Common management misconceptions

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Common management misconceptions


Management misconceptions mean the employees of an organization thinks something about the management which does not exist in reality. 

So, Some type of the wrong notion in the minds of the general public or management.

It also means not understanding something.


Management misconceptions

Management misconceptions

Skills and success earns a right to manage

Firstly, this is wrong in the mind of people that only skillful people or successful people can become a good manager.

Secondly, Being best in your work is a big part of moving at a higher level in an organization.

Hence, It is the way you are going to be noticed.

but this is not the only secret through which you are going to 

become a successful manager.

A lot of top-level individuals struggles when given a new position in management and plenty of average contributors are exceptional leaders.

Finally, What matters is our ability to learn from our past and keep a mind open to learning new things for the future and take on your new role.

Expecting employees to come to them

Many managers think that it is the employee’s responsibility to come towards them when a problem arises.

But that generally never happens because employees fear hearing negative from their manager.

Instead of doing this, the manager should go to his employees and ask them personally.

Management is easier than everyday contribution

Many people think that management has to give work and let others do the work. But this is the wrong..

A good manager works hard for the company as its employees do or even more than them.

If you care about your team and want to see them excelling in your work then it will take time and dedication and also working hands-on with them will get the most out of their efforts.

Being too busy

A director who’s too busy inside their things creates all around him experience laborious and insignificant.

A supervisor who’s always busy within their job is not as strict to staff members and also outside of contact what is happening within their business enterprise.

If you’re over-scheduled as being a boss assign less operate to individuals and program moment and energy to walk on your office.

Management is about good instincts

Sometimes you have to make quick decisions in your business and because of less time you have to make a decision, you decided based on your gut feeling.

But good management is all about planning ahead and agreeing when you make a mistake. 

So, Decisions taken based on your gut feeling will lead to a failure in your organisation.

Overemphasizing personal accountability

Also, an unfair quantity of anxiety makes it possible for the boss to scrub his hands-on responsibility along with discourages staff from discussing issues.

If employees don’t follow obligation, it’s basically because their professionals tend not to enable one to win and subsequently blame him to get almost any failures. 

Its danger to apologize or seek help

So, Some people are weak in apologizing or asking for help as a manager. 

Also, It is important to recognize and admit that you have made a mistake. 

Use it as a learning experience and also help your team with your experience.

Making employees apprehensive

Management misconceptions

If the climate of the office is not good enough to work and people are terrified to look ignorant or incompetent then that is going to impede work progress in an organisation. 

So, Employees in that environment will not feel good to ask for help, admit their work mistakes or even share any new ideas.

Your job is to keep people in line

Your job is not to keep people in line and catch them when they mess up. But your job is to reward them for doing a good job and help them to make fewer mistakes in their work.

That means you have to constantly interact with your team, coaching them through new learning opportunities and mentoring them when they are ready to learn new skills or opportunities. Hence, Your success is measured by their success and not by giving punishments to them.

The size of your team indicates your skill level

Size of your team is not relevant to judge you as a manager.

Also, You could manage ten people or a hundred people, your focus is going to be the same.

So, These are some of the misconceptions which are there in the mind of the general public or employees of an organization.


Management misconceptions
  1. If you guys have seen a famous web series suits then in that web series Mr Louis litt was working for Pearson Hardman as a manager of the law firm.

So, His work is to manage paralegals and associates in the law firm.

He gives work to all the associates and paralegal in the firm and also reviews their work.

So many paralegals and associates found that Mr Louis never does work by himself. 

Instead, he always delegates the work.to paralegals and associates.

But actually, this is a misunderstanding in the mind of a Paralegals and associates.

Mr Louis also fought cases for the law firm representing Pearson Hardman.

So there was a misconception in the mind of Paralegals and associates that Mr Louis litt does not work.

Hence, This is the classic example of the misconception of management in the mind of people.


However, avoiding these mistakes can make a good managerial success in an organisation and thus increases employee engagement. 

So a good manager should avoid these misconceptions and just focus on his work.

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