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Do you know how Virgin Group Created more than 200 Branded Company? 

Virgin Group is a World famous Investment focus company and world-recognized International Brand.

Virgin Group is founded by Richard Branson whose net worth is 430 Crore USD.

It is currently working in more than 35 countries across the Global.

Last year, Virgin Group reported $21.1 Billion in revenue. 

So let’s read the Case Study of the World famous Company Virgin Group. In this case study, we will discuss how Virgin Group Started and how much profit they will make per year. 

1. About Virgin Group

Virgin Group limited is a British Based Investment focused company founded in 1970. The Virgin Group brand is the world’s leading investment group and most recognizable brands in the world.

The Company has invested in many sectors like travel, tourism and mobile etc. The company has more than 69000 employees in more than 35 Countries.

The company is founded by Richard Branson and the company Virgin Group brand is managed by Virgin management who is supported by Richard Branson Family and responsible for the growth of the Richard Branson.

The Company Generate more than £16.6 Billion in revenue annually. The Company has 53 million customers worldwide.

There are more than 60 Virgin Companies worldwide. The company has a diversified grouping of more than 2,00,000 privately held companies. 

Virgin Group Case Study

2. How Virgin Group Started 

The Virgin Group has been started with an idea of mail record to help the Magazine companies.

The Virgin group is started By Richard Branson and Nik Powell. Both consider themselves in A Virgin that they named their company Virgin Record. The first recording produced by record by Virgin record was Tubular Bells stayed on UK Chart for 247 Weeks.

The Virgin Records grew up and turned to Virgin Music one of the top 6 record companies in the world. In 1984, he decided to expand their business and acquire the Voyager Group travel company.

In 1985, they started Virgin holidays. In 1992, Richard Branson’s company faces some financial crisis, but Richard Branson never lose their hope at that time and They Started Virgin Radio in 1993.

He also launched Virgin trains in 1997, who became the most criticised company in a year.

In 1998, they launched Virgin Mobile. In 2004, they launched Virgin Galactic who operates in Spaces. 

Virgin Group Case Study

3. What Virgin Group Do

 We know that Virgin Group brand is an investment-focused company thus Virgin group has many Subsidiaries Companies invested in several companies.

Virgin Group has Virgin Active, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Books, Virgin Care, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Connect, Virgin Holiday, Virgin Radio and Virgin Racing etc.

All these companies have their business model and stream of revenue. For Example, Virgin Books is a book publishing company who publish books.

Thus the revenue model of  Virgin Group brand is very simple they generate revenue from All their subsidiaries companies.

Company Ownership Sector
Virgin Active 20% Health, Gym Chain
Virgin Atlantic 51% Travel, Airline
Virgin Australia Holdings 8% Travel, Airline
Virgin Books 10% Publishing
Virgin Care 100% Health
Virgin Connect 15% Travel, Airline
Virgin Experience Days 80% Hospitality
Virgin Galactic 33% Travel, Aerospace
Virgin Holidays 51% Travel, Tour Operator
Virgin Hotels 100% Travel, Hotel Chain
Virgin Hyperloop One   Travel, High-speed rail
Virgin Limited Edition 100% Travel, Hotel Chain
LimeBike 100% Travel, Motorbike Taxi
Virgin Media 0% with 100% owned Communications
Virgin Megastores 100% Retail
Virgin Mobile 100% Communications
Virgin Money UK 13%  Banking
Virgin Oceanic   Travel, Undersea
Virgin Orbit 33% Aerospace
Virgin Pulse 100% Business Services
Virgin Racing 100% Motorsport
Virgin Radio 100% Entertainment, Radio
Virgin Rail Group 51% Travel, Trains
Virgin Sports 1% Sports
Virgin Trains the USA   Travel, Trains
Virgin Unite 100% Charity
Virgin Startup 100% Charity
Virgin Vacations 100% Travel, Tour Operator
Virgin Voucher 100% Retail
Virgin Voyages 49% Travel, Cruise line
Virgin Group Case Study

4. How Much Profit Virgin Group Make

Virgin Group is a group of various companies.

Revenue and Profit of Every company are different but in this post, we will discuss the total revenue of the Virgin Group.

The virgin Group generates 1660 Crore Great Britain Pound.

5. SWOT Analysis 

SWOT is a term in business in which we analyze the Strenght weakness Oppturnities Threats of a business. The SWOT Analysis of  Virgin Group is following


  • Great Leadership By Richard Brandson Who takes the Company to the next level
  • Richard Branon used Effective marketing strategy to promote their business


  • The company has a lack of focus on one product or service 
  • The company face Financial Problem in Virgin Atlantic


  • The finds and utilize the new source of competitive advantage
  • Investing in undermining economics likes India and china


  • Leadership issue after Richard Branson
  • Financial Problems due to investing in risky businesses

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7. Fun & Facts

Categories Financial Services, FinTech, Venture Capital
Headquarters Regions European Union 
Founded Date 1970
Founders Richard Branson
Operating Status  Active
No. of Employees 10001+
IPO Status Private
Company Type For-Profit

8. Management Team of Virgin Group 

Virgin Group is started by Richard Branson who was a great Entrepreneur. Richard born July 18, 1850, In Surrey, England.

They struggled a lot in their school life and that’s why they dropped the School at the age of 16. A decision of creating Virgin Records lead him to a great Entrepreneur.

Here is the team of Virgin Group who successfully run the empower of Virgin Group. 

Founder  Richard Branson
CFO Amy Stirling
CEO  Josh Bayliss
Chief Brand Office  Lisa Thomas

9. No. of Exist

Virgin Group brand has total 8 exist which includes most noticeable Square, Virgin Pulse, and many more.

List of Exists

 Company Category
Square Finance, Fintech
Virgin Pulse Consumer, Health Care
Free now Apps, Mobile
Ring Consumer Electronics
Virgin Australia Travel, Air Transporation
Ring Home security
ZOZI E-Commerce, SaaS
SideCar Technology Apps, B2B
Pikum Sports, Web Development

10. Acquisition By Virgin Group 

Pikum March 1, 2008
Circle Lending May 17, 2007

11. Investments of Virgin Group

The Virgin group has made a total of 43 Investments. The list of their investment is following 

Organization Name Date Money Raised
Sofar Sounds May 22, 2019 $25 M
Loan Snap Jan 29, 2019 $4.7 M
Loan Snap July 20, 2018 $8 M
wi Group Jan 30, 2018
Bitpay Jan 2, 2018
Virgin Hyperloop One Dec 18, 2017 $50 M
Transfer Wise No 2, 2017 $280 M
Classcraft Sep 5, 2017 $2.8 M
Memphis Meats Aug 23, 2017 $17 M
Blockchain  June 22, 2017 $40 M

12. Competitors Of Virgin Group  

The Virgin Group has major 3 competitors to compete with. Although Virgin groups hold companies in various sectors.

Thus every company has different competitors in its industry. Their first major competitor is BT who provide communication services to the consumer and business sector worldwide.

Their second major Competitor is Airtel Company who offers Voice calling, messaging and data services.

Their third major competitor is American Airlines who provide travel services to global. 

13. Marketing Strategy of Virgin Group

Virgin Group Investment team mainly focuses on these 5 core consumer sectors:- Travel & Leisure, Telecom & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services and Health & Wellness. The aim is to give long term capital investment to these sectors.

The company provides value to investments in 3 ways :

  1. Track Record and Sector Expertise of these 5 sectors 
  2. Experience and understanding of Consumer Behaviour, Marketing and Brands
  3. A strong network of Investors, Management teams and alumni

Virgin Group brand is also an active technology-focused venture investor. It has 24 Million+ visitors on social media in a year which is gained due to Marketing Digitally. If You want to gain your digital customers through Digital Marketing, You can contact Lapaas Digital Marketing Team.


  1. Virgin Atlantic cuts 1,150 jobs amid $1.6B rescue plan.
  2. US Passenger Train Service Cuts Ties With Virgin Group.
  3. Bain Capital becomes the new owner of Virgin Australia after creditors agree to $3.5 billion deal.
  4. Richard Branson’s Travel Empire Is Crumbling due to Covid-19. Only Space and Hyperloop Can Save It.
  5. LimeLight Sports buys mass participation company Virgin Sport
  6. .Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Announces World-Class Restaurant Partners. The partners will bring new and unique dining and hospitality experiences to the revitalized property.


Who is the owner of the Virgin Group?

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson commonly known as Richard Branson, A British Bussiness Tycoon is the owner of Virgin Group. In the year 1970, He founded a company as Virgin Record with an idea of mail record to help the Magazine companies. Now It is Virgin Group which consists of more than 400 companies in Different Sectors.

Why the company named as Virgin?

When Richard Branson and Nik Powell founded the company, They consider themselves a Virgin in Business Industry. So they named their company as Virgin.

What is the number of employees of Virgin Group?

Virgin Group consists of approximately 70,000 employees in more than 60 different companies across 35 countries.

Who is the CEO of the Virgin Group?

Josh Bayliss is the CEO of the Virgin Group. He joined Virgin in the year 2005 as the Group’s General Counsel and then became the CEO of Virgin Group in the year 2011.

What is the net worth of Richard Bradson?

Richard Bradson, a British business magnate, investor and the owner of the Virgin Group has 410 crores USD as net worth at the age of 69 years.

virgin group competitors?

Their first major competitor is BT who provide communication services to the consumer and business sector worldwide.
Their second major Competitor is Airtel Company who offers Voice calling, messaging and data services.
Their third major competitor is American Airlines who provide travel services to global. 

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