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Youth today are continually evolving with new ideas. More than anyone, they are the only ones having most of the buying power.

They are the early adopters and quickly get attracted to new trends. But at the same time, they are not sold promptly because they do not just buy stuff, they buy stuff only keeping in mind what benefits them.

No doubt, they are the trendsetters, but they are aware of what they are sold.

So, In simple words, Youth Marketing is targeting youth globally in the age between 14 and 35 by capturing their interests and making them your ideal customers.


  1. What is Youth Marketing
  2. Importance of Youth Marketing for Brands
  3. Strategies for Youth Marketing
  4. Tips to keep in mind while doing Youth Marketing
  5. Examples of Brands using Youth Marketing
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs 

What is Youth Marketing?

Youth Marketing. Product placement is highly suggested… | by Hana Hoxha,  MBA | Medium

Youth marketing is the term widely used in the marketing industries. It is the advertising techniques and ad campaigns that are used to communicate with the young generation to make them buy their products and services.

Youth includes teenagers targeting the age group of 13 to 17,college-going consumers targeting the age group of 18 to 24, and young adults between the ages of 25 and 35. 

The youth market is critical because most of them have buying power influencing the spending of their family members. Also, they don’t fall easily for marketing gimmicks. They can smell selling a mile away.

So, to interest them, you need to be very careful in dealing with them. They do not like people telling them what to do. 

So instead of using hard-sell techniques, its better to involve them and get them interested so that they spread awareness like wildfire among their peers and family.

Importance of Youth Marketing for Brands

What is IMPORTANCE? What does IMPORTANCE mean? IMPORTANCE meaning,  definition & explanation - YouTube

Now, more than ever, we are socially aware. It’s not a case of a trend anymore; it’s a responsibility. Involved youth in a cause that the youth are passionate about is a great way to attract them because who doesn’t like to do things they love! 

  • Since this type of marketing creates a dialogue among other young consumers, this will influence brand awareness and product preferences onto other individuals as youth is an essential determinant of consumer behaviour.
  • Young people make such precious consumers of the market because they influence people around them. Their purchasing decisions affect their friends and family.
  • In addition to being consumers themselves, they influence their friends by choosing specific products that they like, such as the car they decide to buy, the clothes their friends buy, etc.
  • Youth have grown as the digital generation who grew up with the internet on their fingertips by continuously adapting new changes. The most knowledgeable groups surround them, and they pass on knowledge to their parents on trends and tech rather than using any other way.
  • Even if youths are not buying goods with their own money, they still influence how their parents spend on gifts to believe teenagers have more knowledge of shopping.
  • The older generation relied on traditional marketing such as newspapers, radio, and TV for information, but for youths, they are always active on the internet. And surfing the internet and social media are much cheaper advertising platforms than traditional ways. 
  • Youths do not depend on one source for information and entertainment. They switch from one place to another time to time as they are more flexible than others and are always open to trying something new. That makes it easier for brands to reach their ideal customers.
  • The way to gain loyal customers is by gaining trust for your brand from the youth. They will continue to use your brand for a longer period and recommend your brand through word of mouth. (internal link of the word of mouth marketing)

Strategies for Youth Marketing

Youth is the most accessible generation in history. They consume a huge amount of content through TV, movies, games, and the internet. The advertising strategy is not just limited to any one marketing channel. Companies often sponsor the greatest concerts, festivals, athletes, sports teams, dance competitions, etc. 

Childhood wants exactly the brands that they like to represent their preferences and tastes. It’s this type of frequent promoting strategy as currently being young partners to become cool and free. In order spacious and trendy is also something which each brand appears to become. Can it be international or local?

Preview: Youth Marketing Strategies 2018 | Stylus

Small-businesses have something to profit far too. Organizations which sell foodstuff, personal electronic equipment, entertainment and clothing may additionally invest greatly on childhood advertising.   

For example; Imagine a local clothing brand that is offering a distinctive reduction for faculty pupils. In this way, the businesses that have no interest in young customers will try to continue to keep their advertising pertinent to them.  

Including using slogans and images to both advertise and also sway teenagers throughout adverts of organizations that wish to appear wealthier.  

The common strategies that most of the companies use to influence youth to increase their brand awareness are as follows:-

Return on Investments (ROI) on Sponsorships

Sponsorships can help you crack a lot of inbound leads as the goal of sponsorships in the first place is to get a list of leads to follow up afterwards. You cannot make a profit on the first day itself. It takes time but as long as you have a long term plan to leverage your investments. 

Events are about starting quality relationships. The benefits of event sponsorships are endless if you put in the efforts. Sponsorships transactions are negotiable, just like any other contract. So make sure that the agreement promises the exposure that you want.

Appeal to the targeted audience only

Companies that are trying to spread their presence everywhere are not going to find results at all. They only need to present where their targeted customers are. You must stay in alignment with the platforms you are required to; then you risk your authenticity.

Use the right type of interactions

Through valid interactions, you find connection points between your brand and the customers. By this, you create relationships that not only find loyal customers but also create awareness.

Using of GIFs

The Long, Remarkable History of the GIF

The younger generation has a fast attention span that is highly selective. But once they find something worthy and interesting they become obsessed and committed about it. It creates an opportunity. GIFs have experienced a sudden growth of usage as it is fast and fun at the same time it allows the receiver to get what the other person is saying in seconds. It is becoming very popular after sites such as Buzzfeed are using them. They are generally short and are a very perfect way to quickly connect with the audience.

Finding strong connections

Since the core of all human relationships is a connection if brands start using them into creative ways of finding the connection points, more contacts can be made.

Go to your audience

Research what other forms of media channels your target audience enjoys such as movies, TV shows, magazines, etc and increase your presence in those platforms. If your brand is not viewed as “cool” by others then you can not expect young people coming to your website or your social media platforms in their interests.

Share your intent in the same language as theirs

Think about how your targeted audience would understand and respond and use it. Do not use the same language with a young audience that you would be using with adults for marketing.


Pop-ups occasions are non-permanent retail areas that offer employers the possibility to offer their services and products in new advanced thoughts. All these pop-ups provided brand names gets got the capacity to simply take risks and also participate together with the childhood to get a promotion.

Using Bizarre foods

Another biggest marketing trend that is used by some good brands is a technique for marketing youth is to create some weird and viral challenges so that the youth gets addicted to getting more likes and following by doing the challenge. To create more engagement brands must think something out of the box.

Getting most out of TV

Brands have been detecting the worth of tv providing new chances for childhood advertising. Brands understand the significance of cooperating with television stars to tap to an intense enthusiast foundation in relationships together with all those celebrities and also the endeavours they’re carrying out. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Doing Youth Marketing

Be authentic

Being authentic with youth means being honest and open. It means connecting with them in their terms. For example, applications like Snapchat are growing in popularity because of their authenticity and human connection. 

Keeping them gratified and be interactive

Using Email marketing and gifting them constantly with gift cards and reward systems will make them hooked. Making your offers fun to users will make them stick to you since engagement is more important than making things complex. 

Examples of Brands Using Youth Marketing

Examples of some Big Brand Experiences. Brands Market their products according to youth trends.


Cool fun facts you never knew about Lay's potato chips - Insider

Lays ad says,” Do us a flavour” and let us face it behind every trend they use young generations to make it go viral on Instagram.

Mountain dew

Mountain Dew’s new “Do the Dew” international campaign covers 20 countries and is putting out content simultaneously on social media.


Apple is a company that wants to attract young consumers. It gives them the freedom to DIY their phone cover. This brand not only meets a need but also attracts young people. It also makes the product looking aesthetic to make the product look classy. They advertise their product in such a manner that it seems innovative, energetic, and refreshing.


Wall-mart is a retail manufacturer which awakened with soda up stars to introduce a line of apparel targeting younger people.


It is a video streaming company that has attracted millennials like no other. It uses social media and knows how to engage them. 


Since the 90s, we have seen that Brands are now increasing their revenue through different marketing strategies, and it seems that Youth marketing is going well.

 As youth marketing is a very important determinant in influencing consumer behaviours, brands must be careful about what value and ethics that they are trying to sell.

Youth now has a major impact on the type of preference they choose, and its the responsibility of brands to make them aware of how they influence them. Also, young generation may get negatively influence these types of marketing strategies because it impacts their morale and belief systems.   

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