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Why Does Productivity Matter?

How to increase productivity

Productivity matters as it will help you to achieve your goal. Also, this makes you a better person if you can be productive, you can work on your skills and this can help you to earn money.

This will make you a knowledgeable person in life and brings a new opportunity that opens

doors towards success. If you can develop a skill instead of wasting your time on social media and playing games you can earn well in life.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness but money can buy you a ticket to happiness. For example, I love traveling, so my money can help me to get this.

Make your day productive, do exercise, or go for a walk, listen to a podcast, get knowledge, read blogs, and develop a new skill.

Do work to make your day productive. One more definition of work is self-betterment work on yourself to develop good communication skills it helps you professionally and socially.

Don’t take work as a burden, take it as entertainment. I am not saying that learn 100% but at least learn things. At least use 40% of your time beautifully or cleverly that has

different mindsets to make your work a game.

Gain knowledge in your life, this makes you aware and smart. I am not saying do it daily but at least do it for 3-4 days a week.

What Do Productive People Know That You Don’t?

Productive people believe in doing things rather than thinking and planning they simply execute the tasks.

A lot of people waste their time by thinking for hours and hours and don’t execute tasks.

They work on a single thing rather than multitasking because everyone is not designed for multitasking.

Productive people decide a fixed time to do their work to complete but setting the deadline you have pressure to do work and this brings accountability in your routine.

Also, Productive people do everything on their own. They outsource the less important thing so they can work on the main thing that brings more value to their life.

Productive people didn’t do any work without the plan because plans bring more accountability.

It also gives a clear direction on what to do but they don’t waste a lot of their time on planning.

Keep a distraction list to stay focused

How to increase productivity

A lot of people waste their time on social media, playing games and hanging with friends

Simply when are you working make a list of the things that are distracting you from doing the work.

By making this list next time when you are working keep these things away from you that distract you.

People have too many distractions like social media. Instagram, Facebook, and games like pubg are so addictive and a lot of people waste their time on these stupid games.

These people destroy their life by using these things and these distractions. Social media and games are the biggest time-wasters in your life. So stop using once build your career and then do whatever you want to do.

Install an app that is anti-social on your phone and then make a usage limit on social media apps. This app blocks social media and games after a limited time of usage so install this app and get rid of all your distraction.

What Kills Your Productivity?

Productive peoples do only important things that provide results and value. They never say yes to everything for example if a friend calls you to hang out but you are working on something important. Then first complete the important work then go never say yes I am coming.

Productive people don’t waste their time thinking too much about making a decision.

Ask yourself, “Will my decision really matter in a week, month or even a year?”

Use the 80/20 rule

With the help of the 80/20 rule, You can achieve more by doing less work, this principle is also known as the Pareto principle.

This applies to all things like studying business. According to this principle, your 20 percent of work brings 80 percent results.

For example, 20 percent of criminals are responsible for 80% of the crime, and because 20% of drivers, 80% of accidents happen.

The principal says that fewer things give more output. It doesn’t teach us to not work rather it encourages us to work on things that give the maximum results.

Work more on the important things that bring results to your life. This saves you time and makes you professional in that field.

Use the phone to increase productivity?

How to increase productivity

If you want to crack exams or want to get a push in your job by developing a skill. Using this thing will increase your chances to achieve your goal fast. This is how to How to increase productivity.

You make big decisions and do planning but you destroy your day wasting your time?

If you apply this method now I bet you can work 30 to 40% more in the next month.

You can achieve your goal a lot faster because this solution removes the responsibility to discipline from your brain. Because we are a salve to our past, habits, and routine.

It’s hard to fight with all these and defeat them because we live our life subconsciously.

There are a lot of thoughts running on our minds and we will lose and waste our 3-4 hours without knocking.

This brings a negative viewpoint of yourself that you can’t do this and repeat things.

Write your ideal day according to the free time you have and write what you actually do and make a mindset that brings interest to the work.

So next day when you start working simply make a column of the time that you are working for example 2 pm to 5 pm.

Now take your phone set alarm for every hour. So when the first alarm ring starts doing your work.

When the second alarm rings then write down what you have done in that hour in the columns and do this for every hour.

This brings accountability in your life and when the alarm rings this brings cognitive control in your life.


The Conclusion of the Blog How Productive Are You? How to increase productivity comes out to be how you can be more productive by using the formulas and techniques given above in the blog like the 80/20 formula and how to use the phone to increase productivity. Also, the blogs contain the causes or the issues you face while increasing productivity, that is what kills your productivity.

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