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Great leaders make a successful team. In a busy modern world, it’s difficult to stay happy and healthy. But when it comes to the team, leaders need to help their team feel good. Keeping a team positive and healthy is necessary for the well-being of the workplace.

Being a leader means having the most significant responsibility. Not only leaders and managers, but the team also corporates for keeping their members feel good.

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When we talk about helping a team to feel good, it does mean that we have to give them more money to feel good. It means that we have to help, support, and encourage the team to feel good. Money fulfils our necessities, but it can’t buy our happiness. The happier our team will be, the more healthy and good the environment will become. 

A good and active team is the most significant worth of an organization. Teams are the one who takes organization to a newer success. In every organization, there is a team that works hard and makes sacrifices for the organization. No organization can become successful without a good team.

Hence, helping the team feel good is the responsibility that every leader and manager of the organization must fulfil.

Why make the team feel good?

We have discussed every manager and leader of the organization must help their team to feel good. But why? Why make the team feel good? What’s the necessity of this?

Just think about it. Research says that the team who feel good at the workplace stays more loyal towards the organization.

Studies and surveys also stated that if you make your team feel good. Then, they will show their high determination towards the company. Every team member and employee wants to be respected in the organization. And, the more managers and leaders will make them feel good, the better they will work. They will become more active and productive. They will always think about the organization first. 

The team will show their concern towards the organization and will do their best to take it to a new level of success. They will create a better, productive, and pleasant working environment in the organization. Therefore, it’s necessary to help the team to feel good.

Ways to make the team feel good

Helping a team to feel good

As of now, we all now need to help the team to feel good. Now here arises a new fundamental question. What are the ways/things by which people can keep the team feeling good? How can we help the team to feel good? These are essential questions, come in all of our minds. 

So, here are many ways through which you can help your team to feel good. Some of them are:

  • Give feedback
  • Give recognition and credits
  • Ask their opinions
  • Communicate them
  • Give compensation
  • Appreciate and praise them
  • Provide development and learning opportunities
  • Celebrate their success

Give feedback

Giving feedback to the team members will help the team to feel good. Leaders and managers must give positive feedback to the team members. And while providing negative feedback, leaders and managers must give some tips to the team members to improve their work.

This technique will help the team members to feel good and will encourage them to work in a better way.

Give recognition and credits

The easiest way to help a team to feel good is to give them proper recognition and credits. Managers and leaders can give recognition and credits in many forms, but the thing matters are they must provide it. It can be in a group form or bonus, etc. It can be supplied in small or bigger ways.

Ask their opinions

Another way to make the team feel good is to ask for their opinions regarding plans, strategies, and problems. When leaders and managers ask the team members’ views, the team will feel their worth in the organization, and they will feel good, respected, and valued.

Communicate them

Helping a team to feel good

Communication plays an active role in helping the team feel good. Leaders and managers must communicate with their team members, and this will show their concern towards their team. Leaders must talk about teams’ interest and their shared interests; this will help the team to relieve their stress and feel good.

Give compensation

Managers and leaders can also give direct compensations and benefits to their team members. They can give a direct bonus, gift cards, or PTO as well. These are the good forms of giving compensation for saying thank you. Free vacation or trip also acts as reasonable compensation. Such kind of compensation makes the team feel good.

Appreciate and praise them

One of the best ways to make team members feel good is appreciation and praise. Appreciating and praising employees gives them a feeling of satisfaction. They feel good and work actively and also creates a pleasant working environment in the workplace. Therefore, praising and appreciating employees or team members is very important.

Provide development and learning opportunities

Every person loves to learn new skills. Everyone wants to development in their field and work. Therefore, leaders and managers need to provide development and learning opportunities to their team members and employees. This will give them satisfaction and will show leaders’ concern towards them, which in result, will make the team happy.

Celebrate their success

Everyone likes to celebrate their success. The celebration fills joy in hearts. People feel good when someone celebrates their success. Therefore, leaders and managers must celebrate the success of their employees. They should join employees’ celebrations and motivate and also congratulate team members for their success.

Activities that make the team feel good

We all know the value of helping the team to feel good. And we have also discussed various ways through which leaders and managers can help their team to feel good. Apart from this, various other activities that a leader and manager can conduct for their team members will make them feel good.

Some of the activities that a manager and leaders can conduct to make their team feel good are:

  • Personality sharing game
  • Workplace Decoration activities
  • Conduct brain-booster contests (Quiz)
  • Escape game 
  • Organize cooking class
  • Team music contest 
  • Online game contest 
  • Puzzle game
  • Storytelling
  • Truth and dare
  • Egg drop game
  • Group sketching
  • Blind drawing
  • Body of words
  • No smiling


Helping a team to feel good is one of the most important things to focus on. Every manager and leader must help their team members to feel good. A happy and satisfied team does their best for the organization. They not only work correctly but also tend to stay more loyal towards the organization. 

It’s the responsibility of leaders and managers to help their team feel good. There are warrior ways that a leader and manager can adopt for making their team happy, enthusiastic, and satisfied. There are also various activities that they can conduct inside and outside the organization to keep their team happy and active.

Thus, in every organization, managers and leaders should focus on their team for keeping an enthusiastic environment.

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