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If you take care of your customer and do what’s best for them, they will eventually keep coming back to you and buy again. Also, they are going to tell others about it. That is only called Word of Mouth Marketing

It is okay that you are trying to rank on google and trying to be popular on Facebook to grow your business but the core reason why companies become big is that they solve problems. And, they do it better than anyone else in the market.

Create a product or service that people will love. You don’t have to be first but make sure it is a better product than others. 


What is Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing?

Why word-of-mouth marketing is driving purchasing decisions - CMO Australia

Word of mouth means the act of consumers providing information to other consumers.

Word of mouth marketing means giving people a reason to talk about your brand and making it easier for that conversation to take place. It is the act of actively building mutually beneficial consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer relationships.

If you think about running shoes, what brand are you going to buy? It’s probably Nike because everyone talks about Nike, they know it is amazing.

Same with credit cards,  you’re going to either pick either Visa or Mastercard because everyone is talking about them. Their brand is everywhere. People have had amazing customer experience with these brands. 

Whichever business that you respect, such as Amazon, a number of those organizations are rising not simply as a result of these advertising and marketing campaigns but word-of-mouth advertising. That is genuinely constructed by supplying excellent services and products, looking after the clients, and also function as the most effective out there. 

Why is Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing Important?

Recommendations promotion is just one of the strongest kinds of marketing that you can have inside your business. It is not important what sort of enterprise you are in. Online, offline, consulting, etc.. 

Mark Zuckerberg says,  “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says He's Working From Home, Too - Variety

Do you know 80% of consumers say that a word of mouth recommendation from friend or family member makes them more likely to buy that product or service? 

The average person sees over 3000 advertising messages every day. But how much of these are viewed or trusted?

Realistically, what people trust are people, not the brand name. The power has shifted to people, not marketers or advertisers. It is all about conversations because conversations matter and as they drive growth. 

1 per cent of word-of-mouth takes an encounter to manage, 10 per cent by cellphone and 9 per cent is currently internet (which include email ( texting, along with social media internet sites ). A normal purchaser discusses close to 5-7 brands every day. 

Word of mouth is not new, most word of mouth is done offline. The best channel or media for your company is your existing customers that are already liking and using your stuff. You should be asking yourself how can you make those customers feel more special. Think about how can you motivate them to tell about your brand to other people to pass your idea, product, or service on. 

Negative recommendations can degrade your brand’s name whereas, positive can be a reason for your brand to grow and thrive. You should always listen to your customers about what they are saying about your product through customers’ feedback and review of your product on other platforms. 

Some of the major reasons are

  • Consumers are in control
  • Growth of the Internet and virtual communities.
  • Media fragmentation.
  • Fragmentation of the market.
  • Growing distrust of advertisements.
  • Some products/ services cannot be advertised.
  • It has a positive correlation to business growth.

Types of Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing

Buzz marketing

What is Buzz Marketing-ontech digital technologies

Using high profile media or news to get people to talk about your brand. This may be paid.

Influencer Marketing

It is the process of identifying key communities and influencers who can talk about products and can influence the choices and preferences of others. They involve the most influential consumers in a target market to turn them into brand advocates. 

Referral programs and affiliate programs

Creating tools and Softwares that enable satisfied customers to refer their friends and families.

Viral Marketing

Creating informative and engaging articles which can be intended to be handed together in a fashion, regularly digitally or through email.

Product Seeding

Inserting the Most Suitable Goods, in the Most Suitable palms, in the Most Suitable time, providing information, or samples to influential individuals.

Cause Marketing

Allowing social will cause to make aid and respect from those who believe strongly about the reason.

Evangelist Marketing

In this method, brands involve turning the most loyal customers into their brand advocates. 

Word-of-mouth is the two natural and also shinier if folks become urge and they’re contented having a good and possess an all pure desire to talk about their service. Techniques that enhance natural word of mouth-watering action comprise  :

  1. Focusing solely on customer satisfaction.
  2. Improving product quality and usability.
  3. Responding to customer’s concerns and criticism.
  4. Opening a dialogue and listening to people.

When marketers launch campaigns designed to accelerate WOM,  practices that expand the word of mouth activity include:-

  1. Creating communities around the niche.
  2. Developing mechanisms that enable people to share their opinions.
  3. Motivating advocates to actively promote a product.
  4. Giving advocates information that they can share.
  5. Using advertisements designed to create a buzz or start a conversation.
  6. Reaching out to influential communities.
  7. Researching and tracking online conversations.

These are some of the positive Word of mouth processes. However, there are some unethical ways as well-


Paying people to promote a product without disclosing that they are working for the company.

Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing - full detailed guide - Lapaas Digital Marketing Company  and Institute

The practices to deceive people.

Also You can Read our blog on Stealth Marketing


Using fake identities in an online discussion to promote a product and devaluing other products in the market.


It refers to removing that part of an object which is made to hold the viewer’s attention.

6 Tricks and Strategies that Elevate Word of Mouth About Your Brand 

Give people a reason to share your work

People need a reason to share your work, your product, your offerings, your blogs, your podcasts, whatever. People don’t share something until and unless they like it. It is very easy for a person who likes it and has the energy to share something.

A lot of people are offering value anyway, so ask yourself how can you stand out and give something differently? 

Help people get quick results

Help your customers to get results whether it can be a small or a big win. Giving people results gives them a reason to share.

Feature your community members

The next way you can get people to talk about you and spread your business by word of mouth is to feature some of your most engaging community members and customers in front of the rest of your audience.    

Building a community of getting people to talk amongst each other and invite new people into that community as well.

Don’t just focus on bringing traffic and new people into your business, but also turn them into a community.

Give them an identity that they form around your business and your brand. 

People want to connect with other people by sharing similar experiences

Take your product and turn them into a community where people can share similar experiences.

Ask people to take action

A great way of people to take action is to ask them to take action. Sometimes, the best way to have people share the word of mouth of your brand is to ask them to share your brand word of mouth. 

Give them a little poke to make them realize that would be helpful. If you have been generous to them, they are likely going to look for ways to be nice back to you. They would be happy to do it if you can simply just ask.

Give your customers incentives

Reward them something if they shared something. For eg, discount codes, affiliate commission if somebody buys it through them, or access to something early. 


Finally, the word of mouth is this important. Although, by implementing one or more of these strategies you can get people to talk about you more. But, it always boils down to, how are you going to serve your audience’s needs and wants in a way that they are going to talk about it as a byproduct. 


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