How to use Emojis in Marketing? Complete Guide

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Emojis in Marketing

Do you know that emotions play an important role in marketing? 

Companies use emotions to market and promote their products & services. Emojis play a crucial role in representing emotions, facial expressions and gestures. In Digital Media, you are not doing marketing or sales face to face you do it through text.

So in the text, you can not show your facial expression, body language and gestures and to represent it we use emoji. Emojis are a great substitute of face to face facial expression, body language and gestures. 

Till now you’re using it as fun on WhatsApp or maybe on Instagram & Twitter. 

But today we learn how you can use emojis in marketing campaigns, landing pages, YouTube Title, Ads and other places where you need to do copywriting to drive more engagement and conversion. So let’s start 


What is Emoji?

Emojis are a small icon and images which represent a facial expression, emotion and an idea. People use emojis in digital communication to represent their facial expression, gestures and body language.

Emoji was first created by a Japanese marketing agency, so the emoji word comes from Japanese which means e (絵, “picture”) and moji (文字, “character”).  

For Example, Someone has sent you a message and after reading it you become angry, so you can use 😡 angry emoji to represent your emotion insisted of saying that you’re angry with their message.

If you’re talking with that person physically then you can show them your angry face but in digital communication, you can’t do that so you use emojis to present your emotions.

So this is the normal example where we use emoji to represent our emotions and facial expressions.

Now understand it with one more example which explains how it will work in marketing, Suppose that there is a landing where you’re offering something as a bonus so you can use this 🎁 emoji to represent that you’re giving a bonus. 

emoji in marketing?

Why Emojis are important? 

Now you have understood that what is emoji and how we can use that. But why we should use emoji in our communication, why we can’t simply write what we want to say. There are a lot of reasons which explains why should you use emojis in your marketing. 

Emojis drive more engagement 

Emojis are a proven mantra to drive more engagement when you use them correctly. People use it in their communication because it is engaging and funny.

Emojis are proven to increase open rates, click-through rate and engagement because people don’t want to read the text and they saw an image that makes them relatable and they immediately react to them. 

Take a look at these statistics 

  • A tweet with emojis can increase engagement by 25% as compared to a tweet without emojis. 
  • A Facebook post with emojis increase shares by 33% and interaction with your post by 57%. 
  • Push notifications with emojis saw an 85% increase in open rates.
emoji in marketing?

Emojis Convey Better than words

Emojis convey better as compare to words, when you use emojis they are more likely to make it attentional. Let’s take an example to understand it, Following are some example line, which one makes you more engaging. 

 “Grab Your Bonus Now” or “Grab Your 🎁  Bonus Now”

“Top-30 Non-IIM MBA Colleges In India Best ROI” or “Top-30 Non-IIM MBA Colleges In India 🤑 Best ROI”

“Last 4 Hours Join CAT 8 Months Batch” or “Last 4 Hours ⏰ Join CAT 8 Months Batch” 

emoji in marketing?

Emojis gives your brand more personality 

Using emojis in your brand communication and marketing campaign gives your brand more personality. The more people connect with your brand the more they will buy your product and service. It also helps you to increase brand loyalty, which ultimately leads to loyal customers. 

The Ultimate Guide to Using Emoji in Surveys and Business Communication -  Customer Thermometer

Add context to your content 

By adding emojis in your content you can add more context in your Ad Copies and convey emotions that you can not convey with text alone. You can also deliver a more meaningful message to your audience by using fewer words and you can use it more efficiently on a platform where words limit exist. 

How to Use Emojis in Marketing?

I hope till now you have understood that Emojis plays a crucial role in digital marketing and you can drive more engagement using them in your digital communication.

You can use emojis on your YouTube titles to increase your click-through rate, you can use them on you your landing page and ad copies to increase your click rate or you can also use them in your email headlines to increase your email open rate.

You can also use emojis in digital communication such as your email and chatbots to make your conversation more interactive. Following are some popular emojis with their meaning and example

Facial Expression Emojis In Marketing

Emoji Icon Emjoi Meaning Example
😂Extreme happiness or laughterIsn’t that, too much too soon?🤔
😂Breakfast time at the office 😂 GRAPEFRUITS: yes or no?
😍Love or adorationSuper Offers for a Super fun Holi😍
365 Growth hacks in 365 days. How does that sound? 😍
😊Positive or happyUpgrade to Trinity A/c – Banking, Demat & Trading all-in-one 😊
😅Relief, nerves, or excitementLet us know if you don’t need our emails 😅
🤔Thinking FaceIs Surfer SEO Worth It? 🤔Looking for scholarship on CAT 2021 course
🤔Do you need help with your chatbots? 🤔
🤑making money, loving wealth, being or feeling richTop-30 Non-IIM MBA Colleges In India 🤑 Best ROI
Get up to ₹2,000 Bonus! Play Rummy & Win Real Cash🤑
Your dream job is awaiting you 🤑
🥳Partying FaceRedeem Your 50% Discount Coupon! 🥳
Last day 🥳 CAT 2021 Ugadi Sale (Starts at ₹ 1249)
😮face with open mouthThese Secret Local SEO Hacks Get You New Clients Daily
😱face screaming in fearSo Many Terrific Deals😱😱Few $ecrets of Super Entrepreneurs 😱
😇Smiling Face With HaloSave ₹1,000 on Flight With Paytm & HDFC! 😇
😎Smiling Face with Sunglasses😎 Yes! You Can Start Investing with Rs.100!
😄Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Smiling EyesWe think you might like these 15 ideas 😄
😜Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking EyeYour Location Won’t Really Matter 😜
😕Confused FaceLast chance to register: Multiple Drip Campaigns 😃
😟Worried Faceare you ok… 😟

Gestures Emojis In Marketing

Emoji IconEmoji MeaningExample
🙏Prayer, thank you🙏 Thanks for sharing your info with us
👍Well done, good jobBecome a Pro 👍
👏Clapping Hands👌 Great Job
💪Strength or fitnessEnjoy Power-Packed 💪 Deals with Pay Day Sale
👋Waving HandHey👋 Aman
👇Finger Poing DownHere’re Handpicked Deals that You’ll Love👇

Super Offers for a Super Holi 👇
Writing Hand Emoji✍ Top New Courses on Alison this Week
👊Oncoming FistFill your pipeline like a Pro 👊
👌OK Hand SignHow to look awesome 👌
👉Backhand Index Pointing Right👉 9 Fun Courses for the Holiday Season
🙋Happy Woman Raising One Hand🙋Steps to 6%
🤙Call Me HandThis Is When To Cold Call 🤙
🤝HandshakeHold This Hand 🤝
🤷Person Shrugging🤷Print on Demand Businesses for Sale
Victory HandThe Biggest Diwali Sale Is ON!✌

Other Useful Emojis In Marketing

Emoji IconEmoji MeaningExample
🔥Hot or excellent🔥Dropshipping Businesses For Sale
7 🔥 Tips to Choose The Best Digital Marketing Course
🔥 Web Design, Monogram Logo and other search trends
📣Megaphone Emoji📣 Just scheduled: AWS Cloud Cost Optimization
📣 Just scheduled: Challenges Faced By Women Leaders & The Way Forward
💰Money BagGrow your savings 💰 in these volatile times with assured returns

Clearance Sale 🛒Means Huge Savings! 💰
🎉Party PopperGo Pro with Your 50% Discount Coupon! 🎉
💡Electric Light BulbFresh out of content ideas? (We got you) 💡Find Matching Tools In Minutes 💡
⚠️Warning sign⚠️ [TOP SECRET] It’s about MONEY 🤑
SparklesActivate Postpaid to Buy Now, Pay Later!
💥Collision Symbol10 best practices to improve LinkedIn Automation results 💥
Check Mark ButtonA Complete Checklist to Get Started on Your Website Design ✅
✔️Check Mark19 Cool Websites to Visit This Week
💼BriefcaseTired from your 9-5 Job 💼
🎓Graduation CapLearn how to become a master 🎓 in Digital Marketing
🔴Large Red Circle🔴 [LIVE] Learn the secrets to build a 1000cr. Company from scratch 🔥
💸Money with WingsGet 3-5 Clients every week without spending a penny💸
🚀Rocket🚀Andromo V3 builder is available for PRO now!
🚨Police Car Lightstay protected at just Rs. 811 yearly 🚨
🧲Magnet🧲 Get Answer to All Your Business Problems
🛒Shopping TrolleyMaha Shopping Festival 🛒is Live!
📢Public Address LoudspeakerDid You Hear 📢 Super Deals are Up for Grabs
📝MemoHow I get HUGE SEO Contracts and You Can Too 📝
🎁Wrapped Present🎁 Food Design, Valentine Gifts and other search trends
🏆Trophy6 Hours Left to Join the Culture of Top Performers 🏆
Alarm Clock⏰Final day to save up to 50% on marketing tools for growth
☎️Telephone80k After 3 Calls ☎️
Hourglass with Flowing SandThese Deals Won’t Last Forever⏳

Emojis Tips 

Don’t overuse emojis 

Using emoji is good for driving engagement, but overuse of emoji in content also a very bad thing. If you will use a lot of emojis in your content then it will be lost its purpose and will not look appealing to readers. Let’s understand it with an example

Content without emoji- Get up to ₹2,000 Bonus! Play Rummy & Win Real Cash

Content with emoji- Get up to ₹2,000 Bonus! Play Rummy & Win Real Cash🤑

Content with too much emoji- Get 😊 up to 💸 ₹2,000 Bonus! ▶️  Play Rummy & Win Real Cash🤑

You can clearly see that the content with too many emojis doesn’t look good and it is not appealing. 

Emojis in Marketing

Make sure you know the meaning of emojis which you are using 

The second thing that you should remember is you must know the meaning of an emoji, if you don’t know the meaning of an emoji, then how you will use it in your content. If you don’t know the meaning of an emoji there are high chances that you will use the wrong emoji in your content. 

Don’t let emoji confuse your message 

The main purpose of using emojis is to make your message clear and appealing but if emojis are not serving their purpose then you should not use emojis in your content. 


So using emojis in marketing campaign, Landing Pages, Ad Copies, YouTube Titles & Email Subject is a good way to drive engagement. Using emojis will not only helps you in engagement it will also helps you in getting more click through rate. So use emojis in your marketing campaign as well as in digital communication to drive more engagement and more better results.


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