Do you want to Start GYM Business?

By 2025, the Fitness Industry will exceed by $2B. Health and Fitness industry is growing rapidly in India because awareness of health and fitness is increasing every day. It is expected in  People are very conscious related to their health and that’s why they join GYM to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Most of the Gym businesses failed due to lack of marketing here we will learn a detailed guide of the marketing of Gym. It is expected that in 2020 the Fitness industry will generate 1786 Million USD.

A gym is a place where people go for exercise intending to fit themselves. So this awareness provides a great opportunity to start a gym business in India. 

So in this blog, we will explain how to start and market A Gym Business. 


What’s In It For Me

  1. Gym Business
  2. Business Model of GYM
  3. How To Start Gym Business 
  4. Investments Required For GYM Business
  5. Legal Requirement For Gym
  6. Branding For GYM
  7. How to Market GYM Business
  8. Offline Marketing For Gym
  9. Online Marketing For Gym 
  10. Franchise GYM
  11. Marketing Ideas For GYM
  12. Marketing Funnel For GYM


Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

1. Gym Business 

A gym is a place where people go for exercise intending to fit themselves. In Gym, there are all types of fitness equipment and also a fitness coach who will teach you how to exercise.

Treadmills, Rowers, stationary bikes, cross trainers, versa climbers, steppers, and rowing machines are some great equipment people often look at when they want to choose their gym. A gym provides many services like Weight loss, Weight gain, bodybuilding & personal trainer.

People pay a monthly fee to the gym for doing exercise in the gym. There is a great opportunity to start a gym business because the fitness industry is about to grow at 30% per annum.

In 2017, the Fitness Industry valued at 7000 Crore in India with a growth rate of 25% per annum. Gym business is growing more because nowadays people become conscious about their health and they are now aware of their health.

A lot of people are facing an overweight problem and they want to reduce their weight. Some people are very conscious regarding their and they want to keep their body fit and away from diseases. So they are looking for the best gyms to go to. So next we will read different models of the gym.

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

2. Business Model of GYM

Business Model is a way that explains how your business makes money. In a business model, we can define how much it costs to provide a product and service, how we deliver product and service to our customer and how revenue comes.

So it will be a great advantage if you formulate a business model for Your business. A good business model provide you an action plan to generate huge profit So let’s Understand the different models of GYM

1. Membership  Model

The Membership Business Model is the most used business model by Gym. In the Membership model, your customers pay you monthly subscription fees.

The great advantage of the Membership Model is that it will pay you recurring income. But the membership model will make you profitable only when you have a large number of customers to subscribe to your subscription.

For Example, if owned a GYM and your monthly expenses is 50000 per month and your subscription fees are 2000. In this case, you need at least 25 clients to achieve break-even. 


2. Pay As You Go 

Pay as you go is another great business model you can choose for your GYM. Pay as you go Business model is cleared by its name itself, your customer pays you whenever they visit the gym for example you create a package of 1000 for 10 visits.

So your customer can visit your GYM 10 times as they want to visit. The biggest advantage of this business model is that in this model people buy the package easily because they understand the cheap and it will also good for the people who are not committed and just try to develop fitness habits.

In the membership model, your customers pay you a subscription fee for a month whether he or she will visit the gym or not, but in the pay, as you go, model, your customer pays only when he or she visits the gym. This model is also good for new people if they find the GYM and its environment good then they will subscribe to your monthly fees.

3. Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a new business model in the fitness industry and will only work for high-income groups. In the Dynamic pricing business model, you make a customizable plan according to your clients’ fitness needs. So you can choose this model if your gym located in high society and big cities like Delhi & Mumbai. 

4. Integrated Model 

The Last Business Model Gyms use is Integrated Business Model. The integrated business model is a model in which your Gym also uses the method described above means your gym uses a subscription model as pay as you go model as well. This model is the best model for the gym because it provides multiple streams of income. 

So these are the best business models a gym can use. You can choose the business model of your GYM on your own.

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

3.How To Start Gym Business 

After understanding the business model of GYMs let’s learn how to start a gym business. 


1. Find a Space

The first step in starting the GYM is to find a space in which you want to start your gym. The success of your gym business depends on how good is the location of your GYM. You can open a gym in a residential area as well as a commercial area. Always try to find a location that is suitable for your targeted clients.

The location of your business is must be a good place and easy to reach the place. So the first thing you need to do if you want to start Gym business is to find a location whether you own the property or you want to take it on lease. 

2. Gym Equipment

After selecting the location of your gym the next step to do is buy the right equipment for your gym. You can buy the types of equipment of your gym according to your budget and fitness services you want to provide to your customers.

Also, consider the space of your gym before going to buy gym equipment because you can not install types of equipment more than your Space. So when going to buy the equipment always remember the space of your gym.


3. Hire Certified Trainer

The next step is to hire a certified trainer for your gym who will give fitness training. The success of your gym is also depending on the fitness trainer you want to hire because the employee is an important asset of any business.

When hiring a personal trainer for your GYM always hire a trained and certified trainer. You can hire a certified trainer from many renowned institutes like the Indian Academy of Fitness Training (IAFT), Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute (GFFI) or Certified Bodybuilding & Gym/Personal Trainer (CBT). 

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business


4. Investments Required For GYM Business 

Investments are the most important factor when you want to start any business. The Investments required to open a gym in India is dependent on following Factor

1. Area & Rent- The first investment you have to do is Space. The cost of space is dependent on the area and the location where you want to take it. If you want to buy your property it will depend on the price of are and the square ft you want to own for example if the price 100000 per sqft or you want to buy 1200 sqft it will cost you 120000000.

You can also buy the space on rent and lease. If you have a large gym then you can install more equipment and your gym has more space so you can charge more from your clients. Rent will cost you 30000-150000 depending on the location. So buying a space is the first investment you have to make.

2. Equipment- the next investment you have to make for starting your gym is equipment. The cost of equipment will be anywhere between 2 lacs to 10 lacs.

Jerai is the most popular brand you can consider for buying equipment. Only buy the quality and branded equipment because their durability is longer and you don’t have to reinvest on it. 

3. Interior & Setup- the next one-time investment is interior and setup. The cost of the interior is depending on the selection of interior design. Your gym’s interior must be good because it will give the feel to your clients when they are in the gym.

4. Staff- The next investment is the staff. A good fitness trainer will cost you anywhere between 20000 to 1 lac. You also have to pay a salary to other staff like the manager and the cleaner. 

5. Maintenance- the next monthly cost is maintenance you have to invest little on your equipment so they will work for longer.

Legal Requirements for opening a Gym

5. Legal Requirements For Opening A GYM Business 

 Any Business has its regulation and legal requirements. So when starting a gym you also need to fulfill legal requirements. Legal Requirements for starting a gym in India is following

1.Gym Registration- You need to register your business as like all other businesses. There is three types of entity to register your business Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firms & Company. You can choose any of them to register your Business. In The beginning, Sole Proprietorship is the best way to start with because it has lower regulation and compliance. 

2.SSI Registration- SSI is a Small Scale industry Registration by MSME India which one helps you to get many subsidies and schemes from govt.

3.GST- You have to do Good and services tax registration for your business to collect GST From Users.

4. Clearance From The Police Department- Every fitness business must receive clearance from the Police Department. 

6. Branding For GYM Business 

If you want to develop a successful business you need strong branding. Branding includes your logo brand name and tagline etc. You have to choose a good name for your business which one you will use to promote your business and you also have to create a good logo for your GYM and a good tagline.

This Logo and tagline will use everywhere to promote your business. It Will use on social media, offline marketing, and websites, etc. Branding is the strategy which can use how you position your gym in people’s mind. So make good branding so people will always remember your gym brand.

7. How to Market GYM Business 

Marketing is an important part of any business. You have started your GYM Nobody knows that you have opened the gym if nobody knows about your Gym how they can join the GYm.

So you have to create awareness regarding your gym for this you have to market your GYm. You can market your business online as well as offline. So let’s learn how to market GYM Business 

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

8. Offline Marketing For GYM

Offline Marketing is a process of marketing when you use offline channels to market your business like Local magazines and newspapers. So here is the Process to market your Business Offline.

1.Local Print Media- You can use local print media to market your business. You can publish an advertisement in a local newspaper and Magazine. Local Newspaper’s strategy is not best 

2.Free Event- You can organize free Events to aware people of fitness and help them to achieve their fitness goal. When the event attendee gets some value from your side then they will know about your gyms and also can join your GYM.

3.Pamphlet- You can distribute templates in the local area to promote your business offline. You can Tie-up with a local newspaper boy to distribute your pamphlet. 

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

9. Online Marketing

Online Marketing is also a part of marketing where you use digital channels to market your business. Here is the process to Market your business on Different Online Platforms.

Website For GYM

1. Website For GYM

A website is an important part of any marketing strategy. The website is your digital entity which can be used for every purpose. You can create a basic 4-5 Pages website with very ease.

When creating a website make sure it has a good user experience. You can add your trainer profiles, gym reviews, your service, your Equipment photos, and contact details, etc. You can also create blogs to educate your audience. Blogs will help you to rank higher on google results and it will also create authenticity for your gym brand. 

local seo for gym

2. Local SEO For GYM

Nowadays people search on google before taking any action and they will search on google Gym near and the best gym in particular City. So what would if your website will rank on top when they search for a gym near me and the best gym in a particular area so they will contact you and Join Your Gym.

Local Seo is the best strategy to grow your business in a local area. For Local SEO you have to make an SEO Optimized Google My Business Listing. For Google my business listing you can watch this video. You can also make a listing on other local directories like Yellow Pages & Justdial.

Make sure to make your all listings with the same details it will help you to rank better on Local Search Results. Also, ask your customers to leave a review on these directories.

3.Social Media Marketing

Instagram Marketing For GYM

Instagram for business

Instagram is the most growing Social Media Marketing platform with 1 Billion monthly active users. On average 500 Million people watch Instagram stories every day. So here we will discuss all the strategies that will help your GYM to grow on Instagram.

Instagram Profile- The first thing you need to create is a Well Optimized Instagram Business Profile. Go to Instagram & create an Instagram account with basic details. After making a profile convert your account into a business account. After creating a business profile you have to well optimize your Business account with a good bio. You have to put a clear call to action. You also have to put your website URL on Instagram. This one is very important because Instagram provides you only one link. Make sure you have to put your logo on your Instagram profile. 

Content Strategy For Instagram- After creating a well-optimized business Instagram profile you need to develop a content strategy for your gym that will help you to organically grow on Instagram. If you want to grow on Organically On Instagram You have to regularly post content related to your GYM. 

Types Of Content You Can Post

Top 5
How To
Tips & Tricks
Motivation & Quotes

Top Content Ideas For GYM

  1. Workout Tips & Tricks 
  2. Sports & Fitness Tips
  3. Fitness For Beginner
  4. Diet & Nutrition Tips 
  5. Physical & Mental Health 
  6. Personal Stories and Your Journey
  7. Clothing and Equipment
  8. Fitness for All
  9. Professional Fitness
  10. Inspiration and Motivation
  11. Equipment Showcase
  12. After & Before 


Facebook Marketing For GYM

Facebook is the world’s largest audience and has become the most powerful channel for marketing any type of business. On Facebook, You Have to Create a Facebook Business. Make Sure Your Business Page has All the details & it is fully optimized. Also, don’t forget to put the right Call To Action On Your Facebook Business Page.

What is Digital Marketing – Most Detailed Guide

Facebook Paid Advertising For GYM

Digital advertising is the best way to grow your business quickly. Facebook Ad Platform allows you to run Ads on Instagram. So in these Blog, we will learn how to run ads on Facebook For GYM

Objective- Objective is the first thing you need to decide before going to run ads on Facebook. You have to decide what you want from Your Facebook ad and what’s the reason behind your ad. So there are Three Types of Objective- Awareness, Consideration 7 Conversion. Awareness is the first step of marketing where you want people to know about you. Consideration is the second phase of your customer’s journey in which you get their contact details or land them to your websites. Conversion is the last phase where you sell your services to Your Customers.

facebook ad for gym

Facebook Ad Targeting For Gym

Location- Area & City where your Gym is Located

Age- 18-30

Gender- Select Both if you serve to both and if you serve only to men’s then selectmen.

Detailed targeting– Interest in Fitness 

Ad Headline- Make A Sweet and short headlines that clearly describe your Gym’s offer.

The Main Ad Copy- In These Section, you can trigger the pain points of your Audience like Do you want to lose weight, etc. Describe how your gym can solve their Pain Points.

Image– In these sections, you can put videos and images. Videos will be good because it has High audience retention. You can use the image of your gym and video of your gym.

The Url– Put the down the URL of your landing page where you want to land your audience.

Call To Action – In this section you have to put what decision your audience has to make after seeing your ad. 

YouTube Marketing For GYM 

YouTube is the world’s second-largest platform where people will search to solve their queries. Video content is on the boom because a video has high recall value and higher audience retention. So you can start your YouTube Channel with the name of GYm.

On YouTube you can share diet tips and how to do the right exercise, gym tips, and tricks and customer testimonials, etc. On Your Description, you can put all the details related to your gym. YoUTUbe also provides you an opportunity to train people online. 

10. Franchise of GYM

A franchise is another option which one you can opt for. Instead of starting a business from scratch you can buy the franchise of a popular fitness brand which has already popular in the market and has a loyal customer base.

A franchise provides you a readymade business model to get started with your gym. Gold, Fitnessone, Snap Fitness & UFC Gym are some popular brands in India that provide you the franchise opportunity. To buy the Best Gym Franchise you have to find the best franchise option in your area. Research in the market and find the best franchise for your business.

You have to fulfill the franchise provider requirement to get a franchise from a particular brand. You also have to pay a one-time franchise fee and some share of profit this is the additional cost of total cost mentioned above.

All the things of franchises are almost the same but you don’t need to do branding for your gym and don’t have to make so many efforts on marketing mentioned above. So Franchises is a good option if you have a strong budget and you want to invest in an established brand. 

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

11. Marketing Ideas For Gym

1. One Week Free Pass- Offer One Week Free Pass to attract new customers for your Gym. Create A Landing page for  One Week free pass and run ads on Facebook. The traffic comes from google ads will land on Your landing and the landing page users can sign up for one Free Week. 

2. Run A Challenge- You can Run 90 Day Weight Loss challenge for a fixed cost. Challenge is the best strategy to attract new clients in the Fitness Industry. You Can Promote this challenge on every marketing channel. 

3. Video Marketing- Content Marketing is the best marketing strategy to grow your gym business in 2020. Educate your audience through video and post this video on all video platforms like YouTube, IGTV & Tiktok. 

4.Testimonials –  Take Video Testimonials from your existing customers and put them on all Digital Marketing Channel.

5. Influencer Marketing- Use YouTube & Instagram influencers to promote your gym. Offer them to promote your gym on their channel. Influencer Marketing is the best way to get more customers because an influencer has a loyal audience who is already engaged with the audience.  

Gym Business Guide Marketing For GYM Business How to Start Marketing Business

11. Marketing Funnel For GYM

 Marketing Funnel is an exclusive strategy of a business to get clients. Here is the marketing funnel for  GYM Business 

1.Awareness- The first Level of marketing is awareness. In which you are aware of the audience regarding your gym by using content marketing. Content marketing includes blogs, YouTube Videos, and Social Media content. Event and free week pass is also part of this phase. 


2.Acquisition– Next Phase of Marketing is Acquisition when you do content marketing and run ads on Social Media. There are some percentages of the audience who directly become your Customer. 

3.Remarketing– When You Do first level marketing which is Awareness then some of them become your customers. You can remarket the remaining audience. Let’s take an example when you organize a free event and you collect data from the attendee and you can run ads on Facebook by this Data. 

How to Start Gym Business? Marketing For GYM Complete Guide
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