How Good Is Your Anger Management? How You Can Improve It?

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Anger is an emotion that you feel or express when you think something or someone, deliberately or not, has done wrong with you. This emotion makes a man complete. It balances the emotions, feelings and mind of a person. And Anger Management is managing that emotion.

A human can get away from expressing all his feelings through anger. So that it becomes an important emotion without which a person may face frustration also. 

No doubt, excessive of anything, any feeling in this case we say, is very harmful to any person as it may cause so many problems in our relations or damage to our reputation and even can affect our health too.  

Looking towards the negative side of the excessive temper. Anger Management becomes the most important medicine you apply to avoid damages to your corporate or professional reputation.

And also to prevent the relations which hold some importance in your life and you do not want to harm those because of your wrath.  


What is Anger Management all about?

Anger management is not about vanishing this emotion at all, but it is about controlling emotions and maintaining a balance between all the feelings. It helps to allocate these feelings as motivation.

What I mean to say is, we can allocate our temper towards the problems, take it as a motivation for working as hard as possible. You will be able to make wise decisions in any situation when you’ll learn to control the irritations or rage with the help of anger management.

Even though you are not wrong, you don’t have to win every debate or fight. You may lose the trust of someone very important in your life, just because of your anger. It may affect the most precious relations in your life in a very bad manner.         

Anger Management helps you to fight with your anger in such critical situations and become sensitive towards those who deserve it from you. It is an important lesson of your life which will change your personality and will create more and more attractive images of yours from others point of view. 

Anger Management- Steps on How to Control your Anger?


Accept your problem of getting angry

If you come to know that something is going wrong in your social, professional or relationship, then try to identify the problem, see if it is with you. You have to learn to accept the problems inside you. Become honest with yourself and then find a solution for appropriation.

Identify what makes you angry

 You need to find the reason behind such an attitude. Try to find out what makes you angry. Recognize and list the times, people, situations that make you feel irritated or cause of your temper. Analyze the reason behind it, its connection with you. Once you get to know all these things, you will be able to deal with problems.    

Consult with someone trustworthy  

Whenever you feel like having no control over your emotions or getting frustrated because of anything, you may consult with someone whom you may trustfully and who will understand you and your emotions the most.

Such a person varies as per your relations, for example, maybe he or she is your friend, anybody from your parents or your siblings. You should feel relaxed when you talk to them.

whenever you are taking some steps regarding temper management, you may consult with such people and ask for advice, if any. They may guide you properly as they know everything about you including those things which you have never noticed in yourself.           

Seek the solution


There are so many ways to avoid the aggression you have to find in the long term and short term. 

For long term solutions, you may meditate, read books and develop your listening and communication skills. It will affect not only you but also it will affect the people nearby you also.

Meditation will help in making you calm, reading will help increase your knowledge and the communication skills will make you express your opinion very effectively among others.

You may try to find the humour in the situation to release the tension.  Creating humour will also help you face whatever condition you are up to.

Short term solutions are quick actions that will help you avoid the rage at the time when the situation is getting out of your control. It includes:-

1. Taking a deep breath 

Believe it or not but taking a deep breath releases a lot of stress. This may help you feel lighter and more importantly calm. If You are calm an relaxed in any situation, you can easily handle the situation in a much better way. It is one of the best method for taking over any situation not just when you are angry.

2.Get a walk around

Sometimes its the change we need. Having a walk may help you a lot. If you are someone who enjoys their own company, then this is the best thing you can do. Trust me , Try it once.

3. Relax and talk to your friend

As they say, human is a social animal, we need someone in our tough times. Nobody can be better than a friend who can not only listen to all our problems but also provide us with a sensible solution. The only condition is that you should be honest while stating the facts.

4. Listen to music       

Music is the best therapy. It can help you change your emotions. If you are unhappy with something let that frustration go away with the help of music. You will not only feel better but your creative part of the brain will get activated and help you with better solutions to the situation.

It will help you control your wrath.

5. Think before you speak

Sometimes in the flow of emotions, you say something which you can never regret later. Sometimes it may create distance in the relations whatever it may be. 

So, whenever you think that situation is getting out of control, just make a sensible decision whatever you want to talk about and how it will affect the other person or your relation.

Do not let it control your mind, you must have control over it, and always use wise words.

6. Write a Journal

No doubt, writing a journal is a bit of a good habit in itself. Sometimes you want to speak to someone or you want to express your feelings but you are unable to do so. 

In this case, you may write it down in your diary. In such cases, the words written lower your frustration caused due to feeling stuck in your mind and you need to express them.  

7. Learn to forgive and forget

If you want peace in your life, you’ll have to learn to forgive others for mistakes made by them. You will have to forgive those people who make you angry as you may face them again and again in your life.

It is not enough that you forgive people who angered you, but you’ll also have to forget the past events which may cause a temper and disturbance to you in future. Remember always the rule of ‘Forgive and Forget’ to have peace in your life.

8. Empathy 


Every con has two sides is a basic fact. Similarly, every argument, every debate, and every thought may have more than one side. 

Whenever you are getting angry at someone, before saying anything, you shall consider the other condition or his point of view. Maybe that person was helpless and didn’t intend to hurt your feelings at all, which you are thinking have done something wrong with you.

This is a part of humanity and basic psychologies which everybody should consider before acting anything optimistic and hurting your relationship. 

9. Live each day as if it is your last day.

“Every single minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of joy,” said someone.

This is the best way to live your life. It would change your mindset and you’ll get a new perspective towards life and all the relations you have.

It’ll teach you the best way to live your life and will make you enjoy your life every moment. You’ll get all the control over the anger you want. 

Anger Management By M.S. Dhoni

We all know Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team. He is very well known as the most successful captain of India ever.

He is also known for his brave and wise decisions even in the most critical conditions ever. In an interview, he has revealed that he also gets angry and frustrated sometimes on the field but he has learnt to control his emotions.

At an event, he stated “I also feel frustrated, disappointed and angry. I also feel irritation if things do not go our way. But it is all about how you channelize that. 

Basically, it is about whether the frustration was leading to something wrong for the team. I feel equally emotional. I feel angry at times I feel disappointed but what is important is that none of these is constructive.”

One more thing he said was that he is also like everyone else but he has learnt to control emotions better than others what a captain of a team needs the most.


In conclusion, what I want to say is, Anger is an emotion that can be controlled in a manner that won’t damage our relations and not hurt others.When you’ll learn Anger Management, it would be very helpful for you to enjoy your life and for those too who are connected with you, who care about you. 

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