10 Proven Tips to Keep Motivated your Team

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10 Proven Tips to Keep Motivated your Team

Hey welcome friends, today we will know about how to build a high-performance team. Your business will never grow, until and unless you don’t have any manpower. 


Do people leave their job in your company, you are worried that you don’t get employees who work for the long term, do you get a problem in keeping your employees motivated.

So today we will discuss, how to make manpower who will grow your business and your business will be on autopilot. Don’t know autopilot? When aeroplane flies then the pilot turns on the autopilot and the pilot takes it to relax.  

Remember one investor will invest in your business after looking at your team and your manpower, the investor will see the ability and performance of your team.

You know your behaviour towards your employees is the behaviour of your employees towards your consumers. 

Golden Statement: An effort that is appreciated, gets repeated. 

If you don’t implement the ideas, taking the knowledge is useless, implementation and execution will give you results. 

Celebrate Small Success And Milestones With Standing Ovation

Keep Motivated your Team

Anything good happens to stand and celebrate, give applause to your employees, anything good happens to give high five to some people. Give compliments to the person who does good work. 

Nothing big you have to do just celebrate small success. Make a habit of celebrating. If you celebrate physiology changes and it changes the psychology and psychology changes actions, and actions will give you results. 

Create a well-defined growth path

When an employee sees that he will learn many things in your company, his skills will be improved, He will stay and he will work very hard for you. 

If the employee thinks he will not get anything only he is here because he had to work then he will just work because he had to work. If an employee can see his career growth in your company he will stay. 


Do something creative that your employees feel like they are with their family, not with strangers in your office. The office environment should also be like a family. 

Do some Potluck activities, weekly one or two days in a month you should do. On that day one employee will bring some food in a large quantity and all the employees will share the food. 

All taste the other dishes of the other employee will appreciate the other; this is known as the potluck activities. You know a family who eats and prays together always stays together. 

Free food for employees working beyond office hour

Keep Motivated your Team

In potluck activities, they shared food now you will do something for them. If an employee comes before the working hour, arrange food for him in the office. He should not get any problem now he will again come before because he is not facing a problem for breakfast. 

If he works after the working hour arranges the dinner for him, again he will not think about the dinner he will work after the working hour without any problem. Give some convenience to the employees, this small convenience will work for you.   

Encourage good health 

For this, you can do some ideas. It will not be any cost but will create big benefits. 

Do Zumba Dance with the employees it will encourage good health, power yoga, Aerobics, GYM, Laughter yoga, Laughter dance are some activities which will help the employees stay fit. 

Employee to Employee Engagement

Hang a board, search for some space and create a board and hang it, Give some sticky notes and pen on the board. If an employee helps an employee they can share this with the board to the whole public. 

This will create a mindset to help each other and no one will feel that they are working with a stranger. 

An employee of the week, Employee of the month, Employee of the quarter

Create some parameters, search an employee and give him this department. Practice that you have to give a gift to your employee, it must. 

These employees will think when they can get a gift when everyone will give applause to me. Remember Business is logical but people are emotional. If you will engage emotional people then your logical business will run. 

Esop | Revenue Sharing 

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as a retention tool. - Lapaas Digital  Marketing Company and Institute

It is a fantastic way to motivate your team members. Firstly you have to register your company with Pvt. Ltd. company. Secondly, give some shares to your employees this is known as an Esop employee stock ownership plan. 

This will encourage the employee to work harder to grow the business. By this, you and your employee will grow with your company. 

Also You can Read our Blog on Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as a retention tool.

On the spot incentive

On the spot incentive is a very useful trick that creates an energetic environment, as well as motivates your employees. 

If someone does a great job and gives incentive on the spot, These will encourage other people to work harder. They will think if I will do the work before the time then-boss will give incentive to me as well. 

People think they will get an incentive after six months they don’t work. But if they get incentive when they do the work they will do the work before the time. 

Sponsor Higher Education Against A contract 

Everyone has their own dream goals, so they want to grow but you have to give the right path. Create a contract that you will take all the expenses of the MBA but the employee has to work for a particular period. 

Before the deadline, he can’t leave the company. This is how a good employee will stay for the long term, at last, you will get the benefits. Invest in your employees this will help you in the long term. This is how you will get some loyal employees if you think for them they will think for you. 


People want to stay and work but they just need the right directions. If you are the owner of a company, think about your employees, they will automatically think for you and your company. Investing in your employee is not an expense, it’s an investment which will give big results to your company. So make the environment like a family working together, thus they will give more priorities to your company. Motivating your team like this will give you good results. So these were some Proven Tips to Keep Motivated your Team. 


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