Time Management: How The Pickle Jar Theory Will Help You

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Pickle jar theory determines what is useful and what is not helpful.

So, It helps to set time for our daily hours. It helps to set in such a way that not a single minute or don’t waste an hour and utilized nicely. Meanwhile, The pickle jar theory is mainly for management.

Pickle jar theory is time management tools. Hence, This theory tells us how to use time. What should do, what should not do?


About pickle jar theory

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Pickle jar theory is a simple and perfect solution for better time management. So, The jar has this space, which is equal to the time, and that time is your work. Meanwhile, Pickle jar theory teaches that first do significant work and then do other work after that.

An empty jar is your day and time, and the rocks are your essential work that should be done First, and then the other actions should be done afterwards. We should not have to worry about the task that is not important. Stop worrying about the little things.

First, to complete the top listed items after that, people should do other work. People who go for jobs and handle long posts in offices should make a schedule and do work according to that and Instead of putting alarms and tools that you can keep, here we have the solution. So this theory is straightforward, you just need to think of a pickle jar before you plan to work or do anything, and in the pot, the most crucial thing is rock and essential tasks that need to complete.

Avoid worrying about the little task like mail, phone calls, social media, etc. Focus on big things and complete them before the last minute. Every day think about the rocks in your pickle jar. Think about the work which has to complete on time. Achieve Foundations. without any compromises. Consider rocks as your priority. Sometimes we try to do more and more, and we just end up doing nothing, so this management theory helps us do work on time, saving our time.

Pickle jar theory is a big glass pickle jar

This includes –

The jar has big rocks, pebbles, and sands.

Rocks – include big essential tasks.

Pebbles – includes less frequent tasks.

Sands – includes a small task.

The sands represent all the phone calls, emails, social media, etc. The pebbles present all the words that are complete daily. The rocks represent the most critical task.

Limit Time; that’s why we have to make a schedule, and the best method to control time or make time is pickle jar theory.

Twenty-four hours in a day and each hour should utilize so that a single hour should not waste. Pickles jar theory is a simple way to adjust the time.

How to pickle jar theory works

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First, the pickle jar is filled with sand that means all the less important work, which is distracted the whole day. Now second, the pickle jar is filled with pebbles that mean all the work that has to total within one or two days.

Now the final rocks are placed in the pickle jar. That means all the essential work is to complete

in a day. This vital work or task is not ignored. It should finalize in the given time. It should not be done by someone else.

We have to go with the flow. In this following way the work is not done nicely, there is a waste of time. So we need to find another way.

The other way to divide the jar is Pickle jar is the same as before, and the same quantity of rocks, pebbles, and sand. We will arrange the rocks, pebbles, and sands.

The first jar will fill with the rocks important work has to be completed in a day and on time. After that second

Now the pebble will fill, the work of the work which is done with others done. Now third sands turn all phone calls and mail social media has to be done.

Pickle jar theory’s uses

Pickle jar theory is used as the time table to keep all the necessary things and relevant things at the top to complete that task first.

It also helps to make the timetable and arrange the things, so that work is complete in less time.

Pickle jar theory also helps us to do things timely. It helps to complete the tasks at the given time.

Pickle jar theory helps to do the work before the given deadline. It helps to do work in advance. It is easier to focus on the main task.

Here, the main important task is rock, so the most important work should finish first. The hardest part about pickle jar theory is to take the estimated time.

To Allocate the time in different tasks. The human takes time to complete the work like they estimate to do work in 1 hour, but they didn’t finish that work in a given time. So they take the help of the pickle jar theory.

If you do this, you get an idea. You get an idea, what is completed and how it will fulfil. It became clear how the day went and at what time.

This theory is leading to time management. The pickle jar theory tells us to keep to be engaged and divide your work and time.

Pickle jar theory tells us to keep all the priorities first. It says that not to take too much stress and to do things in less time.


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To make every day effortfully, it is necessary to make a schedule. An important task should be listed at the very top of the list. So it would be easier to complete it before the deadline.

The schedule helps to meet deadlines. It is easier to work with the made schedule. It helps to be more transparent by working with a to-do list. If the program is made, then the speed will be faster.

It also helps the work to be done in advance.

Listing task

What to be listed first?

How should it be done?

The schedule is ready; the most critical and challenging task is to list. Some people plan to do some work in an hour, but it might take 2 hours to complete. So it’s a good idea to make a to do list. Arrangements should be made in order of importance.

Priority should be at the top, and then less importance of work should be a second, last all the phone calls, emails, social media. It’s the same as first as a rock, then pebbles and then sand. It is an excellent way to complete work and to get a job done on time.

Time should be adjusted in such a way; that time should be left for fun. One should enjoy life. Work is not only the thing people should do. There should some sort of fun also. That should be time beside their workday so that they can have fun and enjoy their life too.

The jar has limited space, and our time is like a jar; it has only 24 hours a day, and you need to complete your daily work in a day.

People should have time to enjoy life. They should have time for the family too. So they should not utilize much time in doing their work; instead, they should make a schedule and follow that and spend some time in their family.


So as we conclude this, Pickle jar theory is the best time management theory. It helps us utilize time in such a way that, how to use time and where to use time. Pickle jar theory helps us to divide work into three sections. Rocks mean essential work.

Pebbles means less average important work. Sands means work which has a small task. To do all these things, we need to make a schedule. All the essential activities should be listed at the top and should complete first. Afterwards, only other events should start. Now how to register the activities, it’s easy to take the essential things.

First, other items complete by letter. It helps the work done more faster—this activity helps to utilize the time nicely. Pickle jar theory is the best theory for time management.

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