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Today we are going to discuss transformational leadership you might have heard about this. We explore How to develop transformational leadership incoming blog.


Transformational leaders are motivated, engaged, satisfies have a positive attitude, experience, less stress and Burnout and perform at higher than expected levels.

To be a transformational leader one is required to perform behaviours that fall roughly into four broad categories:

Transformational Leadership

Idealized Influence

Idealize influence includes behaviour that involves becoming a strong role model for your followers or your subordinates.

You can become a strong role model by working very hard and also by setting a positive example for everyone around you.

If your followers see you working conscientiously and diligently day in day out. Odds are that they will begin to respect you and admire you.

Secondly, you can become his strong role model is by being uncompromising ethical through your words.

You can communicate to your followers that you have high moral and ethical standards and throw your actions.

You can communicate that you stick to your high moral and ethical standards even when the going gets tough

The third way would be to emphasize to your followers the importance of having a common mission and make self-sacrifices.

To help your followers to realize that mission enacting such behaviours will earn their respect and also they will want to identify with you and what you stand for.

Inspirational Motivational

Transformational Leadership

It involves developing a promising vision for the future and then clearly communicating that vision to your followers through the use of inspiring stories vivid imagery and captivating symbols.

It also includes making emotional appeals to your followers and urging them to work harder and go above and beyond their Rules and responsibilities.

In the pursuit of this shared vision Such appeals especially if made by someone that they greatly respect and admire often result in a high level of commitment and performance.

Intellectual Stimulation

Includes encouraging followers to look at the day to day problems from a different perspective and also allowing them to come up with Creative Solutions to those problems.

It also involves supporting your subordinates as they think outside the box and try new methods to solve existing problems.

This might mean that you might have to have a certain amount of tolerance for mistakes that are made in the process.

Because thinking outside the box and developing Creative Solutions can sometimes backfire.

A Good transformational leader does not let the fear of mistakes constrain the creativity of his or her subordinates and also provide them with a supportive environment where they can take a calculated risk.

Individualized Consideration

This includes helping and guiding your followers to meet their goals. It also involves providing a supportive environment and carefully listening to their requirements so that you can help them to fulfil those needs.

The type of coaching you can offer your followers may vary depending upon who needs help for some followers.

You might have to provide explicit guidance regarding How to get work done while for some others. You will offer them the resources that they need and help them find out the solution on their own.

These are the four types of behaviour which if you perform consistently will make you a transformational leader.

That people respect and admire and as noted previously decades of research has shown that being a transformational leader pays huge dividends.

Difference between Transactional and Transformational Leadership

These are two common styles of leadership one is called transactional and the other transformational.

Once you have read through these two types.

You will be able to take a quick assessment to determine your current leadership style while transactional leaders would usually work with boundaries and have set stabilized outcomes a transformational approach is future conscious and dynamic.

Transactional leadership

If you are a transactional leader you be task and result-driven while adhering to strict organisational boundaries additionally you had been motivated to reward people and evaluated performance regularly.

You will be focused on ensuring activities are complete efficiently and effectively.

This style of leadership can become especially useful when dealing with strict deadlines and are constrained with resources.

It maintains group dynamics while evaluating how each team member or employee performs a given task.

Transformational leadership

If you are a transformational leader you focus on engaging and enthusing employees making sure they understand how their work will help deliver your vision within the company and the values of the organization.

As a transformational leader, you lead by example while inspiring your team to drive change and achieve a common goal.

There are important differences between transactional and transformational leaders.

The transactional leader will understand how rewarding someone will result in more effort being made.

A transformational leader will motivate their staff to get the best out of them without having to constantly reward. Transactional leadership is more reactive to present concern.

A Transformational Leader is more hands-on and by doing this creates higher expectations in the workers.

A Transactional leader will use a method such as a carrot-and-stick motivation to control workers as a forced to transform leaders who inspired the staff to motivate them to motivate a transactional leader who set boundaries.

Producing rewards if goals are met transactional leadership is dependent on how well a leader can motivate but transformational leaders have excellent managerial qualities Bond with their team and build strong relationships.


In conclusion, The positive impact of transformational leaders on work performance is great.

Transformational leaders are motivated, engaged, satisfied, have a positive attitude, experience, less stress and Burnout and perform at higher than expected levels.

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