10 Common Time Management Mistakes.

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We all know that time is very important to us but we are prone to waste the maximum time of ours on social media, watching Netflix, and playing games. 

Thus, We are not utilizing our time to make a good career. If you use your time to develop new skills then you can achieve anything in life.

So, You can start working on your flaws and this will bring out the best version of yourself.

Meanwhile, The main reason that you are wasting your time is you don’t have a goal in your life.

Make a goal to achieve so you can be a successful and respectful person in society.


Failing to Keep a To-Do List.

Time Management Mistakes

Most people have a goal to work on but they fail to make a to-do list of steps that can make them achieve their goal,

Because of this, they are not able to track their time and they waste their whole day doing some dumb stuff.

By making a to-do list they have data that they can use to track their time and identify things that distract them leading to wastage of time.

So make a to-do list before going to sleep so you can decide what is your goal for the next day. Use apps or paper to choose whatever works for you.

A Lot of people say to start with the hardest tasks but I don’t think so, if I start any work and get into my working zone I will do any task.

Starting with something semi-productive your second task should be the hardest task to do and do it because you are already productive now.

Failing to prioritize

A lot of people do everything they can and fail to prioritize their tasks. By prioritizing your tasks you can do the most important things in life first and achieve your goal much faster.

If you prioritize you will never get into any trouble, Give priority to things that are very important.

Simply ask yourself what the consequences are if you don’t do that work. If the consequences are very bad then this is the most important thing in your life.

So the first thing is to decide what to do and what the consequences are if you don’t do that work.

Not Scheduling or Automating.

Most of the people fail to schedule or automate their tasks.

They can boost their efficiency of doing tasks up to 40- 50% by following my simple steps of doing this.

A lot of people make their task list on a paper automate this task by simply using your phone.

All you have to do is just make a list of all your tasks and assign a time of doing/starting their task at that time.

Set an alarm on your phone and do the task on time. Execution is the king of all tasks. Executing all tasks on time will remind you when to do a particular task.


10 Strategies to Help You Stop Procrastinating - Healthcare IT Leaders

Procrastination means doing the work later, procrastination happens due to excess laziness.

You tend to have a problem with not getting your work started. What you do is that you think that you can do this work tomorrow,

or you are overthinking about where and when to start, you can keep on overthinking all day. There is a concept like prioritizing and executing this thing thought to the army.

For example, you have a mission to execute and things don’t work according to your plan, and the plan goes out of the windows.

All you have is a kairos then how to get into execution this thing is called prioritize and execute.

Then think about what are the things in your hand, what are your priorities to do now. Start with what you can do now and do the most important thing.

With the most important thing in the top and second, third, fourth what are the things that you can do today?

Then structure the second and third goals and start executing right now. Your work looks like a hill, that you have to break down into small things so you can start executing them.

if you breakdown your goals into small parts then you can achieve your goal fast and remove the things that make you stressed.

Whenever you are stressed do prioritize and execute.

Lack of Break Time.

Some people think that they can do their work without any break but they end up doing nothing.

They make so many mistakes and this is simply wastage of time

 If you are working continuously without any break you lose concentration and interest in the work. By taking a break and refreshing your mind new ideas will come into your mind.

You can work with full efficiency by taking breaks so you can do your work a lot faster. Take small breaks like 10 minutes in an hour so your productivity will boost.

Taking too much work.

Sometimes taking too much work puts you in big trouble, choosing too many works puts you in the confusion of where to start and you end up doing nothing.

Too many works look like a mountain to climb and it looks like a burden so most of the people are scared by seeing too much work. So break your work into small segments so you can do it easily.

To get out of this confusion of where to start doing the work. Start with the thing you like once you are into the comfort zone then you can do all your work without any hassle or tension.


People think that they are very smart. They can multitask and save a lot of time by multitasking but they don’t realize that they are humans and humans makes mistakes.

In the way of saving their time, they make mistakes in their work and end up messing the thing so keep things easy and work on your goals, and do quality work.

Start doing one thing at a time this will increase your productivity and protect you from making errors and messing up things.

Starting your day late

There are a lot of people in the rat race who work late at night and they wake up late in the morning and this is against nature, this increases your stress levels. So wake up early in the morning and go for a quick walk.

schedule your work before sleeping at night and try to not use your phone between 9 pm to 5 am.

Also, try to do your important tasks in the morning so you can work productively all-day.

Too many distractions

Time Management Mistakes

People have too many distractions like Instagram, Facebook, and games like pubg are so addictive and a lot of people waste their time on these stupid games.

These people destroy their life by using these things and these distractions.

Social media and games are the biggest time-wasters in your life so stop using once build your career and then do whatever you want to do. 

Instal an app that is anti-social on your phone and then make a usage limit on social media apps.

This app blocks social media and games after a limited time of usage so install this app and get rid of all your distraction.

Being a perfectionist

This thing is the biggest hurdle, being a perfectionist.

These types of people don’t start their thing because they want everything to be perfect but they don’t realize that this thing makes them slow in the competition.

For example, some people want to start a youtube channel but they don’t start because they want everything so perfect.

They want to buy an expensive mic camera and many other things and they don’t start their Channel.

They don’t realize that they can start a youtube channel with their mobile and things will grow once you start working on it.

So don’t be a perfectionist, things will be perfect once you work on it, everything needs a start. 


As from the above blog, You got to know that Time Management is very important for us and for our career. But then also we make some mistakes like:-

  • Failing to Keep a To-Do List.
  • Failing to prioritize
  • Not Scheduling or Automating.
  • Procrastinating
  • Lack of Break Time.
  • Taking too much work.
  • Multitasking
  • Starting your day late
  • Too many distractions
  • Being a perfectionist

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