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Customer Service Framework plays an essential role in every business, let’s understand it deeply.

When we start a business, we always talk about how we gonna sold the product to the customer, or we will going to attract them. But the thing which made a customer come back to you is the service you provide to them.

If the customer is happy with your service, then that’s fine, but if you don’t provide proper service to them, then they are just going to tell everybody about the bad experience, and it is not suitable for your business. And it is very bad for the reputation of the business.

For providing a great experience to the customers, you need to develop a customer service framework.


Why it is Important to make a Customer Service Framework

Why does a customer come back to you for purchase?

Because of the Cheap rate, Quality, user friendly, luxury, and customer service, people often talk about the above four topics because they are exciting, and you can put all the new ideas in it.

But customer service is just something your company should focus on.

Apple and BMW are the companies that really for on their customer service; they make sure that their customers do not face any trouble after buying their product.

And to give a good customer, you need to make a good customer service strategy and a good overall customer service framework.

What is the Customer Service Framework 

The Definition of customer service framework is the assistance, the advice provided by the company to customer buys a product or use it after buying.

In simple words, if a customer comes to your company and wants to buy a product.

You need to give him proper assistance and help them to purchase the product by giving them advice and also provide support after they buy your product.

We can go like that when you start a business. You start doing marketing and all and try to sell the peoples your product. So you can divide the process of a person to become a regular customer into the following parts.

  1. Suspect
  2. Shopper
  3. Customer
  4. Advocate

Suspect- It is the first stage where you don’t know the person. The person doesn’t know you, but still, the customer just giving you a try by seeing your marketing and all.

Shopper- It is the second stage where a person buys something from the company just once.

Customer- It is the third stage where he comes again to your company and buys another product. Because he likes the product, but now you can make him the regular customer by giving him the service of the product and make him feel like that he belongs here.

Advocate- Once you made him feel that he belongs here. The customer will tell the people around him about the products and services you give, and it will help you lot to get the mouth promotion about your product.

How to make a Customer Service Framework

Customer Service Framework

For making an excellent customer service framework the things you need to insure are

Customer Service Strategy

It is the most important thing to make. Customer service Strategy is a blueprint for how to interact with the customer, and for that, we need to follow the following points.

Make a good team

To make a good team first, you need to hire the right employee, the people who are good in communication skills having a good personality can do it. Then trained the employees.

How to respond to complaints, How to be responsive to the customer, How to answer the call and your organization service standards.

Common Purpose

Building a lasting relationship by creating an enthusiastic fulfilling experience for everyone.

This means that you need to build a relationship with the customer everyone in the team whether he is new or working for many they all need to be on the same page.

In this, you just made a good relationship with the customer, and for that, you need to make a good team of people and trained them to talk and teach them how to connect with customers and taking care of them.

Common purpose also means that the employees have to know what the company stands for what is the vision of the company. 

Set a Benchmark

As a company, you need to set the target, and employees try to reach it. Targets like employees need to solve x number of problems of the customers in a period. 

Create a customer feedback system

Customer Service Framework

Creating a feedback system is very important in your business. It shows you how your customer thinks about your service where you should improve.

And also shows that which member of your team is good and which are not.

Give rewards to the employees

Giving rewards for doing a good job is very important.

It motivates your employee to do more such things, and this process increases the motivation of employees to do good work. You can give a gift or some appraisal money to them.


It is very important to maintain integrity in a customer service framework. Integrity, you need to talk with honesty, for example, don’t tell something which is not practical like sometimes serviceman says that you don’t get any problem ever.

Putting ever is wrong. You just need to be honest with the customer. As a company or a business, you have to fulfil the promise of the service you give to the customer.

Sometimes you just need to do some extra like if you are repairing a certain part and you find a problem in another, which can harm the product later, then you have to tell the customer right now and fix it.


It is very important to work efficiently.

For example, if you own a car company you just need to give service quickly, it should not like you take a whole day or something you need to be quick and finish the work as soon as possible.


Listening means you just take very feedback, and you need to react to it. If someone praises you, you have to say thank you.

If customers complain, you need to address it quickly. Or if a customer just gives a bad review, it is your job to react to it and apologize for your mistake.

This process gives confidence to your customer that you are listening to them and you are going to solve their very important problems your customers need to have confidence in you. 


You need to develop a culture in your business that you do service in a particular period example an employee repairs a certain part of a machine.

But now he finds that there is another problem also in the machine now you have to fix it also, but you are busy for the whole day then in such case another employee should help him not to worry about the things like this work belong to him why should I have to do it. 

For making such things happen, your business needs to have a culture like that where everybody helps each other.

Another Example: Suppose you own a car company, and your customer comes to you for service, and now you drop him in your car to home in a case customer have to kids with him a, but you don’t have special seats for the kids.

In such cases, you just don’t drop them in your car even if customers insist on that because it is not safe for them.


The customer service framework is a very important part of your business idea because if a customer is satisfied with your service, he comes back to you.

But if he is not satisfied, then he is going to tell everybody and it just not good for your business so for making a business successful and making customer permanent you need to provide a good service by making a good customer service framework. 

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