Project Closure – Learn to End Projects Properly

Project closing is the last phase of project management. Closure activities not only mean delivering the project output to the customer but also includes all documentation of legally closing and handing over details.   The closing phase also provides you with the chance to review and estimate the project’s success (or failure), which is essential for […]

Managing Project Finances

Every project or organization requires money to run efficiently and each organization needs to calculate all the income and outcomes to improve their productivity and perform more efficiently. Hence, it is necessary to learn about Finance management and For that purpose, This article will help you to learn about Finance management. WHAT’S IN IT What […]

Managing Project Uncertainty – Planning for the Unknown

You may not be familiar with the word uncertainty. In this article, we are going to learn about the uncertainties in project management.  This will be a beginner’s guide on “Uncertainty management in projects” that can also be considered as planning for the unknown.   WHAT’S IN IT What is uncertainty in project management? Or What […]

Full Guide For How to Write a Design Brief

In this blog, you will learn about how to write a design brief? and what is design in project management? I will deeply explain how to write a design brief and 12 points of the design. So in this blog, you will get the knowledge about how to write a design brief. WHAT’S IN IT […]

The Most Useful Guide for How to Write a Business Case?

Hello and Welcome, So, In this blog, you will learn about Business Case, what is a Business Case? Meanwhile, How to Write Business Cases? and some more related things. So in this blog, you will get knowledge about what is a Business case and How to Write Business Case?  WHAT’S IN IT What is a […]

The Most Important Project Management Phases and Processes

Hello and Welcome, in this post, you are learning Project Management Phases and Processes and Project Management Process Steps. You will get useful information on different types of phases like Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor and Control, and last, is Close.  So in this useful blog post, you will get knowledge about Project Management Phases and […]

Complete Guide On Agile Project Management With 12 Principles 4 Core Values 6 Steps

Agile Project Management is a different approach to project management. This approach to project management allows you to make a small division of tasks making it manageable in short sprints. Hence, We are allowing you to be flexible and adaptive with changing demands of the project. So, Agile Project Management is standard in businesses related […]

Stepladder Technique – 5 Useful Decision-Making Guides

For making decisions better, Steven Rogelberg, Janet Barnes-Farrell, and Charles Lowe in 1992 introduced a tool for group decisions so that no individual makes a panic on it and just does the decision according to the decided matter. So while making decisions, individuals give their suggestions to make a decision and this makes a group […]