Why Succession Planning Is Important In the 21st Century

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Why Succession Planning Is Important In the 21st Century

When we discuss succession planning, it is a company model where they identify the quality talents in their work and increment the position from employee to manager to supervisor level and extend the job to the highest level in the company.

So that company or an organization will develop future leaders to increase their position level and grow their business in minimum time. While those leaders have left the space should reuse the position by the model succession planning level from employee level to a supervisor level.

In this model is introduced in an organization because those who are concerned about the person of their business/company will retire some days. Also, they want their business to grow efficiently with the help of this model.

A successor who handles management processes will help motivate their employees, save extra cost and time. While other management firms will charge more for all this process. 

So there is a management person position named HR (Human Resource) who plays an important role in this process. They decide which employee will increase the position level according to the dedication implemented in work. 

HR checks the right employee to give a better position level with the skills, capabilities, and experiences in the same place at the right time.


Succession Planning Process

7 Steps to Successful Succession Planning | Robert Half

We know that every model has a flowchart which works according to some techniques and aspects. Hence, the succession planning model also has a process to successfully work for future basis. It helps older leaders can be replaced by the new leader which is promoted from the employee or any other position to a higher level.

So here are the five succession planning process which you can also apply in your business model: –

Identify the candidate position

  • It means let’s take an example that you are running a company of 100 team members. Now you have a vacancy in a team leader position where they have to manage a team of 10 members.
  • Now you have to identify the candidate from the team who can handle the team. Also, have to check their leadership skills. So that their operational activities and strategies can manage a team. 
  • Because if they lead a group properly, they can level up their position with managers and so on. So now the next process is for choosing the people.

Selection candidate according to a criteria

  • Now you know there will be criteria to select those candidates/members, who complete that rules, like proficient skills, ability and experience in that field. That team member will go for the next round which will be assessed for that position.

Assess the member & compete with a current team leader position

  • So when the selected people are going for next have to compete with the older leader position level with skills and discuss plans and interest of the company with the member who will assess that position.
  • Now for that assessment, HR management will give training and development processes to identify their potential for particular situations. 
  • If new members compete with the current leader with their skills and potential, then HR management can replace the position with those candidates.

Provide Succession strategies to Successor who gets the position

  • When the candidate gets a higher position in the company. That member should get all strategies knowledge, training, experience and many more so that he practically implements the strategies with their team. And provides more productivity in their level.

Develop Members for advance position achievement

  • Because of selected person gets increment their position. Those who are chosen not to have the time to fulfil the potential, learn from the leaders about the knowledge related to your work, skills and many more 
  • Not selected members will again try and achieve all the criteria while competing with current position members to gain more experience and expertise and capability of battling others.

That why succession planning is very important for crucial to develop every candidate and assess the position on a future basis 

Benefits of Succession Planning

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  • Success-proof to your business
  • Identify qualified candidates for future promotion
  • Developing qualified candidates to fill critical positions.
  • Company has an opportunity to share the strategies with higher position candidates to work more productivity for growing a company.

Needs for Succession Planning

This model has some needs to fulfil for the company to perform better. Now why this model applies in big organizations? It is because it helps to increase the turnover rates and how they do higher turnovers in minimum time.

Because of this model, it always increases the pace of work very fast with smart work. It has thousands of strategies which are rotationally apprised in the company when the strategies level decrease its performance.

Here the employee’s position is also replaced in minimum time, and which is unfair it’s true. Still, they think to increments the companies growth. Those who are replaced by another candidate can grow the company productivity with better pace, which decreased by the older employee.

Advantages of Succession Planning 

  • Selection of employees are continuously training the work process and develop the ability skills
  • Retention due to knowledge of business experience or practice
  • Any employee can compete in that position and are capable of that position to scale the company

Disadvantages of Succession Planning 

Disadvantage Text Stock Illustrations – 218 Disadvantage Text Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime
  • Negative effect will impact on those candidates who did not get chances. This is because of some criteria and has good ideas to grow the company level.
  • Rivalries in the company just for the position the hate will spread are easier than positivity.

7 Examples of Succession Planning

  • Identify the candidate position
  • Check the skills. According to their strength, give them the position work in the company to do the right productivity.
  • Work Design
  • Every member of this company has some criteria to assess in the company. For example skills, talents, leadership, team relationships and many more.
  • Test the competency level for future career plans
  • Take the interview rounds and test the competence with the leaders for next position promotion.
  • Test the performance for handling position
  • Take a one-month practical work in the company and check the performance for development. 
  • Identify career goals of a candidate in the company
  • Check the candidates scope of work that they want to grow their work experience for the long term and are capable of incremental positions.
  • Check the leadership qualities
  • If the candidate is competent and has leadership qualities to handle the situation, then the company provides leadership management where they teach all strategies and skill future roles.
  • Work rotation to get an idea in every field
  • Now those who apply this model have the advantage and disadvantage at the same time.
  • Like if you fight all the leaders, then the company promotes the level of position and have some hopes that you will do more turnovers in this company, but one mistake in your strategies fails. Another candidate gets success in their flowchart; then they will rotate your position with a new leader.


So as per explaining all the factors of succession planning, I will give my personal opinion on this model and my knowledge base, the model is very important in the company. 

Now from the maturing workforce and retiring senior leaders, the model includes the need for knowledge, skills, a judgement of their work productivity and then the top leaders can retire from the post. 

The second point of model needs is candidates have a connection with team members in their organization and also have to build up their leadership skills for promoting the post. 

As we know, there are vacancies in higher positions. So Human Resource Management (HRM) has to find out the candidate who can guide the corporate office for future situations and conditions. 

So here is the conclusion in this model, the senior leader who doesn’t want to lose their position has to develop and train their skill up to date with new strategies so that you will never be replaceable with any of the employees and the organization should not have any doubt in your work productivity.

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