Motivating yourself – practical tools and strategies

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Motivating yourself – practical tools and strategies

Whenever we decided any kind of long term goal in our life, we have to stay focused so on our goal and keep working hard for them. But due to any reason we often get distracted from our path.

In that case, we have to keep motivated our self, and instead of losing hope keep going on the path chosen by us. So, in this blog, I will tell you about some amazing tips and tricks and through which you can keep motivated and reach your goal.


What is motivation?

Motivating yourself

In simple words, motivation is a force that drives you to do things. So, It drives you to work hard towards your goal until you archive them. So, Self-motivation can come from two sources.

Firstly is an extrinsic motivation that drives you to archive external rewards like money, power, status, and recognition. Secondly is intrinsic motivation that drives you to archive inherent rewards like self-satisfaction etc.

Importance of motivation

So, Now to know what self-motivation is. But Let me explain to you what is the importance of self-motivation in your life to archive a long term goal.

So, Doing things that you feel need to be may give you enough external rewards in many cases but it doesn’t work if you want to archive Excellency and innovation in your work.

Not only you do work better with the motivation, but it also helps to handle stress in life. For instance, It helps to stay away from criticism and negative thoughts.

Techniques to increase motivation

So, Here I provide you the 7 best techniques through you can develop and increase the motivation in your life-

I. Set a strong goal

Motivating yourself

Consequently The first thing that you need to be motivated is to have a goal. So, The goal should be enough strong that which is as important as breathing for you. But Without any strong goal, motivation can’t stay for a long time.

The goal should also design carefully so that their outcome can happen as you want.

II. Find out a powerful reason

 So, After deciding the goal you should have a powerful reason to archive that. Also, You should have The answer to why, so why you want to archive that goal?

The answer should be in a positive manner so it will good for you as well as society. Also, remember that the reason should be so strong that nothing can break it which keeps to motivated all the time.

III. Have an action plan

Also, Many people make a goal and motivated so much but that motivation keeps away. That is because they don’t have an action plan.

So, after deciding the goal imminently makes an action plan which is workable for you. The action plan should be made carefully so that it will challenge you as well as practical.

IV. Have a good company

Motivating yourself

A successful man said that you are the average of 5 five people around you. That means that you havethe quality of all the people with whom you spent your time most.

Similarly, in today’s digital world it can be said that you are the average of 100 people you follow.

So, make your company around you carefully. These people may keep motivates you to archive your goal and support you either put negative thoughts in your mind.

V. Self-confidence

Self-confidence play a major role in motivation because it helps you to believe in yourself. Through self-confidence, your motivation level will be increased twice but is you don’t have self-confidence than your motivation level zero.

So, keep trying to build self-confidence in yourself by practicing different activities day by day.

VI. Stay positive and practical

One thing you should keep in your mind that motivation will only lie with positivity. Negative thoughts will not give motivation anymore. The mindset and thoughts you have should be practical with positivity. Because sometimes motivation also doesn’t work because if your plan is impractical for you then you can’t complete that and your motivation will go down. So remember that you should make your action plan practically.

VII. Know yourself

Understand Yourself before anything else

So, Many people don’t realize your self and try to finding success here and there. But one thing you should remember always first you should know what you want from life?

So, After knowing yourself you will have a clear picture of your life an goal also. Also, At that time you will feel a different kind of motivation which will stay forever with you.

VIII. Recognize Yourself – It is the best technique to stay

Also, motivated in life if you choose a long term goal that always recognizes yourself. Whenever you archive anything you should give a treat to yourself like get your favorite meal,So take leave from work, etc.

So, This will give you the motivation to do more hard work and archive more.

IX. Get Inspired

Also, If you want to know the ultimate source of motivation them I would say that inspiration is the biggest source of motivation. Whenever you get inspired by something then you don’t need temporary motivation because inspiration keeps long until you die.

So, to inspire from anything first you need to love them. So, If you can do work without any return of money and also you love to do that then we can say that you are inspired by that work. So, find out for what work you inspired then nothing can stop you from archive success.

A similar thing happened with person to person. Hence, If you inspired by ant person then you love them without any reason or without any greed of return something.


So, In nutshell, I want to say that motivation is necessary to keep working for your goal and you should implement the above techniques in your life to stay motivated. But when you inspired by something you don’t need any kind of motivation. Motivation will not stay for a long time but inspiration will keep with you until you die.

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