10 Effective Ways to Write a Compelling Brand Story

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10 Effective Ways to Write a Compelling Brand Story

Do you know why big brands have a Brand Story of their struggles, hard work, and success?

It is because the story is the only thatch someone can quickly get inside a person’s mind. We all have grown up listening from our parents, and it is the only thing that a human mind can easily remember for their life.

Psychology claims that storytelling helps retain the information for the long term as it connects all the incidence in one form, which does not need much effort to make an impact.

Story not only connects with people at the level of mind but also emotions and experience that acts as a force to connect the brand with the audience.

Let’s dive deep inside to explore new things.


What is the Brand Story?

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A story that describes your brand’s journey from various ups and downs that lead to success is called a Brand Story.

It depends on how you create it, but it should resonate with your work and according to what audience you want to target with your story. It should build a personal brand like Bill Gates. 

His story is known to everyone and a very inspirational story that every people connects with it.

The story should be based on real facts, not beliefs because the audience can detect what is real or not. It must be engaging with the customers or relate to it.

For example, Reliance industries it has a great story of how the founder Dhirubhai Ambani, struggled and built the company. 

After having so many challenges, he built the company from scratch to India’s top company and topped 50 leading businesses in the world.

Why is it Important to Have a Brand Story?

A brand needs to connect with its audience at some level, and there are different ways to connect. 

Storytelling is the most effective strategy to connect and the prevalent old method. It connects with people at their subconscious level of mind.


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Connecting with the audience helps a lot in selling services or products; you do not have to invest time in convincing customers.

The brand story gives an advantage over other competitors as it increases your brand recall value, which means if the customers listen, read, or see the same element of your story.

It makes the customers remember your brand and gets a position in their minds.

Building Trust

The customers only buy when they trust you, and if you want to build trust, then it takes lots of time, but a good brand story which a person can relate makes them trust your brand.

A good brand story will represent your work and brand in the eyes of customers, so it should be compelling to them.

For example, companies like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and big companies have stories like which describes their origin and situation in which it was found.

What struggles came across the company, and about its tremendous success. These things attract people because of so much uncertainty in the story. 

But there are companies like Saudi Aramco which are the most profitable in the world, but their story was not much compelling to the audience, that is why the majority of you do not know about it. 

So it is essential to have an excellent persuasive story for the audience they are willing to hear.

Effective Ways to Write a Compelling Brand Story

The effective ways to write a compelling brand story are as follow:

  • Type- It is essential to decide what kind of story you want to tell your customers or audience.
  • Theme- Your story should continue a topic and not go out of the theme; otherwise, it will disconnect your audience.
  • Who is telling- It is essential to tell the story, founder, or other people as it will be easy to connect.
  • Realistic- It should be real, authentic, and based on the facts because people can sense the lie or false, which will have a negative impact.
  • Connecting should connect at some level of mind like emotional or intellectual, and customers should relate to it.
  • Visualization- Customers should be able to visualize or create an image of your story in their minds. And keep it clear as water to get into the minds of most of the audience.
  • Starting with the beginning and challenges- That is starting how challenging it was for you to start your brand and all the problem faced by you.
  • The journey- How you kept on working on issues and different experiences that you came across 
  • Solution and success-It should tell about what answers you applied that leads you to the success of your brand and at present how big it is growing and it’s work.
  • Purpose- In the end, you should tell them about yourself and the future goal with it, how you will be going there, and what changes you are creating in the world or society.

Challenges of Writing a Compelling Brand Story

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In an era where customers are attracted to what connects and satisfies them, every organization uses business storytelling as a key to their success. 

But the question of how to write a compelling story remains the biggest mystery. One may have to face many challenges to reach out to customers with a compelling business story.

The following are the challenges:


Brand storytelling may seem easy, but your business should gain advance takes a long time. 

It needs patience because the story may get irrelevant to changing times and needs to be updated from time to time.

Attention Seeking

The main aim of the brand story is to capture attention, but customers do not easily give their attention. However, if customers came to you and did not find your story compelling, they may perceive your story as an attempt to seek attention, which has a negative impact.


The biggest challenge is to build loyalty among customers by your story. It takes time, money, efforts, as well as more advertisements with the best content.

Where to Start

The most important question that takes time to be solved is writing a compelling story about where to start. It is a marketing strategy and must fulfil the aim of attracting customers. But you need to advertise in the way of story, which is a difficult task.

Team Members

It is not easy to make a capable team for brand storytelling. The team where writer, art director, digital director, marketer. The project manager works together every point and decision turn into discussion and argument, which leads to a waste of time and resources.

Market Research

To make a difference between content marketing and storytelling, the brand needs to research and analyze the market. Which is time-consuming and complicated. The last step in making sales is the biggest challenge.


Brand storytelling can be compelling that one cannot imagine if your brand story has power.

Then it can make your brand viral within a few days without spending on marketing and advertisements.

This process has been used for years, But most companies do not use it because it is the old technique that will not work and underestimates its value.

It should make your audience more empathetic, and the story must contain the value as nothing is significant in other people’s lives if it is not adding value to it.

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