What is the urgent v/s important Rule? How it works

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What is the urgent v/s important Rule? How it works

So, Have you ever wondered what time management is? also, How does this happen? Some people have a lot of time to do what they want. While some people are unable to finish anything. Today in this blog, we will try to understand how to manage time so that we can do all the work that we planned.


1. What is time management?

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Time management is the ability to use your time productively and efficiently. We use it when we are feeling tensed and want to complete everything.

Also, This Blog will explain some theories behind proper time management. Time is equal to everyone. But, The only difference is that some people manage time and even after doing all their work, they remain free, and some people simply waste their time

2. How do we need it?

The people who are masters in time management are the ones who understand the priority of different tasks They know what needs to be done and what needs to be left. So, Those who understand the difference between intermediate and Difficult so, can do time management very well.

A). Prepare a list of tasks for all-day

Firstly of all, we have to make a to-do list on it. So, Whatever work is done in it today, they have to do it. All of them have to be taken whether it is small work or great work and a list of those works has to be made. And this work has to be done in the morning.

B). Divide work in delegate

Now it comes after that we can give some of those works to our representatives like we have a brother or so a member of our house. If we have to pay the light bill today, then we have spoken to our mother or brother, then by doing such things, we have to reduce the list of those works. The work that other people can do and those tasks have to be given to them so that our works can be shortened.

C). Urgent v/s important

Urgent v/s important

So, Now from this, we have to select the category of works. Similarly, in regular we go to the dental doctor, he checks that there is no problem in our teeth, but it is not so important that if we leave it for a short time, then we can do it even after a day or two. So this is not our urgent work, but an essential task.

Hence, Just like picking up children from school is an earnest job, If we do not go at the right time, then children can get upset, children can get into trouble even for this.

In the same way, giving in car service, presenting it in car service, it is an outstanding job but not an agent, if we do not see it today and give it after two to four days, it still works. Similarly, we have to do all the work category-wise, now we can divide these works mainly into four categories, that is-

a). Very important and very urgent

b). Urgent but not important

c). Important but not urgent

d). Not Urgent and not important

So in this way, we have to select these works differently according to this category. After that, the work is urgent but not necessary. For example, to pay phone bills, to pay internet bills, to order gas, all this work is critical but not essential. But we have to do it as well. If we do not do this, then our connection of light may also be cut. Should the gas bill also be filled, thus the second task is that who is an agent but is not essential. Hence, Keep it in priority for the second number.

And we will do the first thing that will happen to us as soon as our computer is damaged and without it, all our work will stop, then it is essential to have an agent as well, so first of all, it needs to be done.

On the third number, there are such works which are essential, but not as urgent, like our car has to be serviced. Also, After one or three days, it can be done. And then this work is important to us but not an agent.

So, Just like to renew a passport, it is not an agent for us to renew passport now, because we do not have to go yet if we have an essential job in future if we have to work in the future, then our work can stop, then it is also necessary that we are not an agent in the category. Will keep in After this, such works are used at number four, which is neither an important nor an agent. Hence, Now even if we do the job after a short time, it still works and it does not remain in our mind that these works are not completed. So, Just like if we have to buy a book, it does not work even after four days of purchase, if someone wants to give a transfer to the bank, then it is not seen today if it is given after two to four days, then it will work every time. Hence, Let’s divide into categories.

So let me do a little summary in the back. The first job is the one who is also important and the second is also the work which is not essential, but the latter is the work. The third is the work which is necessary but not an agent and there is work which is neither crucial nor urgent.

D). Do it now

After this, we have to do these things according to it. The present work has to be done now, the job which is settled as soon as possible, according to that it is excellent.

In this way, we understand time management according to the occupant and the vital principle, we have to do the work by placing the work in the priority of the agent and the important.

3. Why should there be benefits?

The Importance Of Benefits Management - Ntegra

A). More opportunity

Time management gives us more opportunities and less time is wasted on bad activities. It is a quality that a leader must possess.

B). Ability to realize a goal

When we have more time, we can feel our goals well, see the target, and apply the necessary effort to reach the goal. We can understand that because we have more time than ordinary people, so we can be more focused on our goals.

C). More time

A good time table gives you extra time in the daily routine. Because of our schedule, we get all our work done on time, and we get spare time.

D). Stress relief

With proper time management, man remains free from stress as if we made our to-do list, then we can see at which level we are. And how much hard work we have to do. This makes you feel that you do not have to pay attention to what you have to pay attention to, which is how we get rid of extra stress.

4. What are the disadvantages of not doing this?

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A). Wasted time

Time is wasted due to poor time management. As we do some work, we start running Facebook or check WhatsApp. This makes our mind divert. And the work we were doing is not done on time. And our time is also spoiled.

B). Loss of control

What is next? Not knowing this, the damage is going to happen in our life. We suffer from it. This increases our stress levels and anxiety. This also spoils our bodies. All this work is done by not using time management properly.

C). Poor quality of work

If we do not complete a task at the right time or do it with the proper efficiency, we can lag behind our business line or our competitor, and this translates to lower energy and lower productivity.

D). Poor workflow

Poor workflow affects the quality of our work. For example, in the last race that we do to complete our tasks, we are able to compromise with our quality. Like we are working on an assignment, and we have been given six blogs. And we have been given ten days, then we rest for six days, and in the last four days, we have done our work by writing the assignments that we write by copy-pasting or not taking full in-depth knowledge from here and there. Quality has a considerable impact.

E). Poor reputation

If one of our customers or one of our employees does not complete the work on time, we cannot trust it. Similarly, when we do not give our customers work correctly or do not work on time, So our customer does not trust us. And this causes us to lose a lot in our business somewhere.

6. Conclusion

Thus today, through this blog, we have tried to know what time management is? Why should What are the benefits of doing this? What is the harm? And what is the best technique for time management? Although there are many techniques and many tips for time management, the method which we have told you today with the Important Versus Urgent is the most effective and productive. You all hope that you implement this in your life and move forward a lot.

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