10 Common Management And Leadership Mistakes

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leaders mistakes

Before coming to management and leadership mistakes, What is Leadership?

It ​is all about inspiring the people to believe in your vision of how you want your company to be and making them together so that they can help you achieve it.

While ​management ​is something that you do on the daily basis to make sure that your actions are towards achieving your goal. One can also illustrate that it is art or skill of administering and also making sure the things are happening as they should.

The greatest mistake one can make is to be afraid of making one

Now, being done with leadership and management then there comes the mistake. As one says often that mistakes come with great opportunities to learn and also not to repeat the mistakes done in the past. 

I know from my experiences that you either succeed or learn something but when it comes to the superior level of authorities, it is much better to not make mistakes. With some set of strategies and learning from other mistakes, you can easily avoid them.

 What you need is to analyze your system then preparing strategies to tackle them. Moving forward we are going to see what are the 10 most common mistakes in leadership and management.

What are we going to see moving forward!


Delegating Work

1. Management And Leadership MistakesImproperly Delegating work

As a leader, we often tend to do everything by ourselves in order to avoid any mistake. But this could be the greatest mistake one can make. 

Being a leader it is very important to have the courage to trust the team and give them the authority to try, succeed and sometimes even fail.

Instead, We should be standing as a pillar of our team, i.e., if they fail we need to be the supporting one. Likewise, it is said that a leader cannot let his team fail without a fight!

So, it is extremely important to delegate the work properly among the team. The role of the leader is to provide more managerial support rather than providing technical support.

2. Management And Leadership Mistakes – Being too hands-off

Whenever we talk about distributing the work properly among the team and being in a supporting role. It is always mistaken. 

The very contrary point comes in the spotlight that a leader should not be too Hands-off. 

Here the role of a leader becomes too challenging when confusion arises, whether to delegate or be Hands-On. Being a leader, we need to use both ways and engage the method as needed according to the situation.

Neither being concentrated on one work and not being able to look at others, nor only commanding and instructing the team defines the quality of a leader. Both are like inviting troubles. We need to bring a balance between and do whatever is needed. 

3. Management And Leadership Mistakes -Not realizing the real Asset

For most leaders, their real asset is their position or the profit of the organization. There is no denying the fact that the profit of the organization is the ultimate goal, but the happiness of the team is equally important.

4. Management And Leadership Mistakes Lack of Feedbacks

Feedback’s provide the opportunity to improve. The most important aspects of any higher level are to guide and also inspire their team of people and not provide feedback at the same time, provide a lot of space for not improving the team and hence affecting the overall throughput and efficiency of the system tasks. 


Importance of Feedback

Every leader should communicate and a part of good communication is providing feedback to make sure the team does not improvise on their performance. 

It is better to pass a truth about performance rather than a lie which can help ensure higher performance and compliments a better future of the team as well. 

Every leader should develop a way to pass the performance information to their team in a way that they should not get hurt rather they say thank you for feedback and improve themselves.

5. Management And Leadership Mistakes Not giving enough time to your team

It is very important for any leader to actively communicate and take some time for their team. Even if they are indulged in heavy workloads and projects that they. 

Your team should always be the first because they don’t know what to do. Help them do their work and also open your doors for them so that they know they can get help from you in some scheduled time set by you. 

Make clear to your team that you are always there for them and they can come with solutions. A leader should not assign tasks and then not even seeing once in a while is not something a leader should do.

6. Management And Leadership Mistakes Misunderstanding Motivation

Understanding the motivation for your team is always a good idea to make them more into the work they are doing. A team member does not always seek a reward in terms of money. 

Chances are there that they need more than just monetary rewards such as chances or opportunity. 

A leader may follow steps to ensure a great work/life balance for the team by providing flexible working hours while others may require motivation by praising them or achievement. 

The main motive of this all is to just bring the best from the team and motivate enough to make things interesting.

7. Management And Leadership Mistakes Not “Walking the Walk”

As a leader, you are a role model and people seek inspiration in you as the person you are. There should not be any difference in the law or rule you follow or your team follows by this we mean, if you are doing something which is not professional in any way then how can you expect your team to not do so. 

If your team needs to stay late, you should be there as well to help them out. You should not be biased and consider everyone equally. The point is everyone is watching your every step that you take all the time. If you want their behavior to be good, you should start with yourself then it will suit you.


Behaving Improperly at Work

8. Management And Leadership Mistakes Recruiting improperly

There are possible scenarios where the workloads on your team are very high and in such situations, it becomes important to hire enough people to make it equally aligned with the project requirements. 

But if we move on to hiring quickly without proper testing the skills of the aspirants and also not analysing the need of the projects with respect to your team may lead to the loss or one can say a disastrous mistake. 

Fastening the recruitment process may lead to hiring the wrong people who are not cooperative or also are not productive at all. 

Before hiring anyone, it is very important that you can trust them or not. As you are hiring, you are investing not only the money but the precious time which one cannot reverse back, so proper steps and cautions should be taken while recruitment.

9. Management And Leadership Mistakes Being partial

Whenever we are at the level of leading an organization, we need to look at the other employees equally. It happens while we work in different teams, as an individual we get notions of someone being better than others not only in reference to their work. 

Still, a leader cannot treat him/her, especially in any group process. It is a disastrous idea of showing a soft corner for one, whereas keeping it stern for others.

The moment the team realises this behaviour, hatred will be generated among them, which in the long run would deteriorate the progress of the team.

10. Management And Leadership Mistakes Lack of Clarity

Pronouncedly, it is said, “Transparency fosters a sense of trust and provides serious motivation”. 

Hiding things of the team’s interest could be one of the disastrous ideas. This leads to a series of mistrust of the team upon the leader, which going forward gives space to question the leader’s honesty. 

It could also give room to suspicion.

To avoid it efficiently, it is highly recommended to keep things as clear and transparent as possible between the leader and the group.


Lack of clarity.


There are a lot of times where we try to do things but something or the other goes wrong. This can lead to a not so very positive impact on your subordinates or anyone who might follow your actions. The same thing applies to the field of management and leadership. Unknowing you commit a lot of common mistakes that may affect you and the organization. In this blog, we have analyzed ten common mistakes in details which you can use to verify if you are guilty of committing the same mistakes.

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