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We face a lot of issues and problems in daily life, which are related to each other. So interrelationship diagram helps us to solve those problems. Basically, interrelationship diagrams are a tool to identify the root cause of any problem. 

Also, This is a diagram, which shows how different kinds of problems are related to each other. It also helps to solve problems in a creative way and it also shows the causes and effects of all issues.


What is an interrelationship diagram?

Interrelationship digraph (network diagram) | Six Sigma Study Guide

This is also known as 7 new QC tools or 7 new management tools. Interrelationship diagrams help us to think in multiple ways rather than linearly. 

Hence, An interrelationship diagram is a tool to identify the root cause of any problem. It is a very useful tool for individuals and businesses. Using this technique, you can easily understand how multiple issues are related to the problem and influence each other.

An Interrelationship Diagrams presents the issues in boxes and all boxes are connected to each other by arrows. Arrows are considered as a cause and effect relationship between problems. The cause with the highest number of outgoing arrows will be known as the root cause.

How to create an interrelationship diagram?

Use the following method to make an Interrelationship diagram

1 Identify the problem

In an interrelationship diagram first, you need to identify your problem and add this to the top of the page as a heading.

2 identify issues

After identifying problems you need to identify issues of your problem by brainstorm. Add these issues inboxes.

3 identify cause and effect relationship

Now you need to connect these issues by arrows. In this stage, you need to decide which is a cause and what are the effects. Means you need to compare every issue to each other and identify its effect and do an arrow pointing from cause to effect to show the relationship.

4 identify intensity

In this stage, you need to identify intensity. Means, observe every issue and count every outgoing arrow of every issue and count every outgoing arrow of every issue. Most outgoing arrow issues are known as your root cause. From this technique, you can identify the root cause of your problem.

5 Take actions against high intensity

Now you know your high-intensity problem and you reach your root cause. So, finally, you need to take action against all these high-intensity problems.

Interrelationship diagram example

interrelationship diagram

Followings are the issues that are affected by a ‘POOR PRODUCT QUALITY’

From the help of the above steps, we create this interrelationship diagram.

  • From the above diagram first, we understand our main problem which is poor product quality.
  • Now we find out our issues related to our problem and identify our issues, now we need to arrange them into boxes or circles.
  • After arranging the issues we need to compare every issue to each other and we need to find out every issue’s cause and effect relationship.
  • You need to point arrows from cause to effect, means while comparing every issue you need to arrow them, means which issue is effect to other issues.
  • After pointing all arrows, now we count every issue’s arrows, mean’s incoming and outgoing arrows.
  • Now, here we are finding out an outdated plant and machinery issue has most outgoing arrows and interrelationship diagram’s rule is, ‘most outgoing arrows issue is your root cause.’
  • So, from the above diagram, we find out our root cause of the problem. It’s also known as a key driver of a problem.
  • Now, we need to take action against that issue and we need to solve the issue as much as possible.

Interrelationship diagram for business

Every business faces a lot of problems in their earlier stage, and it is very hard to solve all problems, so here is a tool with available interrelationship diagrams, which can help you to find out the root cause of your problem.

Interrelationship diagram is part of 7 management tools. Basically, it is a problem-solving tool. If you want to know the root cause of any business problem, then use this tool you will find out your answer. 

It also shows you the cause and effect relationship of problem issues. It also helps to understand how different kinds of problems are connected to each other. 

You can also use this technique in your personal life to find out the main reason for your problem, but mostly this technique is used in business. This is very cheap and time-saving techniques to find out the main reason behind your problem.

This technique does not give you a solution but it gives you direction. You need to take action on your root cause and implement your best decision on that.


If you want to solve your daily life problem or your business problems then an interrelationship diagram is the best tool, which can help you to identify your root cause. It is a very easy technique for any person to use. You just need to do some practice of this technique. Try this technique and implement it in your life, you will learn something new.

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