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Sahil Khanna- Digital Marketing Expert

Sahil Khanna is a Digital marketer and a successful entrepreneur handling three substantial companies including lapaas. He is an entrepreneur, business coach, digital marketing expert, youtuber,  and singer. Lapaas is aimed to provide a digital backbone to small and big enterprises. It took a popular turn with the ever-growing audience of youtube channel intellectual indies having business and digital marketing related videos. These videos have helped many big and small business & startups in growing their Organization. Due to which many business people have often taken consultation regarding the promotion and future of their organization. He has successfully validated business ideas as well as marketing strategies for many business holders.

Empowering More Than 600K+ People

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What You Will Learn in This Workshop 

Video Content Production

Creating Video Content is a very common issue among people. Some people afraid of the camera and some don’t know how to shoot a good video and how to edit videos. But in this Workshop, I will show to You my Exact process to create video content. I have created more than 700 videos for YouTube and learned basic to advanced strategies that helped me to Grow on YouTube. I will teach you everything about camera setup, lighting, and video editing.

YouTube SEO

Do you know more than 2,93,880 views on my channel come from SEO which means 76850 in terms of revenue. 25% of external traffic will come from the Google search result. This  is the best strategy to Grow on YouTube.  When You’re beginner YouTube will not spot you enough, but SEO is the only way that can help you to grow. I will teach you all the advanced strategies to rank on YouTube that helped me to grow on YouTube when YouTube is not supported me.

Video Paid Ads

Digital Video Ad spends are growing day by day because the conversion and awareness from videos campaign are high. I have worked with more than 250+ companies both domestic and internationally & increased their conversion by 20%. I will teach you YouTube & Facebook video ads that can help you to grow your business exponentially. 

Start & Grow Your Business

I am an Entrepreneur for last 10 years. I got new business ideas every day and the good thing is that with Social Media I am able to work and implement every business that I got.  I easily market my new business through Social Media without spending a single penny on Paid Ads. A Lot of people getting trouble in starting a business and some fail due to lack of marketing. So in this Workshop, I will teach how you can come up with New Business on Social Media and market your business easily. 

Leverage Video Content

I have generates more than 500 leads per month for My Digital Marketing Agency Through YouTube. Almost 250 students are waiting to enroll in My Digital marketing course. All these possible by only video content that I have created for Youtube. I also generate more than 300000 from YouTube Adsense & Affiliates. In This Workshop, I will teach you all the strategies that you can use to leverage Video Content.

How Much You Can Earn From Video Marketing?

There is no limit on Earning. You can earn as many efforts you put in. You can Earn by Adsence, Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing & Sell Your Own Products/Services. I Earn 1,50,000 Per Month only from his Adsense and earns more than 1,00,000 from Sponsorship. I  also use YouTube to sell my services & course. In this workshop, I will explain to You how you can too, earn so much money from Video Marketing.



Do You know Video Content is On Boom?

Video Content is on the boom because Video content is more engaging than others, People relate with video and has high recall value. Videos are watched more on All Social Media Platforms whether Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. YouTube a Video-based Social Media platform becomes the Second largest search Engine which means people are looking for video content and want to know all their answers in video format. Recently, Tiktok a short Video-based social media platform becomes the most popular social media app and crossed the downloads of Facebook on Play Store. Instagram A Photo-based Social  Media Platform also focusing on IGTV. Facebook also focusing on video content and enable monetization for its video content creator.

So How you Can take advanatage from Video Content?

You can take advantage of Video Content in many ways. You can start your own YouTube channel which one you can monetize by Adsence, Affiliate Marketing & Sponsorships. You can also sell your products & services through the YouTube channel. The Video Content You create for YouTube channel, Is can also post on other Social Media Platforms like IGTV, Facebook & TikTok.In this Worksop, Sahil Khanna will teach you all the possible ways to leverage Video Content.


Video Boost Conversion Rates

Video Ad Campaigns highly conversable as compares to graphic-text ads. Humans are emotional creatures are likely to engage more with videos. Digital ad spends are going to increase day by day. So if you want to get more conversion and awareness you need to do video marketing. 


Video are More Engaging

Videos have a high engagement rate because videos are attention-grabbing and have the capability to retain people. Landing pages where contain videos have more time spend. Another reason to choose video content is that video is more memorable.


Video builds trust and credibility

Videos are the best way to showcase your personality brand, company, and Personal brand. The video includes personification which means people relate to the video. Peoples believes that videos help them to take decisions. So you can educate your audience.  


Mobile users choose video over anything.

The mobile user spends the most time on social media platforms where they watch video content. Indians spend more than 67 minutes on YouTube which means they prefer to consume content in video format. 

YouTube is Second Largest Search Engine

People are searching for their queries on YouTube Over Google which means they want their answers in googles and looking for their results in video format. So there is a great opportunity to create video content and rank them on YouTube to get the best results.


Videos Have High Recall Value

Videos have high recall value over text. People watched video content for their learning purpose because they believe that video content is easy to learn and they remembered their learning for a long time.    

What You Will Learn in 2 Day

?Channel Branding

?Niche Vs General

?YouTube Community Guideline

? YouTube Features

?Channel Story

?Understand Your Audience

?How To Create Content That

?Pays You Well

?Keyword Research

?How to Find Content Ideas (Trending+Forever)

?Content Research

?Content Quality

?How to create More Content In less time

?How to increase CTR?

?Micro Videos Vs Long Videos

?YouTube Analytics

?YouTube SEO

?Advanced Keyword Research

?Advanced SEO Strategies

?Competitive SEO Strategies

?Audience Retention

?Thumbnail Creation

?YouTube Ads

?When we need Ads

?YouTube  Ads

?Facebook Video Ads

?YouTube Monetizatetion

?Brand Collaboration

?Affiliate Marketing For YouTuber

? Influencer marketing

?Start Own Business With YouTube

?Dos and Don’ts on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who Can Join This Event?

Influencers, Business Owners, Youtuber & People who want to build their personal brand can join this Event?

Q. What are the Requirements to attend this Workshop?

There are no such requirements to Attend these but little knowledge about YouTube will be good.

Q. Where is this Workshop Conducted?

This Workshop will be conducted offline in New Delhi. Exact Address will be mentioned to you when you are done with registration.

Q. What can I expect after attending this Workshop?

After attending these workshop you learn all beginner to advance strategies. You only have to execute these strategies.

Q. What is included in This Workshop?

The Workshop is related to Youtube Workshop Curriculum is mentioned above and also including lunch with Sahil Khanna.

Q. How can I Register for this workshop?

Fill your details, Our team will call you and provide you with the bank Details. Transfer the registration amount. You will receive Conformation mail with the invoice with Venue details.

Q. Do you provide Support After this Workshop?

Yes, My Team Provides you 3 Months Supports after this Workshop. 

Q. Do I need Laptop For Attending this Workshop?

Yes, Because a lot of content of this Workshop will cover Practically on Laptop. So if you want maximum output from this Workshop you need a Laptop.

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