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A Personal Assistant directly works with the higher authority of the business and also he has to work hard to make things happen. It is a high responsibility job that can decide the graph of the business.

So, here we are going to explain everything about the Personal Assistant job from start to finish.


What is a Personal Assistant

What is a Personal Assistant

Basically, Personal Assistant work as the heart of the business. It has to deal with the higher authority of the business, travel arrangement, scheduling meetings, checking emails, sometimes replying to emails and things like that.

In simple words, we can say that a Personal Assistant has to work one-on-one with higher-level managers to make their most of the time used.

Personal assistants are very close to the business they work for, which is why people call them the heart of the business.

A PA knows the business very carefully. He/she fully understands the business, and the PA must do so, as they have to help those who make significant decisions.

In general, PA is the junior of the Executive Assistants. In some organizations, PA works as a senior, and Executive Assistant (EA) works as a junior because they are interchangeable with each other.

Work of a Personal Assistant

Work of a Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant works on behalf of the manager or an executive officer. A PA plays the role of a time saver for the executive by doing administrative and organizing tasks.

So that the executive officer can save his time and give more time in executing strategies.

Some responsibilities of a PA as follows:

  • PA is the first person to make or attend calls for deals and meetings.
  • PA schedules meetings and conferences.
  • Management of transports and events.
  • Typing work and preparing worksheets and results.
  • Reminding deadlines and scheduled meeting.
  • Managing appointments.
  • Management of emails and replying to them.
  • Managing systems, database, and client data.
  • Arranging tickets and managing expenses.

A Personal Assistant job is a vast field. It is not made for only corporations or big organizations, PA also works for affluent families.

In that case, PAs have to manage the home and personal life management related tasks.

Like hiring a cook or managing the working staff. Many more responsibilities automatically added to the PAs’ role according to the situations.

Skills required to be a PA

Skills required to be a Personal Asistant

A PA should be a multitasker who can manage several works together without getting irritated. The job of PA is all based on management skills and communication skills

A PA indirectly or directly represents the high authority of the business. Here we are going to explain the number of skills that a PA required:

  • High management and organizing skills.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Good knowledge of daily use software like Microsoft office.
  • Good knowledge of that business.
  • Better time management skills.
  • A good listener and good executer.
  • A PA should be punctual.
  • Progressive and stable mindset.

What are the qualifications need to be a PA?

As we have already explained that it is a vast field to work. There are no formal academic qualifications that are needed as the necessary qualification. It totally depends on the employers what do they want from their Personal Assistant.

Sometimes employers focus on any certification or a degree in communication. If the candidate has a degree or certification in the business subjects of the employer’s field, this can work as a plus point in the candidate’s CV.

Sometimes employers focus on the candidate’s experience in that business.

Although many institutes are offering Personal Assistant Courses and they always advise a degree or certification in the PA course.

Qualities of a Good Personal Assistant

Qualities of a Good Personal Assistant

You might find that behind every successful entrepreneur, celebrity, leader, there is a great PA working to make things successful.

So, What are the qualities of a Good PA? To be a good PA, you should have some qualities that will make your career more effective.

Good Communication Skills

No doubt, a PA needs to have excellent communication skills because PAs have to manage calls, scheduling meetings, and the main thing is that he/she has to represent his/her boss. As a PA, you must have excellent communication skills.

Great Management Skills

Management Skills play an essential role in a PA’s life. It will help PAs to manage events, multiple projects, conferences, etc. Actually, management skills help them in every task that they have to do.


It does not matter whether you are a PA or in any other position in your organization, you have to be punctual. As a PA, if you are punctual, your managers will work independently, and they won’t have to take follow-ups again and again.

Good listening skills

Good listening skills are compelling, it shows that you are highly interested in their instructions. It makes things more understandable.

Multitasking talent

You can consider it as your talent. If you have multitasking talent, then it would be beneficial for your career. As a Personal Assistant, no doubt, you have to manage many tasks at a time.

These are some of the essential qualities a PA needs to leave an impression on its field.

How can I find a Personal Assistant job?

Today’s world is the Internet world, You can find everything on the internet. So here we are going to share some sources to get a job as a Personal Assistant.

There are many, many, and many websites available on the internet to find a job. But when it comes to professionalism, people look on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is specially made for business persons, you can hire people from there, and you can also get a job there. All you have to do is just create your account on LinkedIn and search for your job.

If you want to work as a PA of any celebrity, it will be challenging to get a job of celebrity Personal Assistant on LinkedIn. You should have good connections in their field to get that job.

Personal Assistant salary

Personal Assistant salary

Whenever we discuss any job, it doesn’t matter whether you want to join or not. Still, one point always makes people curious, and that is the salary. How much money I will get if I pursue this job. So let’s discuss the salary of a Personal Assistant. 

As you know that a PA has all the responsibilities to run an organization. The salary of a PA totally depends on the size of the organization and the workload of the Personal Assistant.

Salary of a Personal Assistant in India is started from the 20,000 Indian Rupees. The salary can be in the Lakhs of rupees if you work in a big organization or work for a celebrity.


Personal Assistant plays a significant role in any organization, he/she makes things easy for the managers. So as a PA, it is a very huge responsibility to fulfil the requirement of an organization.

In this article, we have discussed everything about Personal Assistant jobs. The best part about this job is that this is a vast field that gives you more opportunity to choose your favorite area of work.

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