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Concentration and focus. Everyone knows these words, but what everyone doesn’t know is how to achieve it, even when they are at a place where every single thing distracts them. Achieving concentration is a continuous process. But one should know how to achieve concentration and focus.

Concentration is the ability to focus the attention on a single thought or subject, and remove all the emotions and involvement from other thoughts and subjects.

Let’s discuss it in brief why concertation is important in one’s life, what distracts us,

and how can we concentrate amid distractions?


Why Concentration is Important While Doing Any Work?

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As we know, the ability to focus and not get distracted while thinking or doing any work is one of the abilities which everyone should possess. But had you ever thought of this why is it important while doing any work?

Everything requires concentration. From playing to driving or studying or working and even eating. We do so many things subconsciously and sometimes it goes wrong as we were not concentrated while doing the work.

So as you got to know that everything requires concentration for its successful completion. Concentration is bringing all your attention and focus on one particular subject and achieve the objective.

The power of concentration is the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.

– Haruki Murakami

Here are some more points which help you figure out why concentration is important and how it can help you in life and while working:

1) Controlling your mind

2) Help to be Attentive

3) Gaining Inner Peace

4) Ability to choose thoughts

5) Freeing the mind from annoying thoughts

6) Getting a faster result

7) Making the process fast and enjoyable

8) Strong willpower

9) Improving memory

10) Working Efficiently

Why Can’t I Concentrate?

Being unable to concentrate may affect your daily life, having a problem in remembering a thing, lack of focus while doing any work, or can’t study due to lack of concentration.

What are the symptoms which show a lack of Concentration?

The following are symptoms which shows that you are not focused and you have

lack of concentration:

1) Unable to remember things

2) Unable to sit still

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3) Difficulty in thinking clearly

4) Confused most of the time

5) Can’t perform complicated tasks

6) Making simple and careless mistakes

What causes a lack of concentration?

The following are the reasons which are affecting you while concentrating:

1) Lack of sleep

2) Hunger

3) Anxiety

4) Excess stress

5) Excess Alchohol Consumption

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6) You are not dealing with the problem effectively

7) You are working in a messy environment

8) Not doing enough physical exercise

9) Not having a balanced diet

10) You are excessively working

11) Too much social activity

But, how one should deal with the problem of lack of concentration he is facing. Here

is your solution.

What helps the brain focus?

Concentration levels mainly depend on the following factors:

1) Dedication to the task

2) Interest in the task

3) The ability to complete the task

4) Physical and emotional state

5) A conducive environment with few distractions

How To Improve Concentration?

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Everyone wants to know how one can improve his concentration level and focus on the work he is doing. There are many reasons because of which one can’t improve his concentration which we already discussed before. Now, one can improve his concentration level by following some tips, which are discussed below:

Be aware of Spider Technique

If you had ever noticed spider, if you place some object near a spider, it will be very curious to know what is there. And if you put the same object again, it will ignore thinking about the result he got before.

Use this technique, whether anyone tries so hard to destroy your attention, just focus on work and task, you are doing. To read more about it, refer: wikiHow

Use Keyword Technique

In this technique, you have just to find the keyword related to which you are working. For instance, you are running, and you got tired or found something which attracts you, so to focus on the work you are doing, just say run, run, run, run. This will help you in concentrating on the work you are doing.

Train Your Brain

The mind can be trained by playing some mind games, which helps in concentrating the mind. Some games are:

1) sudoku

2) crossword puzzles

3) chess

4) jigsaw puzzles

5) word searches or scrambles

6) memory games

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply slowing down and focusing on the physical and emotional sensations you are experiencing. Mindfulness helps in eliminating distractions and helps in focusing and concentrating on a particular task. This is one of the best ways to improve concentration.

Forgot the Myth of Multi-tasking

It is possible to work on two tasks at a time like watching TV while eating, or replying to messages while on a call. But what is impossible is concentrating on both the work at a time.

Did you ever encounter a condition in which you are working on something and someone interrupts you? And when you again switch back to your work, you need some time about what you were going to do.

The human brain can’t switch between two work so simultaneously, so it is good to complete a task in hand then jump on another.


Meditation is always a solution to many problems related to mind. It helps in increasing memory power, improving concentration, focus, attention, and many more. Meditation doesn’t only mean sitting quietly with closed eyes, it is about yoga and deep breathing.

Have proper sleep and a balanced diet

The timetable of sleeping and waking up affects the concentration level of mind. And just like sleep, a balanced diet also affects it. What intakes you take have a direct effect on your body as well as mind. Having proper food at the right time helps in concentration.

Warren Buffet Method of Concentrating

A method of concentrating on work comes from an all-time great investor, Warren Buffet. Once he advised his pilot to do 3 step exercise.

Total Time Needed : 20 Minutes



Total Cost:


Steps to Concentrate:

Step 1

Buffet asked his pilot to write down his top 25 goals.

Step 2

Buffet asked him to circle to the top 5 priority goals.

Step 3

Forgot rest 20 goals and work on that circled 5 goals.

Above all, no matter how much you are focused and attentive. Your concentration will fade. So as to remain focused, follow the given below points with all of the above mention tips:

Measure the Result

The brain has a desire to have feedback about the progress we are doing, which helps in measuring the result.

You always get focused on when you got feedback related to the task you do. For instance: if you count the push-ups you do daily, this will make you do more and more daily.

Focus on process and not an event

how to improve concentration

The second thing which we see is people focus on the event or destination, instead of focusing on the process. This is because we see success as an event and not as a process of getting towards perfection.

To stay focus in life, one needs to remember that events and results don’t make a difference. Its the commitment to the process.

And all above were some tips for normal people who are suffering from the problem of not able to concentrate on their life and work, but if you are seriously suffering from the problem of not able to concentrate and have excessive stress, due to which you forgot about people and things very frequently or having fewer or any illness, youshould consult the doctor as soon as possible.


Mastering your focus is not an easy task. However, by making sure that you are properly fueling your brain and eliminating distractions, you will be able to master your brain and increase your concentration.

I hope you found this useful and hope this will help you improve your concentration. Also you can read our blog on Stay Focused While Working From Home- How to Work From Home


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