How Training The Trainer Can Increase Your Profit !!

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Many of you are young professionals who get a lot of experience of knowledge of a particular topic, and you also impart that knowledge to others, but many of us. There is a lack of competence of the trainers—the experience of the qualities of a trainer. Also, there is a need of training the trainer.

Let us first look at the characteristics of a good trainer that a good trainer should have essential honesty so that others have the empathy to understand the needs of the audience, and so on. 

Because at that particular moment, you are the trainer, or in that specific session, you are the boss, you are the leader, and everyone is watching you, then let us imbibe these qualities to be an excellent trainer.

So, what comes next is the need assessment a trainer must assess the needs of his participants the delegates the students or the people to whom he is addressing or training so.

How do you do the need assessment? Can be by one-to-one interview need assessment can be by interviewing the groups need estimate can do by sending a questionnaire asking them to fill in specific questions and then you arrive at individual decisions that what kind of a group.

It is to whom you are addressing are the young people in the age group of fifteen to twenty-five, or they are the mid-level managers. From twenty-five to forty, or it’s a high management team. Forty to fifty-five may be at the more top positions. 

What kind of language they generally speak in what type of environment? That will be comfortable receptive to what you talk this all comes from your need assessment which is very important just do not go and start imparting training.


Learn from your training and teach

How Training The Trainer Can Increase Your Profit

I think your purpose will not be served now, having decided they need having agreed on the topic having decided what you are going to impart the training it comes to what kind of techniques of preparation.

So, you are going to deploy you just blindly going to speak to them, or you will show them so on some audio-visual, or you are going to discuss with them. Then you apply some training methods which are the training methods the role plays involve the group of people or divide them into various groups give them specific tasks to do it which is a part of the training.

It can be a demonstration, are you either trainer going to demonstrate yourself without involving the participants a beautiful house friends and what is the difference between this and their display yourself you are giving. Telling people by way of demonstration of what you want to speak these.

The intent and nature of training the trainer

The link between teaching and learning is’ training. Training means the functional form of a profession or artistic skill. Basically, iis the education that is imparted from any system or regularly. For example, Ram teaches a computer to the children in his school.

Moreover, is concerned with acquiring special skills for a particular purpose. Education is generally a broad term, which includes the social development of the individual socially and physically. Thus this is only a part of the overall process of learning.

Training the Trainer is a systematic method by which individuals learn knowledge as well as skills for a particular purpose. The meaning of training is regularly described in the Oxford Dictionary as practical education.

Training Type:

1- Technical Training

2- Human Relations Training

3- Principle perception training

4- functional training

Speech training

Speech Training The Trainer

Just like hearing, the speech speaker gets speech practice only before formal education. But there may be errors in this informal teaching. Example: Many times, a child speaks a parrot, so to show love, parents also start talking with him in the same way. 

Due to this, there is a fear of this permanent laxity. Similarly, due to affective insecurity, sometimes the student starts to stutter, informal teaching, the teacher has to give this type of speech-training so that the student can avoid these defects.

Reading Training

Reading Training plays an essential role in language teaching. However, it is considered a secondary linguistic skill. However, it is a necessary skill for mother-tongue speakers. The practice of reading starts the student only informal teaching; ultimately, the teacher is responsible for its success – failure. 

From this perspective, the teacher’s responsibility increases. The student must read with definite, pure, proper stop, allowance, stress so that he must get the maximum opportunity, and the teacher should make him aware of his mistakes immediately. 


Reading Training The Trainer

It is also an essential part of language teaching. In the teaching sequence, its practice starts with reading, but new language-learning methods are now emphasized that instead of teaching the child to write for the first year, they should practice drawing the different lines to play. 

Prepare yourself for the practice of writing and also training in sports. After this, the students flattened the sand, soil, etc. and wrote the game method. Then slowly, he practices writing through simulation.

Training features

1. Training is an essential subsystem of human resource development and one of the primary operational functions for human resource management.

2. Exercise is a systematic as well as a pre-planned process in the event of employees.

3. Training is an ongoing process.

4. The practice is the process of gaining a learning experience.

5. Training in the form of practical education of a task.

6. Through training, the knowledge and skills of employees are increased. And their thoughts, interests, and attitudes change.

7. Training increases the efficiency of employees.

8. The practice is the purposeful appropriation of human resources, as it helps in accomplishing organizational goals.

9. Training management has a significant responsibility.

Therefore, it can be said as a conclusion that training is the process of providing information to the employees to perform tasks accurately and effectively to increase their understanding, efficiency, and productivity towards their work.

Training objectives

Training the trainer objectives

The success of a training program depends on how efficiently its objectives have been determining. The goals that organizations have for training their employees are as follows: –

1. To prepare both new and old employees to meet the current and changing needs of the work and organization.

2. To provide the necessary basic knowledge and skills to newly appointed employees for efficient execution of a specific task.

3. To maintain the system of qualified and skilled employees at all levels of the organization.

4. To make the employees compatible with the working conditions and organizational culture.

5. Achieving the best performance from employees at minimum cost, wastage and waste, and minimum supervision.

6. To introduce employees to methods of accident prevention.

7. To develop employees to familiarise employees with new technology and technological changes and to keep pace with the changing environment.

8. Preparing employees to adjust to new working conditions regarding transfers and promotions

9. To enable employees to work more effectively in their current positions by providing them with the latest concepts, information, and techniques and developing the skills they need in their particular fields. Providing support for

10. To simplify the functioning of all departments under the organization.

11. To improve the work habits of employees.

12. To develop the ability of employees to do self-analysis and decision-making related to work.

13. To promote individual and collective morale, feeling of responsibility, the mentality of cooperatives, and sweet relationships.

14. To ensure the achievement of the economic goals required by the organization.

15. To fulfil the goals of human resource development.


In this article, we have given you all the information related to Training the Trainer. In our opinion, you should read it and practice it so that your skill is bright if you want to ask any questions related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box.

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