot of power, one thing you have heard so many times. Once you have a chance, the leaders talk. So it’s a power that the leader is powerful. So you can use these pattern inside your sales. Whatever I’m giving you an example, you heard many times inside your real life. You must have seen everywhere I heard you in many places.  

The examples that I have picked up have come from Jordan Belfort and raised in real life. By joining our course, you will face only one problem, you feel that why did not I attend this course 6 months ago. Is sales pattern, psychological, powerful it would be better to go to his mind that yes why did not I do 6 months ago. Believe me, he is very impressed. I do not need to explain, I think you will start to understand a little bit of tonality. Believe me, if you join my course then you do not have a feel sorry. I have kept my job working on tonality, I have also worked on my body language. I had once told about barrier what happened in our India whenever we take any product, our parents have a power in which we say that ye.

And I have also heard a lot that some people say that I did not even earn Re.1 from you, whichever of the original price a product I am taking from you, I am not earning you even once. I will be earning to you who will bring me the customer. You will also hear whenever you go shopping you have a habit of negotiations, you have heard it many times purchased file is maintained by separately that I have seen it but inside our India. If that is the case then do not show falsehood.

Looping Language Pattern

Now next is looping language pattern, in this state line persuasion are going on, now tell the person that I have this product. I asked him if you would like to take my product or not, I came again on the straight-line method. Well, how I resolved his problem which was a problem. This which I am going behind is called looping. Now how we do looping? First of all, we have to keep saying that yes is fine speak anything in front of you.

The next thing I have seen this thing that if you got me 6 months ago, then I will show you a million rupees. Lots of people who come to give a plan to you speak like this. If you had joined me months ago, then you were still earning Rs.1,00,000. Looping is going on in looping that I know that you have 6 months.


Customer for life

Start Taking Action

Do you know 99% of the people in the world why these are unsuccessful or why do they come within that category? Why do not take action? Those people shout because they fear that they may not fail. Now, they do not take action due to failure and he fails. They do not make things happen in your mind that it can be successful. So do you want to be great? Most people just want that yes they want to be great. What do you have to do great? Start taking action…………

Watch this video on Customer for life: with subtitles:


I have come to the last chapter of my series before I have explained 9th of series. This our last part I believe in most of the people are going to be such people 70% or maybe more than that, there may be some people who do not take action just watching the video. I do not say that you do not see educational videos do not look it. But if you look an educational video, you spend your time on it. Keep thinking that I will do this, I will do it, keep on planning itself don’t do execution if you do not perform the execution.

Neuro-linguistic Program

I had told you earlier that I did not use this word about the Neuro-linguistic program, I had told you term, I am using the term now because it means that we have turned an image of the mind of the front. Today, we have come in the closing of the final chapter, if we sell the product to the front, then what we should do to make a customer for life today we are going to talk about it…

The first thing is to know us everything in and out. We should know what does not like what he like? what is the date of birth, when the birthday comes, when the anniversary comes with all of the data you should have? If you see people with modern sales, if you look at cyaram, you will see software with sales, all your details are taken into it. whenever you go to the jewelry or you have ever gone to take a mummy for a jewelry, whenever your mom’s dad’s anniversary is coming. Your mother’s or father’s number or any number of any you have registered there, the messages begin to arrive at that number.

What if the next is what I am selling someone a digital marketing service to someone. If the result is not coming, then what do people do to cut the phone. Do not let the numbers just put on the block and what happens to this maybe you send it to your service once, you may not be able to offer you after sales service for the second time. If you do not give him after sales service then he will not do product this time he may take your product in compulsion. he will also go to your competitor and will say that you do not want to take a product from this company. Do not take his services if you are mistaken.

I also sell a course in digital marketing, it may be that I have made a mistake before, that I cannot find an execution which we are already decided. You have to tell him that I have made a mistake. Tell me how I rectify this mistake? You cut my commission in this job. You do one thing, do not give me a commission. I do not want a commission because I did not give you the desired result. But I have seen inside India that you have seen inside of a lot of places that ignore seems to be blocking the numbers. Once you sell the service, they disappear. And if you have taken all the database of a front and we are giving gifts to the front.


There are many companies if you bring some high-value products. High product meaning this is boosting, meaning I am showing myself. If you have taken a high-value product, then the company will send you a gift. Now send me a gift to the company that I do not have the time. I am very busy at my institute, I can be very busy in my videos or my lots of work. I am very busy now, who is my client who told me everything about the service, know everything about my product. Now, he gave me a trip for the outing or he’s invited me to a party on Saturday or Sunday. He knows that I take the Saturday and Sunday class and he is inviting me the same day, so I will say I do not want to go. Madam is the useless gift for me.

 Suppose I needed something and now I take a new camera, now I am thinking about which lens I should take in the company gave me the same lens or gifted me a lot of accessories with the camera. Know them that I had to make a video every day and they gave me accessories which I would be happy with it. I remember the technical guru was a video he is a you tuber. if you don’t know what they did, and the road is a mike company he is good company, he gave a technical guru to that company. What can they do he made a video on that, now I do not know I was a sponsored video or a genuine video. Maybe it is a genuine video.

For an example, I checked all emails and chats monitor my all team members, there was a man in whose name I do not remember who used to bother someone.  They wanted the placements in our digital marketing institute, but I have always kept inside the inverted comma that I will not provide placement. Providing placement for me is very small, I know many companies. I will call them one to do this if I have as many students or subscribers I will forward them to all the students I have. Whatever comes from the company, I share the data in children but I don’t want to make laborers. I do not want to call in my institute because they can get a job.

 If you follow all my videos then I encourage entrepreneurship. I believe a man should be an entrepreneur, I am running three businesses at the age of 27 and are also profitable. I will be 28 in the next year and I am happy in my life, I also want every person to be happy in his life. What people say that I have to do a job and I am the against of this thing. And I do the mindwash, I told you that I have a lot inside the brain many people. Whatever I want to do I portray my thoughts, I have put my words in his mind, if he comes inside my institute then I put his inside the mind that the job is worthless, you should do your business.

If you do not have financially strong or you don’t have the money beginning, you do not do it, but by earning when you have money, I believe that you should start your own business. Our course is full of that you have to bring a startup idea or come with your business. We work on it now, digital marketing course why is it because we read digital marketing in it and read how to sell our products.

Placement assistance

So it is my psychology that if someone wants to do a job then I did not keep him at my institute. So I have also spoken to my team that if you take a job, then take it somewhere else. My team recommended because I was saying that my team recommends to my competitor. Because my competitor says that we give 100% placement assistance. He will be able to provide placement assistance means “help”.  Placement assistance, not placement guaranteed people do not understand this. Yes, I am promoting my company if you want a job then please don’t come. If you want to improve your skills or learn something in your life then please come, if you want to change life in three months, then come.

There is one condition more than you will tolerate me you must have understood me how much I teach or tell you in this 20 minutes video. So I think what I teach in 8 hours. And if you tolerate me 8 hours in intellectual level then come otherwise don’t waste your time. Let’s finish promotion, now come on topics.

Now I am speaking I line on promotion which I will relate after this if you want to make lots of money or want to be independent with your parents. You do not have to ask for money from you’re your father, you want to all the wishes of the children, which you richest among your friends. Want to become the richest in your family and you want to become successful. Just means not financially, want to be rich with your heart, then you are joining my institute. This is a marketing strategy I have cover all sales pitch.

Pain and pleasure

Now two things are pain and pleasure. We have many people who are in the pain and want to go towards pleasure. We have to identify the pain of us and take that product to the pleasure. Whatever we are saying in the sales pitch, now we will tell about the pain that yes this is a problem. Sell your product that this thing can do all this for you.


If we have talked about motivation then basically motivation are two types one is intrinsic and second is extrinsic. Intrinsic which is come from inside and extrinsic which is come from outside. Seeing my series, whatever I have made a video above the topic of motivation if you are motivated by seeing my videos such as extrinsic motivation or a temporary motivation. We need intrinsic motivation more according to extrinsic motivation because extrinsic motivation is like a poison for us.

Now you can say I am a persuasion master. Now with the good thing, we finish our series. I give you a tip, then always remember that staying away from such people in the world who do kill your dreams, who tell you can’t do this. all these things affect our psychological.

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