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Hello guys, welcome to today’s blog, today we are going to talk about the most efficient way of

time management. Which is leverage your time, money and each and everything to achieve much

more with same efforts you will apply.

So what is leverage? Leverage is Art and Science getting the things done with our same efforts

you will apply in the task before.

There is a quote shared by one of the greatest leaders I am going to share it

“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.”

– Archimedes

I will just not only tell you about the things but also tell you: how to leverage your life to achieve more in every term of your life. So we are going to see these things and provide leverage and discuss the tips to leverage these things.


Leverage Your Time

You're Wasting Time and It's Holding You Back

So in this thing we are going to talk about how to leverage your time. So here is some of the

points. Which I am gonna share for leveraging your time and getting the most out of your time.

A. Organize your day.

Your day is an important part of your time so I personally recommend you to leverage your time.

You should focus on your day-to-day activities and make good use for a day.

And organise your day with the activities which are good for you and which increase your


B. Stop doing everything by yourself.

This is a very common habit in each of us:

We want to be done each and everything by our self. Things which can be done with the help of

outsourcing. Well just not only save our time but will also be performed professionally and by

expert. So if you need a plumber you should call him rather than experimenting by yourself that

how to do plumbing.

C. Allow time for yourself. 

Time is an important part of each and everything most of our time goes into our family for any

other task. But in this all things we forget one thing that it’s our own time which we have to

follow and applied to it for our self. Waiting for yourself and giving time to yourself. This will

just not only help you thinking about the things which are important and urgent but also it will

leverage your time.

D. Establish deadlines

Deadlines are the good effects in both cases but it ultimately to organise your time and help you

to complete the task within the limits which is a greatest practice of leveraging your time we all

know that our time in this world is limited so why not leveraging it with the help of Deadlines.

Leverage your Knowledge

7 quick tips to improve knowledge management - Saffron Interactive

Knowledge is the one thing which can’t be depreciated, can’t be taken can’t be into lose by

anyone. It can be one of the greatest acids in human life which can give benefits to any person.

Likewise in a company you are getting a knowledge and applying all those things in your life

will keep you to the lifelong process. The knowledge is can be shared with everyone!

A. Keep learning

Start learning, planning is an important part of human life invites humans to evolve from a

normal human being who are smart human being.

This only happens in humans. Different types of people have different types of skills and

different type of things. But ultimately the most important part of it is learning.

Even a person who has zero knowledge have a chance to learn can make so many impacts in his

life and to life of others. So, I strongly recommend you to start learning and make a habit to

leverage your knowledge.

B. Multi-goal

Multiple goals will help you to grow your knowledge like if you have a goal to achieve a car you

will find out that how you can achieve a car.

But it is not just a goal you should have multiple goes like how to achieve new skill set how to

achieve a home how to achieve Degree.

How to impress that girl and many things you have to set a multiple goals for your life so that

you can get multiple reasons to achieve more and more things which will ultimately leverage

your knowledge as you want to achieve these things and you need to find a way to achieve them.

C. Create procedures

The procedure is an important part of life which helps you to drive and help you achieve your

goals very easily like the procedure is a simple method of following someone sparks so you can

directly achieve your desired goal like if you want to go to America.

Then you know you have to go to the airport, check for a flight, complete all of the paperwork,

and you can go to America that is the simple procedure which all have to follow.

3 way each and everything has a procedure which all should follow to achieve their goals

comparatively easy and leverage your time knowledge and efforts.

Leverage your Technology

Leverage your Technology

Leveraging your technology means at the most. Like NASA is using Technologies to identify the

different dimensions of universe. A Farmer is using technology to enrich his farming and


Same way everyone is using technology to enhance their life and important thing is to use

the technology in judicious manner to get the leverage of what time, money and the other aspects

especially Technology.

A. Use technology.

This advice is for those who don’t know about technology, I strongly recommend to use

Technology in the right way as technology is playing a vital role, and in your hand it has much more capacity than ever

you can do multiple things with your phone, so I strongly

recommend you all to just go for technology think practice and accept the things which are

coming to the future.

We all want a future life so why not go for technology by adapting these things because One day

or not we have to adapt these things like our ancestors for not going to go for cell phones


But today each and every kid students orders in old age people are using smartphones so this is

the can Technology impact in life so I strongly recommend you if you are not using it Use


B. Use technology to leverage time

Now when you are using Technology you can is use it to minimise your hard efforts in

many cases. You can also see your efforts and get delivery of your product as soon as possible.

The simple way of getting the technology to leverage the time because time is the greatest thing

we want to very effectively and efficiently.

Technology will not only help you to achieve your targets easily but also leverage your time and

outsource the important things which are not that meaningful compared to any other thing.

If you are mixing time and Technology you will get the better efforts comparatively at the

current state of power you have.

Leverage your Network

Leverage your Network

Leverage your network means connecting with those who are around you and who are not

around you is arrange which we are connected through people object or things like network and

there are many benefits which help you to leverage your life with the help of network and by

leveraging your network.

So I am going to tell you what are the essential things we can do to leverage our network which

will ultimately lead us to getting more leverage over time and your life.

A. Value long-term relationships

Long term relationship is just not not about a couple relationship but it’s all about a relationship

with the people.

We can be connected with many people on a daily basis we meet new people and connect with

them but I what is US long is.

Relationship with them it can be a friends relationship , family relationship, girlfriend boyfriend

relationship, mentor mentee relationship, any type of relation should we with based on a strong


If we value our relation with it, it will go long and that will ultimately due to greater success as in

most cases we have seen like are relation and our friends family help us a lot during the

circumstances even in our best times they are the ones who will help us in each and every


B. Take a platform to communicate

Try to get a platform to speak in today’s world there is social media where you should

communicate with most of the people to build a greater success and greater network according to

your needs.

In my network I have almost 50000+ followers communicating with me on a daily basis learning

from me and I am learning from them it’s a give and take relationship which runs in every aspect

of life.

You should take each and every platform as an leverage and start communicating with people to

build a network as a network is always a greatest asset in anyone’s life.

C. Use other people’s time.

I know it might sound very difficult or an appropriate but yeah this is the greatest thing everyone

needs something from you money it can be value it can be anything.

The thing is you have to more focus on given take process time of others and give them

something they want it can be in a monetary terms or it can be on a valuable form.

When you will realise the value of given take the relationship become most I will be strong and

is at the end your time and the leverage will be the strongest.

D. Work with specialists who can leverage your time

You know that are smart and professional expertise use less time comparatively any newbie, so if

you are working with the expert who is specialised in his work will obviously give you an

Admin to your work to a field and obviously leverage your time as he is one of the experience

person room.

So focus on building a network with the people who are specialised and who has a good

mentality related to growing themselves.

Leverage your Finance

Leverage your Finance

Leveraging your finance means having aspect of Finance which will give you more monetary

value in heading on the bonuses. We all work for money whether we are doing job, freelancing

or business.

So ultimately the main thing regarding to leveraging your finance means take a overview on the

things which will help you give a add on to your personal finance as about money is the

important thing in all of our lives. So, these topics will help you to leverage your finances if you

reply into your life.

A. Time is more valuable than money.

The actual person who wants to leverage your his finance he has to value the time because time

is the greatest asset which can’t be bothered by anyone the person who has no the value of time

will always win because he knows that time will never return if it is gone.

That person will use his time to get the best return out of all. We all have 24 hours a day that the

irony of time that it works for every way one in the same way. You know the world’s richest man

and you have the same time.

So what is the difference What Makes him richer than you and you are at the same place. Yes

That’s the right thing he values his time more than anyone else.

That’s the reason why he is in the top list. So promise me today that you will value time more

than ever you have done before because time is the most precious asset which we have today and

we have to value it. It can’t be measured in terms of money

B. Charge more than you think you are worth.

Most of the time we underestimate ourselves because we think we are not capable enough to get

the best out of us we need to create a value and our worth. In front of many offers are main thing

is to purposefully charge for the value we are providing to each and everyone.

The value decide your worth. There are many peoples who charge for lacs for one seminar where

as there are some people who barely get any free seminar session.

They all have a worth they charge for the value they are providing to eat and everyone so in

Today’s era to create value and monitor is it and you have to charge it more than what your birth

because you deserve it.

C. Start creating streams of passive income.

Passive income opposite of active income passive income is basically a source of income where

you don’t need to put a much time or less time so.

How to create a passive income there are various ways by which you can create a passive income

source which will help you become rich while you are sleeping.

Maybe you can invest in stock market, or you can join a multi level marketing company, you can

start your business with you end up at automation.

So creating a passive income sources will help you multiply your resources building your acids

which will automatically generate money without your involvement or with the less environment

that is the source of passive income list down below how you can create a passive income:

1. Launch your blog

2. Sell stock photos

3. Affiliate marketing

4. Sell course

5. RENT any real estate property

6. Built an influencer network

7. Invest in a dividend stock

8. Service income by freelancing

9. You can do consultation


So today this and we are going to conclude this blog today, we have really discuss some of the

best things. Which are really great and helpful using your life and get the best things with the

minimum efforts. Leveraging your life and leveraging your time is one of the best technique

which will help us to achieve more and more with the minimum efforts.

In future we are going to give you more information on blogs stay connected and subscribe for

our newsletter.

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