9 Tips to Remember Names- How to Remember People’s Names

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how to remember names

Remember people’s names is very important. If you forget people’s names easily, can’t remember names or during conversations. You tell the wrong name. Then say sorry for that so if you’re having this habit then it’s a bad habit. In this blog, I’ll discuss the tips to learn names easily.


If you’re in business then you’ve to remember clients’ names. If you’re in a job then you’ve to remember some senior names, subordinates. But if you forget their names then they will think that this person doesn’t remember my name. Then how he/she can do my work well.

There are two types of memory in our brain

1. Short term Memory

2. Long term Memory

Long term memory

Long term memory for remember names

If someone asks you that in this particular year on which places you’ve visited on vacation. You’ll easily answer it quickly and you will tell on which places you’ve visited. What were your experiences at all? As this was stored in your long term memory so it can’t be filtered out.

Short term Memory

The things or the information which you’ll remember for only a short period. That’s why this memory is called short term memory and it can be filtered out.

Tips to Remember People’s Names

Know your Motivation

Your relationship with the other person will only be good. If you remember their name so for having a better relationship you have to remember people’s name. If you have a better relationship with that person then that person is benefiting you something or not that should be very clear in your mind. Be genuinely interested in a person.

Listen to Name Carefully

When you’re meeting for the first time with someone and that person is telling you the name so listen carefully to their name. Sometimes we are in a hurry to tell about ourselves while introducing ourselves and we don’t listen carefully to the name of the other person so we ask about their name and it gives a bad impression.


When someone is telling you their name then you should repeat their name during the conversation so you’ll remember it easily. Try to mention the name in the conversation as much as possible.

Use the person’s name immediately after they give it to you, you want to use it so once they give it to you. Hi ! my name is Joe say nice to meet you, Joe how was your day.

You know that type of thing so you throw it back at them just to get accustomed to the name even if it’s a complex or confusing name throw it out there. Try even if you’re going to mispronounce it. They’ll correct you put it out there.

While ending the conversation you should repeat their name, for example, Nice to meet you Alex

Relate the People’s Name

There are many common names. Let’s say you’re having a conversation with Alex for the first time then say to him that Hey Alex I have a friend whose name is also Alex and he’s a very kind person so whenever I hear the name Alex I relate it with that.

Highlight Features

Try to identify some feature whoever you’re interacting with. Try to identify some extraordinary features, it can be hair, nose, ears, Eyebrows, Forehead, or anything. When you identify some features of the person then it will be easier for you to remember their name.


When you back home and you relax so at that time think about the person you’ve to meet for the first time on that day. Try to think about that person and you’ll permanently remember their name.

If you’ll review it once before the end of the day. Whenever you’ll meet them for the next time and if you’ve remembered their name then it will create a great impression. They will trust you and show interest in you. 


Focus for remember names

Many people forget names because they don’t pay attention to the other person. If your mind is not focused during the conversation then you will easily forget the name.

There are so many things happening around you that you will forget the name so pay attention to the name. Go in every day or every social situation knowing that that’s going to be the most important.


Whenever you get to know someone’s name then you should ask them some questions related to their name. For example, If you’re facing difficulties in pronouncing their name then you can ask them to pronounce their name. You should cross-check whether you’ve listened to their name right or not. Example: You said your name is Anna, right?


Associating it with someone famous with the same name so someone introduces themselves to me as Michael. I’ll say in my head Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson if someone says my name is Leo I’ll say Leonardo da Vinci if someone says Jessica I’ll say Jessica Rabbit associating it with someone in pop culture helps you to remember the name.

Associate it with a positive experience and positive feelings so you tend to remember the name a lot easier.

Why Is It Important to Remember People’s Names 

Importance of remember names

Remembering a name is very important when you’re trying to meet people and trying to connect with people and you’re trying to build your social circle of friends and anybody you should always remember the name. 

The reason why it is important. Because whenever you remember someone’s name they feel valued, they feel like you listen, they felt that you gave a crap about what they had to say. You know it shows a sign of respect, it shows a sign that you valued their information when they’re talking to you. 

Usually, our brain is trained and developed through the years to only remember all the stuff that affects us. So if you guys want to do for example if you guys have a business or you guys are trying to raise the capital for business or meeting with a client or even a girl that you met them the night before.

You guys are going to remember the name because it’s important to you. You know and that’s how should it be when you meet anybody you should always remember the name.

Dale Carnegie said that “the sweetest language to a person is hearing them say your name”. You know there are a couple of qualities that come with that the reason why is that they’re one they feel valued to, they know that you’ve listened to what they had to say. 

They know that they made a good impression on you because you bothered to remember their name and you know who they are. But if you don’t remember people’s name they do get offended because they think that you didn’t pay attention. 

If you guys were to go out and meet a girl that you guys are interested in you guys will remember her name regardless of what is because you’re interested so any or interaction that you guys make just make it interesting,

They’re giving you their time so you can get to know them especially you know when you meet them the second time you’re like oh hey dan how are you or hey Mary it’s great to see you again.

Don’t just say hey girl or hey man! how’s it going you know so start calling people by their name because it has a lot of potential power when you do that a lot of people are gonna be like Oh actually you do know my name.


You’ll be going to interact with many new people’s so you have to master the habit of remembering names. By following the above tips and applying them practically then you will be good at remembering names.

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