Best Guide on Influencer marketing 2020

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Best Guide on Influencer marketing 2020

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where we use influencers to market our product or brand rather than going directly to a group of people for promotion. Influencer marketing can either be free or paid. 

What’s in it for me?

Why do we use influencer marketing?

So, We use Influencer Marketing for brand awareness or to sell a product to the audience or if we want to drive traffic on our website.

Who are Influencers? 

influencer marketers

Hence, In simple language, an Influencer is a person or a group of people who motivates people to take action in any field. Also, Influencers can be in the technology field, business field, Educational Field, Blogging field, or any other field.

Rise of Influencer Marketing

However, throughout the last several decades, it has absolutely burst in popularity.

When social networking began to displace traditional press outlets then Influencer marketing first gained a severe grip.  People are not only following celebrities these days, but they are also following social media users who have enjoyable content.

As time passed, a few of the users gained large followings, although they didn’t have exactly the same amount of hits that actors did they had a considerable amount of influence.  

It wasn’t always this method, although influencer marketing is just really a technique of choice for brands around the world Now.  For a while, it was considered that nothing would be more than a craze.

How to become an Influencer?

Meanwhile, One of the best things about Influencer is that they can be anyone, not just celebrities and YouTubers. Influencers can be Instagrammer, Writers, Photographers, etc. Also, you will find many influencers in every industry.

6 Easy Steps to Becoming an Influencer 

  1. Most Imp Select a Niche 
  2. Build up a profile on Social Media
  3. Learn about your targeted Subscribers, Followers, or Audience
  4. Create valuable unique content
  5. Publish Regular and Engaging Post
  6. At last, Declare yourself as an Influencer

How is Influencer Marketing Done?

Influencer promotion may be done in all sorts of strategies. It is about obtaining an influencer to talk about services or your product by using their audience, however, there are many ways to start creating that happen.

Here are five various influencer marketing strategies:

1. By Sponsored Content like Video, Post

Sponsored articles are simply a social media article that has an advertisement for an item or assistance.

The other sort would be that Instagram shouts out. While this is often a one-off strategy, it may draw a lot of focus on your brand, and shoutouts are a piece of cake.                        

This is really one of the absolute most frequent procedures of influencer marketing, which you will notice. 

2. By Affiliate Links or Promo Codes

Everyone loves discount coupons, sales, or offers. So this is the best way to influence a product or a service.

3. By Giveaways

You can also use giveaway strategy in your influencer marketing campaign.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Important?

Influencer advertising may execute a lot for their brand. It can help you accomplish some remarkable targets since influencer marketing breaks many of the impenetrable barriers.

As it comes down to it, the benefit of influencer marketing will be to generate more sales.  But that is not personal. 

Check out the benefits of Influencer Marketing:

1. Sale is Increased

It’s apparent that the ROI is high, although the precise figure will depend on just how much influencer promotion you invest in and how powerful each specific campaign is. 

Bear in mind that organizations earn around $18.

And that number is far. 

To understand exactly how effective it is, it’s helpful to check at influencer advertising statistics, although that could be the most significant benefit of influencer marketing.

2. Connect to Subscribers or Audience

What could be better than having the products in front of one’s target audience that is particular?  That’s what influencer marketing must offer you.

Since influencer marketing is super organic, it will not feel like marketing, which means people will soon be more receptive than usual.

Influencer promotion is also far better than conventional social media since the people who follow influencers on your niche are precisely the people you’re trying to advertise.

To promote your products, you have to get your message in front of one’s target audience, and that’s not been easy.

Influencer marketing solves this issue by letting you set your message directly in front of your visitors on a stage that they utilize.

Importance of Influencers in Marketing

Influencer promotion is effective as it’s a combination of old and new advertising and advertising procedures.  What different are influencers doing? Influencers have taken the star endorsement and upgraded it.

But many influencers aren’t super famous. The people who have large followings on the web also are one of the reasons influencers are so essential.

Folks love influencers because they’re not.  Influencers are people who have relatable lives.

Future of Influencer Marketing

To acquire yourself a comprehension into the ongoing continuing future of influencer promotion, it can help to check influencer advertising statistics which record how young people are currently interacting with and about influencers.

Might influencer marketing be the advertising method of preference?

While networking influencer promotion is popular, it’s still a method of marketing.  It has grown over the past several years and continues to be climbing.  Influencer marketing as a whole is yet being analyzed, and brands are developing new methods for working together with influencers and elegance.

What Doesn’t Work in Influencer Marketing

They are only Taking a Look at the Reputation of this influencer.  Influence does not just mean popularity.  Bear in mind your goal is to elicit a particular action.  Don’t automatically assume that the people having followers would be a niche’s influencers.  

Best influencer marketing platforms in India

There are many influencer marketing platforms but some of the best platforms are:

  1. Influencer.in
  2. PulpKey
  3. Winkl
  4. BrandMentions
  5. StarNgage


In summary, influencer marketing provides brands with a way to reach their audience through various networking platforms. 

 Effective and generate sales, enhance brand loyalty, and influencer advertising strategy that is business-driven may influence opinions.  

Overall, influencer marketing is one of the fastest developing forms of promotion in the market and certainly can continue to expand further by introducing advanced consumer-friendly measures because it has surpassed advertising strategies.


How much does an influencer campaign cost?

Each effort is custom made to suit every client’s needs; therefore, it’s hard to deliver a standard pricing sheet. The cost will fluctuate based on several factors like the number of influencers, influencer compensation, labor expenses, and varies across bureaus, and digital spend to promote the effort. 

Will Small Brands be able to pay for Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a cheap solution that attracts higher yields compared to other electronic marketing plans.  It’s been demonstrated to outperform banner ads and is now the preferred method for marketing new product releases.
Agencies such as Acorn Impact offer custom campaigns, giving smaller brands room to create an investment minus the high-risk risk generally related to marketing campaigns.  Nevertheless, there is a threshold that needs to be met to pay for the overhead expense of conducting a campaign.

Any criteria of followers or subscribers a person needs to be an influencer?

There are many things that are considered before we amuse an individual to our influencer system, and a few of them are audience size. You do need to have a large enough crowd to make an impact with your articles while there wasn’t an established minimum. The effect is measured in impressions and engagements. The more expensive, and more participated your follower base is, the more inclined we will hire you.   

What are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are all influencers with small viewers and followings.  They have been usually very connected and associated with their area, and getting influential within it while they’re perhaps not well-known.
There’s maybe no place definition, however, you’d not anticipate a micro-influencer to get followers in the thousands of thousands (even though you could define an influencer because micro’ relative for their area).
While micro-influencers do not reach the more prominent names, they still possess a lot of significance and are frequently more discerning and genuine together using promotion.

Influencer Marketing | Best Guide on Influencer marketing 2020
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