Digital Marketing For Business

Join the most detailed 6 month Business Workshop in Town and grow your Business like never before!

How you are promoting your business?

Everything is getting digital, So does your business should. Digital Marketing is the new way of marketing. Forget that newspaper ad, tv ads, pamphlets distribution, costly hoarding purchasing. In digital, you can target your customers directly in less than 50p. Yes, it’s true. And you can start with less than 500Rs. Average cost of a pamphlet + Distribution = 1.89Rs/piece. It can’t guarantee you that it will reach to right audience. Even you can’t track it. Digital gives you everything you want your business to grow.

benefits of our business workshop

This 7 days Intensive digital marketing program is only for businesses with a high desire to grow. Lapaas Business Workshop is for anybody who is interested in Digital Marketing and wants a digital platform to showcase their products and services.

Grow your business or brand via digital marketing and media knowledge


Stay up to date in the ever changing world of digital marketing

learn digital strategy, Business management and practical skills to launch your product.

validation of business models for Startup owners

send your employees to learn the techniques, they should apply to your business

about sahil khanna

Sahil Khanna is a Digital marketer and a successful entrepreneur handling three substantial companies including lapaas. He is an entrepreneur, business coach, digital marketing expert, youtuber,  and singer. Lapaas is aimed to provide a digital backbone to small and big enterprises. It took a popular turn with the ever-growing audience of youtube channel intellectual indies having business and digital marketing related videos. These videos have helped many big and small business & startups in growing their Organization. Due to which many business people have often taken consultation regarding the promotion and future of their organization. He has successfully validated business ideas as well as marketing strategies for many business holders.

7 day workshop topics

Day-1: Introduction to Digital Marketing


  • Understanding Your Business and Competency
  • 8 Business Assignments
  • Marketing Basics
    • STP
    • Product Mix
    • 7 P’s Of Marketing
    • BCG Matrix
    • Product Life Cycle
    • Value Creation
    • Entry Barriers

Day-4: email marketing for business


  • Introduction
  • Mail Chimp Setup
  • Bounces, Open Rate, Click Rate
  • Do and Don’t
  • Buying Database
  • Email Automation
  • ROI Calculations

Day-2: website creation


  • Hosting and Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing Plugins and Theme
  • Free Theme Package
  • Making Websites Using Divi
  • Woo commerce
  • Creating Graphics For Website

Day-5: social media marketing


  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Selecting the Right Social Media platform (Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, Blog, Quora) for your business strategy.
  • Digital Storytelling and Content Creation
  • Running Facebook/Insta Ads for your business
  • AB Testing and Monitoring

Day-3: search engine optimisation


  • Introduction
  • SiteMap, Robots.txt, Search Console
  • Crawling and Indexing
  • Keywords Research
  • Onpage SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • SEO for Your Business
  • Local SEO
  • SSL Integration
  • Blogging For Business
  • SEO Hacks

Day-6: google adwords


  • Introduction
  • Types of Ads
  • Setting Up your first Ad
  • Types Of Keywords
  • Quality Score
  • How Google calculate click cost
  • Video And Display Ads
  • Remarketing

Day-7: content lab

  • How to Generate Content Ideas
  • Research Process
  • Idea Demand analysis
  • Content Creation (Practical)
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Business Presentation


  • Q & A regarding your entire workshop
  • Feedback Session
  • Overview of your Business Journey

who can join ?

Start-Up Owners

Business Employees

Small Businesses

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

who should not attend ?

Digital marketing specialists or anyone who ‘knows it all’

Who is not serious about learning and applying marketing principles.

Who does not want to grow business via digital channels.


  • Basic knowledge about using computers


  • Basic knowledge about using Web & Internet
  • Enthusiasm to learn about new technologies
  • You should bring his/her own laptop

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