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Having a great organization, satisfied clients is a dream of every employer when they start but what makes an organization great and a client satisfied, It’s the employees, the team members who make it happen, who make the dream come true through their hard work, skills, abilities. They are the ones who enrich the customer experience by their service which leads to excellent customer reviews. 

retain good team member


Why Employee retention is important

If customers are the king of the market then employees are the real assets of the organization and no organization can afford this loss of losing one of their asset he/she can be replaced physically by someone but his/her skill sets, attitude, which he/she possessed can not be exactly replaced by the person. Thus it is important to provide your employees with a great organizational culture, creating a healthy working environment for them.

As rightly said by Angela Ahrendts (senior vice president of Apple)

Everyone talks about building relationships with customers. I think you should build one with your employees first.”

It is important to retain your good team members, But how to do that?

Top  Ways to Retain Your Great Employees

Use These Tips for Employee Retention  

retain good team member

A successful employee retention strategy cannot be made in isolation. You have to become a team member, you need to understand each nerve of your employee. No two employees are exactly alike, of course, each has different needs, wants, desires, goals but each employee wants to feel appreciated by their employer.

You should consider the employee-employer relationship in an organization, and look out for ways to keep your workers feel happy about their work as well as the place where they work.

 Use These Tips to Retain Your Great Employees

1) Induction and Orientation

For every new hire on the very first starting day, there should be an introduction to make him aware of the organization, other team members, staff, organization culture. This will make him feel connected, a part of the family.

2) Mentorship

 Every new hire needs some guidance and mentoring, through mentoring the new employee can learn from the experiences of their mentors and can also give their fresh insight on any topic of concern. This will lead to the overall development of the employee as well as the organization.

3) Understand employees psychograph

 It is extremely important to understand your employees’ nerves, what they are going through, is there any problem which they are facing in the organization, any issue related to work or any stress, by understanding this we can create a better working experience for them.

4) Understand their Career Goals

Every employee wants challenging work that can improve their skill sets and can grow professionally. Look into this whether their career objectives are getting fulfilled or not, whether they are getting enough opportunities or not, if not then work upon this.

5) Training and Development

 Spend on your employees, spending on your employees is never an expense it’s next to investment. This lets them grow and develop professionally which will increase their productivity, and when they will grow they will feel happy and satisfied for eg. pay for continuing education training, pay fees for attending conferences or industry events each year.  

 6) Communication

There should be a proper flow of communication in an organization. Where employees can openly discuss and share their opinion and ideas regarding any topic of concern.

7) Two-way Feedback

 There should be a proper two-way feedback mechanism where the employee as well as the employer can communicate and can give their valuable feedback like the employer can give feedback to their employees regarding their work or ideas likewise employees should also have the opportunity to give feedback on the working environment of the company or organization.

8) Invite employees for new ideas

Employees should feel celebrated, they are the ones who are working very hard day and night. Therefore we should welcome any new ideas or any insight coming from them.

9) Appreciate

 Each employee wants to get appreciated for their work, Appreciate them for that, for their hard work, Words like you have done a great job, words like this make them feel good, or you can also give them some monetary rewards like bonuses or gifts as well.

10) Provide equal platform

 Each employee should be given equal opportunities and there should be no discrimination between the employees, equal and fair distribution of work should be there. 

11) Perks 

 perks make your organization different from others, for example- organizing lunch for employees or free snacks or coffee every day. These small acts leave a great impact on employees and this lets them feel more connected and engaged with the organization.

12) Wellness offerings

Every organization must introduce employee wellness programs, this program is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees, by introducing employee wellness programs there would be low health care costs and as well as the employees will feel happy and the environment will also turn into a positive one.

13) Recognition and reward

Employees must get recognition for their work. Every person wants to feel appreciated and get recognized for their work. Show them that they matter. For example- a gift card or a sincere mail or a day off also works great.

14) Work-life balance

There should be a balance between the employee’s personal life and professional life. Overburdening them with the work is just not the key, asking them to work for long hours after office time will also not only increase their stress level but will also decrease their productivity.

15) Respect

 Every person deserves respect, then these employees are the biggest asset of your organization. They are working day and night for you therefore you should Create a healthy and respectful environment for each employee in the organization.

Final Thoughts on Retention

retain good team member
  1. Companies should revisit their retention strategies every year.
  2. Employees must get a fair Salary at least according to the market standard.
  3. There should be a great organizational culture
  4. The balance between life and work.
  5. Strong employee-employer relation
  6. Employees should get some perks and benefits.

Clues that employees want to leave

Things can be communicated by behavior or body language also it’s not necessary that it would be only communicated by words. Thus it is found that employees who are likely to leave the organization show or have certain changes in their behavior or body language or attitude.

retain good team member

Things that you can notice

  1. Less active, Do not participate actively in various activities.
  2. The decline in productivity of the employee
  3. Reluctant to participate in various activities
  4. Show less interest in working
  5. Less interaction with the management
  6. Reserved and quiet
  7. Less social interaction with the staff
  8. Do not share feedback 
  9. More Complain and arguments
  10. Weak Commitments
  11.  Offer fewer ideas or suggestions

Must do for any Organization

retain good team member

Employees feedback is essential, when he/she is your employee, working in your organization you asked them for the valuable feedback you communicate with them on various issues related to the organization whether it is related to the organization culture or work stress or whether work-life balance.

But ask yourself a question, do you ask these questions or communicate with the employees when they leave your organisation? Do you ever ask them for their feedback regarding various organisations for example why they are leaving, why they do not want to continue with you, or whether they have faced any problem in the organisation, how was their experience throughout the time which he/she spent in the organisation. Have you ever asked these questions to them, if NO then you should ask?

Exit Interviews

retain good team member

Whenever an employee leaves your organization you should conduct an exit interview. But before that you should ask the employee and tell him about the purpose of doing this and also should inform you that this information will be kept confidential.

Questions that can be asked to him/her

  1. why they are leaving, why they do not want to continue
  2. What problems they have faced in the organization
  3. How was their experience with them

The feedback received by you from your exiting employee is beneficial for your organization, based on this feedback you can make necessary changes if required any, you will get to know more about your organization or we can say more about the employees that what problems they are facing if any, why the employees are leaving or why they are not satisfied. Based on this you can create a better culture in your organization.

As rightly said by Angela Ahrendts (senior vice president of Apple)

Everyone talks about building relationships with customers. I think you should build one with your team first.”


Thus feedback received in Exit interviews are very valuable and possess a lot of information regarding your organisation working, culture and many more things.”

As rightly said by Angela Ahrendts (senior vice president of Apple)

Everyone talks about building relationships with customers. I think you should build one with your team first.”

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