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We spend most of the day in our working field & nobody wants one single thing in their work is to have a bad relationship with their bosses. Hence, maintaining a good work relationship with your boss becomes one of the efficient ways of doing it.

And the majority of the people do their work by tolerating the hardships which are the outcome of the bad work relationship with bosses which can become a hurdle to do your job productively.

And some get involved in manipulation & tricks which won’t take you far in the long run.

You need to understand one simple thing is there are always two entities required for any relationship to form. So in order to manage any kind of work relationship, first you need to manage yourself before managing anyone.

To win over your boss you don’t need to apply any kind of manipulation & tricks. All it takes is to be great at your work, that would in itself lead to a good & strong relationship with your manager.

 And some ethical & effective ways which I have shared below about how to manage your boss effectively.


Understand your Boss on a human level:


You must understand that the boss is not just a being who’s there just to give a raise or promotion according to the job you have done in the past. They also have their life outside of the corporate world, they also have their life goals, aspiration, pressure, issues, strength, weakness, blind spots or to become the best boss possible.

So, how to manage your boss effectively by understanding that your boss is also a human.

Try to understand him/her on a human level is the beginning of managing your work relationship well with your boss.

Become a man with a solution:

In today’s world everyone comes up with a different list of problems, but only a few can come up with a solution.

And when you are working in an organization there will be multiple problems in it, so don’t be a spectator just become a participant in solving the problem & come up with the idea to solve it in the process of doing so you would be able to create good work relationship with your boss and become a star performer.

Everyone considered that man a problem solver who doesn’t get more hyper by looking at the crisis, instead of that they calmly think over the problem, that how can I fix it.

Be a person in your organization who comes up with an idea to fix the problem or at least never bring the problem to the table of your boss without any idea on your mind.

This is how to manage your boss effectively, by becoming a problem solver.

Always take Suggestions:

maintaining work relationship

Whenever a salesman sells something they always take feedback from the customers whenever a customer service executive communicates with the customers they always try to take feedback before they hang up the call? Why?

Because by taking feedback customers will feel important 

And it will help salesmen & customer executives to gather information about customer likes or dislikes.

The same psychology you must apply when you are dealing with your boss. If you always ask for your boss’s suggestions, it shows that you care about the point of view of your boss, the hunger you have for learning from him/her.

And eventually, it will benefit you as well because you will get experienced suggestions.

Be Supportive:

Do you know the best way to manage your boss effectively is by showing your support?

You have to figure out a way to know about your boss’s ambition & goals for his/her organization. Where he/she wanted their organization to be & what step they’re going to take to achieve that.

Once you figured it out, then you need to provide support in any way to reach their goal. This will help you to make a strong relationship with your boss.

Be Accountable:

Whatever happens in anyone’s life, career, or in a relationship happens due to their action taken in the past or present.

We are the one who is solely responsible for every event which happened in our life whether it’s good or bad. Our own action creates our reality. We can’t blame someone else for any mishaps or bad events in our life, it’s happened due to our bad choice.

If you show this quality in your organization & take full responsibility or full accountability for your bad decision instead of pointing out your finger to the other member of your group. And you also have preventive measures with you so that it won’t get repeated again.

Then this act will surely be appreciated because in today’s world everyone’s ready to take full credit for the nice thing.

But nobody likes to step-up for being accountable for the mishaps at work or anywhere.

This is how to manage your boss effectively, by being accountable.

Speak for Yourself if needed:

Not every time you can agree with your boss, sometimes they do things unintentionally which you might not like. For ex-

Work distribution in the team unequally, they want you to work overtime. You should speak up if you have complaints, anger about certain issues, frustration about something but you have to do it calmly. If you think you will go & shout to your boss about any incident which you don’t like, then forget about making a strong relationship with your boss, you’ll get immediately fired & maybe get blacklisted for other companies as well.

And nobody wants that, so you need to express your concern peacefully & yet firmly. If you take this peaceful route, your boss will consider your words.

And you will get more courageous to speak up in front of the authority from the next time in the right way.

Stop making excuses:

We humans always wanted to run away from troublesome situations, it’s our basic instinct. And to avoid trouble situations in the organization’s people often make excuses, because they think they’ll get away from troubling situations by using it.

But the excuses make the matter worse. So the best & latest solution to making excuses is by owning up for the mistakes which you have made.

And make a promise that you will never do it again & live up to your words in the future.

This will help you to make a good work relationship with the boss.

Don’t Compare:

We often tend to compare each & everything about what we don’t have & what they have. It’s become a social norm to compare with each other.

And the same thing could happen to you in your work field that you are comparing your progress with other employees.

Or you even find out yourself observing that the boss is giving other employees more appreciation compared to you, the boss is being lenient with other employees, but he/she treats you differently or more strictly.

And you could come to the conclusion that your boss doesn’t like you or your work compared to the other. Let me tell you one thing, instead of focusing on this type of thing, you should focus on your work & yourself. 

And if you do your work consistently better, which will help you to make good work relationships & long term relationships with your boss & everyone will cheer for your work as well.

Do it yourself:

If you want to build a long term work relationship with your boss effectively then you must remember one thing that doesn’t reach their cabin for just the smallest problem.

If you do that it creates a bad impression that this guy/girl won’t even apply their brain to solve the problem. So try to solve all the minute problems by yourself.

This is how to manage your boss effectively, by at least try to solve the problem by yourself.

10. Take a stand for your boss in a bad phase:

Everyone will be with you when you’re having a good time in your life, but in your low phase-only selective people stand with you.

So if your boss is going through some rough patch or not doing well, you should give your full support during their low phase. If you do this then this will create a good work relationship with your boss.

And it will create a very good image in front of your boss as well in front of your organization.

Be Positive:

In today’s world, everyone’s complaining over a simple smaller fact. You have to go for a hunt if you want to find positivity around you.

So in your work field why don’t you become a positive being, because it’s rare these days. And rarely stand apart in the crowd.

Even if you struggle to find positivity in your life then start from today.

Positivity is all about perception, the way you look out to the world, it will become like it. When everyone will complain about everything, you will find positivity in everything. 

And this habit will help you to make a good work relationship with your boss & as well with your team members.


In any kind of relationship to build you have to put time, energy, or do something for them to make them happy, to gain their trust. In simple language, treat your work relationship with your manager like any other relationship. Do the above-mentioned steps & you’ll become a master at making a good work relationship with your manager.

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