Using well-formed outcome in goal setting

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Everyone on the planet has their own goal in life and wants to archive them. So, Someone wants to build their own business, someone wants to get their dream job, someone wants a dream house or someone wants to travel dream destination.

But did you know only 5 percentage of people archive their goal in life

the rest of 95 percentages didn’t? It was just because of the goal setting.

Without a well-formed outcome in goal setting, Hence it is impossible to archive

your desire goal.

Meanwhile, In this blog, I will explain to you how most successful people using the

NLP technique for well-formed outcomes in goal setting.


1. What is NLP?

2. Setting of goal

3. Context of the desired outcome

4. Purpose of the desired outcome

5. Checks for the desired outcome

6. Conclusion

7. FAQ’s

 What is NLP?

What Is NLP? | Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP Academy

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a psychotherapy that is created

by Richerd Bandler and Joan Grinder after studying the behavior of successful people.

So, They discovered that ordinary and successful people think differently

while they making a decision. Also, Successful people consider various

conditions before setting a goal but ordinary people just beginning.

NLP model helps to design the well-formed desire outcome. Meanwhile, As per the

founder of NLP, it can be explained in the following three components-


 So, As per the Bandler and Grinder humans

experience the world subjectively and we create a subjective

representation of our experience. Meanwhile These subjective

representations of experience represent in terms of 5 senses

and language that is vision, audition, lactation, olfaction, and


For example, when we anticipate the future in our mind we will

“see” images, “hear” sounds, “taste” flavors, “feels” tactile

sensations, “smell” odors, and think in any language.


 NLP is based on the fact that consciousness has two types that is a conscious component

and unconscious component. Also, All the subjective representations that happened outside of an individual’s awareness referred to the unconscious mind.


NLP uses a method of learning known as modeling. So, This method claimed that it is possible to codify and reproduce any previous expertise in any domain and activity.

Setting of Goal

The Secret To Getting What You Want: Goal-Setting -  WhateverItTakesMotivation

So, The first step in designing a well-formed desire outcome in goal setting

is to know what you want. Meanwhile, unfortunately, it is easy to find out what we

don’t want instead of what we want? This thing puts our focus on that

thing which we want to avoid instead of a thing which is necessary to be


For example, if you don’t like fat on your body then you should say

reverse to it I want to slim and healthy. So the desired outcome needs to

stay positive. So, Use the positive words for your desired outcome.

In sensory terms think that what will you feel, see, and hear when you

get your desired outcome? Build a story in your mind like a film director

does before filming it.

However, finding out what you want is the first step in designing your

desired outcome.

Context of Desire Outcome

Set a timeframe

When you want the desired outcome? Set a timeframe to it. If you don’t set a timeframe then maybe you will get your desire outcome but not at the time where it needs the most.

Also, consider that does the timeframe fit with everything else that you

need to be done in your life? It will sharpen your focus and motivate you

to take action towards your goal. Meanwhile, You can use words like next month or

by the end of the year with your time frame.

Set the place

 Also, Set a place doesn’t mean the physical place; it means

the situation in which you want your desired outcome. So, with the

decision of your outcome, you should consider the conditions in which

you want that.

Person involve

So,  With whom you want the outcome? While the deciding desired outcome you should think about the person who will be involved in archiving the outcome.

Hence, It doesn’t mean that you will depend on that person for the result. Meanwhile, Big achievements require a great team.

Purpose of Desire Outcome

Desired Outcome - Not a Great Single Barometer for Customer Success Anymore?

So, Why do you want the desired outcome? After having that what will you

experience or allow you to have? Hence You should find out answers to these

questions before deciding your desire outcome.

For example, if you want to earn a lot of money then you should clear

that where you will use that money. So, If you use it to enjoy a very luxurious

lifestyle then are you sure that it will give you satisfaction or your

expectation will increase more. Also, Through this, you will lock in a trap of money.

So, the next question is what to do? You should decide the purpose of

your desire outcome fixedly before getting it with considering all the

future aspects of that.

Checks for the desired outcome

So, After setting your goal and finding out the purpose you should consider

the following points to make your goal more clear-

Self-initiated and maintained

The well-formed outcome should be chosen by you rather than suggested by other

people. Meanwhile, it is difficult to work for the outcome which gives pleasing to others.

For example, if a lady tries to losing weight just to keep her

husband interested in herself will become difficult for her. But id

she loses weight to stay healthy and fit make their self more

easy and satisfied.

Action Plan

 To archive the outcome you must have a must

action plan which clear, precise, and understandable to others.

So, All the steps and stages should be mentions clearly with the

strategy in the plan.


Many people don’t get the outcome because they have the resources which they required. They just go ahead than their resources.

So, you should have sub-goals to arrange the resources which

are required for the main goal. So, This will easy to have a clear

focus on the main goal and archive without any obstacle.

Meanwhile resources are of two types of internal resources and external

resources. So, Internal resources are attitude, identity, values

believe and external resources are money, time, people.


Quiz: Basic Principles Of Ecology! - ProProfs Quiz

There is one more important check you should

consider while deciding a well-formed outcome that is a balance

of ecological for all areas of your life with the outcome.

The outcome should be ecological for your health, relationship,

values, and finance. That should me realm for what possible for you.


You should have a measurement for knowing the status of the outcome archive with the timeframe. Like a month, a year from now I will have that amount of significant progress in my life.


In nutshell, I want to say that through in NLP you have to think about

what would happen to you when you archive the outcome and there are

a lot of successful people who us the NLP to improve themself and get their outcome.

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