Stepladder Technique – 5 Useful Decision-Making Guides

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Stepladder Technique - 5 Useful Decision-Making Guides

For making decisions better, Steven Rogelberg, Janet Barnes-Farrell, and Charles Lowe in 1992 introduced a tool for group decisions so that no individual makes a panic on it and just does the decision according to the decided matter.

So while making decisions, individuals give their suggestions to make a decision and this makes a group decision better in a respective manner.

Stepladder Technique is a technique in which a decision is taken by following steps i.e discussion, views from members and individuals, and last but not least to decide the solution by repeating the process and making the issue end.

It is a technique in which the decision-making process is passed from some steps to decide a better solution to the problem. Decision making is always an issue that might be making people afraid of fear. A wrong decision can destroy many things.


Problem discussion

Stepladder technique

Every problem requires a solution. So a problem can never be solved until doing a discussion on that problem. Although it’s not easy to come to a definite solution, giving time to the problem makes things better.

Discussion on the problem is always the part of finding the solution because without discussion. And quick action on the decision can only lead you to the wrong path. So instead of keeping it a secret, share it with the member and review his ideas.

In this technique, the problem is first discussed between the two people, so that they can share their reviews and discuss it. 

Discussion is very important in this technique to get the best step ladder technique performance. Discussion and views can make a decision to be done according to the desire you want. so discuss the problem and make things easier and well.

For instance, there is a clothing brand having an issue that is low-quality stuff material. The company wants to solve this issue without bearing loss and paying an extra amount. So the problem is discussed in a meeting with company management and employees.

Views on the problem

The basic essential point is to view the issue. The issue is to be consulted by someone to come to sum up the solution. Consultation on any issue helps make the decision.

After discussing the problem, individuals share their views and ideas to decide profitably. Views on the problem can make both individuals think to a large extent and work on it.

Views on issues help make a solid decision. So this technique makes this better by working in a team and sharing the idea between two then two to three and so on.

Stepladder technique performance is done by making things act as a ladder. It means the decision about a problem can be made after stepping on each step and sharing views.

 As in the above-mentioned example, a clothing brand meeting is held and takes views on the issue. So mostly employees give the view to change the clothing stuff.

Add another individual for views

 As mentioned above, for solving an issue, views on that problem are necessary. 

In this technique, as we all know, we work like stepping on a ladder. So here is the new step that is adding another individual. In this step, the problem is discussed with the third party and shared views on it.

The third individual after listening to the views on it shares his ideas. So they can decide satisfyingly.

Adding another individual is beneficial as the views and ideas shared between the two are reviewed by the third person so the conflicts, hurdles, and obstacles left behind are ended.

The example given in the above step can be followed by adding another individual. It means the company owner hires a consultant to get a view and to decide what to do.

Repeat the above process

Stepladder technique

The discussed technique is basically on some steps. So one of the steps to make a decision is adding an individual to which many views from the different individuals can be observed.

Third-party adding the process and getting the process views on it. The problem is discussed with another person so that a flaw that is left can be deleted to make a perfect decision.

In this step, we are repeating the above process by adding a new person with his shared ideas.

By this, we go to an extent and make a group of two to four and review all the views and ideas for the best decision.

On this ladder step, the addition of new members can make things better by sharing every aspect, conflict, and issue so that a good decision takes place. Stepladder brainstorming helps us in deciding a good solution.

The following example is leading. The company owner repeats the above process meaning to hire a new consultant for resolving issues.

Finalize the decision

Working in this regard can make us work in peace without any conflicts. Now in this step, the decision is finalized and clear.

Doing all the steps mentioned above, now we get to a point that decision is made by an individual to a group which shows stepladder tools performance and decision making. After reviewing all the steps and discussions, the decision is finalized.

So finalizing the decision is to make you feel that you view all opinions and ideas. And choose the one which is better and good for the problem.

In the finalizing step, it’s better to gather all the views and ideas. Shared by every individual should be gathered for a good and final decision.

The given example is to come to an end that the company owner after viewing all the suggestions then decides and chooses the other high-quality stuff at that low-quality stuff’s cost. So without bearing any loss and paying an extra amount, a company goes ahead with success and the issue is resolved.


To sum up, we concluded that stepladder is a simple and easy tool to make a decision. We can use it for making a better decision.

Its steps are as simple as we want: that is a discussion, views on the problem and adding individuals for discussion and making a group and finalizing the decision.

Don’t make things complex. As we all know an individual can make a decision and be responsible for the good or worst, so this technique is best for making decisions. In this topic, we discuss what is the stepladder technique and how it works.

All the steps discussed above are like a ladder. So stepping on a single ladder can make us feel easy in deciding a solution by using stepladder techniques and skills.

 Viewing the stepladder technique and the above given example can make us notice to decide the solution by stepping to the ladder. It means work according to your decided milestones can make it easier to solve an issue with a beneficial decision.

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