Work While Travelling- How to Stay Productive While Travelling

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Work While Travelling- How to Stay Productive While Travelling

It has always been a challenge to be productive and work while travelling as you

don’t have adequate resources to work, your schedule is disturbed, you eat

differently, you do little or no physical exercise.

We know that it’s not completely able to do all your works while travelling, but one

can still use that time for better productivity.

Let’s discuss how one can work productively and be healthy while travelling.


1) Tips to stay productive and work while travelling

2) Tips to stay healthy while travelling

3) Jobs available for travellers

4) Conclusion

5) FAQ’s

Tips to Stay Productive and Work While Travelling

While travelling, many people have to face boredom and find some tasks to do which

they were not able to complete due to their busy schedule.

The best tip for travellers is that they should have a mobile office.

Today’s technology allows us to access the data from anywhere from the world. You

just need cloud storage and a mobile phone with an internet connection.

You can still do all your work even when you are not at your home or workplace.

Here are some tips which will help you to stay productive and let you work while


Do Planning

Do Planning

You need to plan where you are travelling and how much spare time you will get, and

as per that schedule your work. You should not forget to charge your mobile phone

and laptop or any other gadgets you are carrying with you.

Also, remember to keep the charger with you. Make sure you have a proper internet

connection while travelling.

Synchronize The Data

Synchronize all the data from all your device before going travelling, as this may

help you to access all data from any of your devices. If your laptop’s battery is dead,

you can still use your mobile phone to work, if you sync the data.

Control your Environment

It is so uncertain to say that you can control your environment while travelling. You

may have thought of reviewing 3 documents while travelling, but the passenger next

to you can be so annoying and disturbing that you can’t even start your work.

But you can control what is in your hand. Always have your earplugs with you. If you

feel you are distracted because of the environment, listen to music while working.

Do Not Forget Your Notebook

It is very important to have a notebook or a diary while going for travelling. There can

be many uncertainties, like your mobile phone get discharged or something else, and

if you feel something which should be taken note, so your diary will help you. Write

an all-important task in your diary and follow them.


Delegate the work which you can’t do while travelling. For instance, researching on

the projects, or documenting all paper. It can be anything that you can’t do while

travelling. Delegate the work, in this way you can enjoy your journey as well as your

work, will also not get stopped.

If you can’t work, Learn

Productivity is not only about working. Learning is also a part of productivity. Learn

about the work you are doing, discover new things related to your field, find people

who can be the possible network that may help you in your work, get inspired by the

leaders of your industry.

This will help you in increasing your knowledge and will make you perfect in your


Know Where To Go

Image result for Know Where To Go

The most time-wasting part of travelling is finding a place to stay and restaurants for

good food. And the smartest thing is to find everything before reaching the

destination. You can book a room in a hotel online, find nearby restaurants, and can

find places to visit from the maps so that this will not waste much of your time after

reaching there.

Remain Communicative

Always try to be reachable while travelling, and give proper guidance to your team

whenever they need you. Have communication with your family and let them know

where you are and had you reached the destination safely.

Be in Present and Enjoy the Moment

Apart from all the work-related tips discussed above, don’t forget to enjoy your

journey. Enjoy the moment you are in. Try to explore the place, people and their

culture like what are their rituals and don’t forget to try the famous thing about the

place you visited.

Your work can also be completed on the next day, but the moment and place you

are in are momentary.

Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Above all, staying healthy is the most important thing for good productivity especially

while travelling. To be healthy, one should eat healthily. One should be aware of what

they are eating how it can affect their productivity.

Here are some tips which will help you to be healthy while travelling:

Make a Small Achievable Goal

Try to write down the fitness goals, which you can easily do while travelling. This will

help you in being attentive and not make you feel lazy while doing your work.

Have a Healthy Diet and Be Hydrated

A balanced diet is the most important part while travelling, otherwise, it can destroy

your whole journey. You should be eating less and healthy while travelling. And,

being hydrated is also an important thing, otherwise, it may cause serious


Take Adequate Rest

Have a good sleep and take rest while travelling. If you feel like your head and eyes

are painful, then take good rest instead of doing any work. If you are driving, they

stop the vehicle and take rest otherwise accidents may take place.

Just Taste It

You should discover new things, new food about the place. But as well as you have

to take care of your health. You can taste the food, but don’t take it too much that

you can’t have your lunch or dinner and you just rely on it.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Here is a list of medicines and things which should be in your first aid box while you

are travelling:

1) Antiseptic solution and ointments

2) Blister or wound patches

3) Safety pins, tweezers, scissors

4) Medical adhesive tape and wound dressings like gauze swabs, bandage

5) Sting relief solution

6) Antifungal/antibacterial lotion or cream

7) Antacid

8) Electrolyte solutions, powders or tablets

9) Eye drops

10) Nasal, ear drops Sunscreen/moisturizer/hand wash/sanitizer/thermometer/BP


Get Vaccinated

Image result for Get Vaccinated

It is important to stay up to date on routine vaccination to keep yourself healthy. You

must have a vaccination when you are travelling, so that if there is any flu or virus, it

may don’t affect you much.

Research about the Place

Research about the place where you are about to visit. Find about the climatic

conditions. And is it safe to visit at a time when you are visiting? This will help you

decide that is that place is good or you should change it.

Jobs Available For Travelers

There are certain jobs that can help travellers and the work can be done while

travelling to earn some more than there actual income. Some jobs are as follows:

Pack Mule

Pack Mule means delivering the products from one city or country to another. If you

are a frequent traveller, you can take orders for the products anyone wanted to buy

from the place you are travelling to.


If you saw some street dancer or musician performing a street and you gave some

money to them, then you just helped a busker. This is called busking. One can do

busking with whatever talent he has like dancing, singing, acting, etc.

Travel Agent

Image result for Travel Agent

Be a Travel Agent. What do you need to do? Visit the place, find some good hotels

and restaurants, do contracts with them. And whenever you find someone is

interested to visit that place, make arrangements for them.


Vlogging is a very well-known way of earning money. Its simple, just create videos of

everything you do, post them on youtube. And youtube will pay you according to the

views and advertisement you got on your video. And this work can be easily done

while travelling.

Rent Out Your House

This may feel funny to you, but if you are not living in your house, so rent it out. Let

someone leave peacefully and enjoy with whatever money you get.


So, after reading the blog, you must have got to know how one can productively

work while travelling. And as healthy food is one of the most important factors which

affects productivity, so that should also be focused.

Also if you are a frequent traveller and want to earn some extra buck other than your

primary income, you can find many jobs that are already discussed above.

I hope you understood everything which is given in the blog and this will help you in being productive and work while travelling.

Also you can read our blog on Stay Focused While Working From Home- How to Work From Home


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