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Hello guys welcome to today’s blog and today we are going to take an amazing topic about. The Art of Filing – Managing Your Documents we have tons of files and documents in our life I am I right.

So mentioning the documents and files there is a thing like we have to manage all those things in a synchronized way as we can find them whenever we are needed.

I find it very difficult sometimes to organize them in a good way and maintain a good book record of all those things so today we are going to take our most searched topic the art of filing which is basically managing your documents and your time.


Make it Simple for everyone – Managing Your Documents

Managing your documents

So, In the first topic which is simple for everyone documenting is a very the important thing and documenting is just not fixing the things and keeping it all together.

But it is more about keeping things and maintaining them for everyone. So here comes the thing like wherever you are mentioning it or maintaining it you should do one more thing, you should maintain the simplest way of adjusting it.

This simple way is a strategy of organizing the things not in a very complicated way but in a simpler way where you can find your files or documents very easily.

Although many of us like to do it in a way as nobody is going to touch her without her permission but the thing is if you need it at an urgent basis and your family member or your friends is unable to find it then it will be a blunder.

So I suggest you that you should go for a simpler way of filing your things in a very easy way easy yet simple that’s the trick for the first thing which we are learning today.

Maintaining & Managing Your Documents

You know why I am mentioning that thing maintain your documents because most of us have a the habit of not keeping your documents inappropriate way like just remember that the last leap you have kept and you remember where you have kept it’s just not about the receipt.

It is more about the things which we do on a daily basis we have to make a record of each and everything and maintain the documents.

Managing your Documents are of different types from each bill of shopping to insurance services. These are important things which help us to keep these things together.

In the meantime, we are going to learn more about the things how we can manage the documents but the main thing which we have to remember is we have to keep all the things together. And together means like we have to develop a habit of keeping our documents received and any other thing which is related to filing.

Divide Files into Categories for File Management

Managing your documents

Filing requires managing your documents, but as we have discussed in an earlier topic like what after it. So my Central suggestion is you have to divide those files or documents into categories.

Yes, there are different types of categories where you can put it out. Ok so, for example, let me just give you things like how I distribute my things and divide into different categories:

1. Personal expenses, such as clothing, books, groceries, and entertainment

2. Medical/dental

3. Utility bills

4. Large purchases and home improvements

5. Bank statements

6. Investments

7. Credit card statements and receipts

8. Pay stubs

9. Tax records

So this is the foremost thing like you have to divide it into categories which will make these things easier for you for everyone. Even in today’s things people usually use to synchronize into a to z, department, etc.

Give a Label to Everything

Well as we are discussing filing so let’s come back to more thing like labelling. Labelling is an important part of branding and marketing. Marketing people usually label things as they have to remember a big line of product or product line. So yeah this is a very good method to remember all those things and synchronize it in two different ways.

So how you can label it let me tell you, You just have to label the things from A to Z are from the product line from the first digit or any of the things which makes it easier to think for you.

What is used to do I use small sticky notes to make a label where I am reading the books where are the important topics and all those things so living is just mentioning kept in a small form as you can remember it according to your convenience or in case of others.

Organize by Importance

You know filing requires two most important things which I am going to share with you that will help you to grow this thing and make your filing more strong and effective.

The most important thing is to divide the things into important and not important. Because there are two types of thing like if its a degree or any certificate. It is a very important thing.

But there are many types of things which are not that important comparatively these things so what you have to do is you have to take a close measure of all those things and give them importance like sum can be most important things, some can be less important things, and some can be just for use and throw purpose. Which has a small. of time use all these things.

Develop a Filing System

Managing your documents

This is the most important day which people usually use in pic corporate life and their personal life to maintain a balance. It is not self-development but it’s a filing management tip.

In finding file management you can develop a filing system where you have a schedule to file the things into a system or into your to-do list are into the categorization.

These different things help you to just not only develop but also to manage the things, these tiling systems are helping each other to get a proper hierarchy model. Even in Big Corporates, every new employee gets a training of this filing system as it will help to go on a structured way for a form or for the individual.

So filing system is a very good way to develop a good habit and managing your documents and files into a light way for the corporate and for the personal help as it is effective and efficient.

Maintain Daily Filing

Well this habit is something different but I like to mention that it is not applicable for everyone but who are lazy enough to do these things they can do this like this is basically maintaining a daily filing like you can schedule a time.

Time is an important factor which helps you to maintain a good record managing your documents and files. Maintain daily filing is a system of daily updating your things new files bills reserves and each and everything as it will help you to make a structured way of filing.

In the meantime, there is a way, which helps all of us to accept and apply in these things like if you are applying daily filing methods for each and every document whether it is small or big the page or anything if you are managing all those transactions and all those details it will become really helpful for you and then you don’t need to manage many above points if you are working on a daily basis to this thing.

Become Paperless – Become Digital for File Management

Paperless HR software: can HR go paperless? | myhrtoolkit

Become paperless, why I am giving a harsh statement. No this is not a statement this is just a cure and many solutions to many problems.

Problems paper is a problem, no paper is no problem but if it missed out then it is a problem. So what becoming digital is, I want to share that like what you have to do is you have to manage all the files which are available and make them available digitally ship time from paper to paperless make different files and save them into your local and cloud storage as it will be available for you anytime anywhere at any cost.

Becoming digital is a good way of making your files managed through the computer. In most of the above topics, digital think automatically gets synchronized in various ways and it is easy to locate by their name class sorting and many more things.

So what are you waiting for you can try for different digilockers, your trusted cloud storage partner and even you can save it your local hard disc.

Make a record of each and everything into these things so you can become digital and even if in case of you lost the paper you have a copy of that.

Which is far better than a memory.

Are one of the greatest things and I strongly recommend you and your family members to go digital and manage your each and every file and filing into digital media as it will be very helpful in every case and it is easily accessible from anywhere anytime at any cost.

Make Personal Office Habit of Managing Your Documents

People are managing your documents and filings into places on personal life or on a professional life if so what people usually do is they collapse each thing and confuse themself and their colleagues our friends in these things.

Just remember if you are maintaining the books of records and you just forget it at home. It will be a blender, but there is a habit you should develop that you have to keep your personal things and professional things totally different because as you are doing this not only help you to make a better habit but make your personal life more good and professional life a bit more effective in front of your boss.

Managing file and the art of filing is just not taking notes and differentiating it by colorful notes and reminders. But it is all about the things which are required to manage things. Things which usually helps us make a better employee at home or at the office.


So here is the end of our blog today we have learned about managing your documents and the art of filing. I hope this blog has helped you to understand the basic concept of managing your documents and files as those are important for you.

In future, we are going to make more of our blogs available for you as never stops and we are working hard to make everything available for you

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