Number Shape Mnemonics System – A Guide to Improve Memorisation

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improve memorisation

Number Shape Mnemonics System is one of the particular types of mnemonic memory method so for remembering the number. You can create familiar images for shapes following the number. Then link your helpful image to your number.

Also, That’s a kind of mnemonic peg system. Let’s see an example the digit-1 might look like the shape of a pencil. Here the pencil is a helpful image for your digit1 because it resembles the form of 1, and you are so familiar with that picture.


How to Use Number Shape Mnemonics System

It converts all the single digits into a visually memorable and familiar image because pictures are easy to remember. Keep in mind, should create photographs of real-life objects that you have seen.

Also, As you see in the image below, every digit I have converted into a unique and exciting idea. But you can make your own also if you don’t want to rely on my pictures.

Let me tell you another method in which you can convert digital numbers into the alphabet by matching their shapes to each other mentally.

Like this

According to thyme, this is not so good if you convert “3” into the “M” alphabet. Then how you will not be able to memorise a long list of digits quick.

So, You again have to convert the “M” alphabet into a word that you can visualise that you can make the image in your mind.

For Example, you can make a word Monkey or McDonald something like this. Its a long process and takes a bit more effort the another one of my technique.

Mcdonald logo as a Mnemonic for letter M

In this condition, you will not be able to associate images with each other and make a memorable journey. This is not a good memorisation trick, in my opinion.

But if you master the number shape technique that I have told you above, because you create a familiar or visualise an able image that matches your digit shape, the”digit 2” will be converted into “swan” because one looks like to based on form. This is the best memorisation of remembering numbers.

Examples of this Mnemonic Technique

Let’s start from the elementary example; suppose you have to remember two-digit numbers.

Remember 2-Digit Number

Like – 21

  • Firstly break down these two-digits into one digit.
  • Now, remember the associated picture that you have to choose for a particular digit.
  • Link those images to each other and make an exciting story.

What was the shape resembling images you had created for that 1? Yeah, exactly Pencil and what was for that digit “2” a Swan.

Imagine a beautiful white giant Swan is floating on a kind of pond that resembles a pencil’s shape.

Memorise Long-Digit Number

You can easily remember a long list by the Number shape mnemonics system. Take a look.

Let’s take a bit complex to assume if you want to remember a mobile number of somebody and what to do. Because mobile number usually so long, between 9 digits to 11 or 12 digits.

The trick you have to break down long digits into small chunks known as the mnemonic peg system, also known as a word peg system.


Like – 8004501737

If you want to remember this long digit number, First change this into this–>


I call it a two-word package system because we make terms of two digits.  This world packing system makes it easy to remember or apply your number shape in the mnemonic system.

Now apply the same methodology that I have used above. I think you have understood correctly; let’s take a look.

Imagine you are running on a big race track and so many people are watching you and shouting how fast you are running but soon suddenly. A yellow colour egg falls upon you and burst.

Number shape mnemonics system

Your cloth becomes so sticky and dirty when you will change your clothes in the bathroom then again a white colour egg fall upon your head from the shower of the bathroom.

Anyway, you have changed your cloth and going out of the bathroom. They’re what you see; a big old boat is floating on the ground of the land without water.

After that, a pirate comes out from the boat, has a big hook on his hand, lifts you by his turn, and drops in their ship.

Then you and that pirate become close friend then that pirate gives you a white egg as a gift. In return for that, you are giving a golden pencil to your close friend pirate. Then what next? You both are playing hockey and having so much fun.

While playing hockey, a beautiful butterfly comes up from somewhere, and the shocking thing is that the butterfly kisses you on your cheeks.

butterfly as a mnemonic memory method

You feel so happy and that kind of great feeling that is not explainable after that you give your hockey stick to butterfly.

This is the end of your story 

And hope you had fun and learned in a fun way.

Some Points of a Mnemonic Technique

  • You may have noticed that I have included so much humour in my journey. So much humour in my story
  • Don’t copy other person shapes of the digit; my advice is to create your own yourself.
  • A self-created mnemonic image is always more powerful
  • Try to include movement motions in such a way that it looks like a movie scene.
  • Remember, is it possible to include yourself as a hero? Don’t wait for it first.
  • Practice after making your name only journey. Otherwise, you might forget.
  • Use vivid and colourful pictures.
  • Try to make a weird and awkward story.


So finally, Today, you have learned the Number shape mnemonics system, which is so powerful for learning digits like a mobile number, phone number or historical letter informational data like this.

If you master this mnemonic technique, you will become good in this word peg system technique, and you will never have fear from remembering a long list of digits.

You have read that you have to create a visual image that resembles the shape of the digit and associate the image to the number. This is a basic formula of this memory trick. So, that’s all about the Number shape mnemonics system.

I have also shown you some examples by applying this practice. I hope you have fun.

Do practise!!

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